WWE Divas, Main Event Watch June 10th – Layla Cries Over Spilled Milk
Posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

WWE Main Event – June 10 Watch:

summer rae 

No Divas’ match to speak of this week on WWE’s newest B-show; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some Diva goodness to be witnessed. We all saw that Summer Rae gave the Cleopatra treatment to Layla – forcing her to take a milk bath on Raw. Well now we get to hear Summer’s side of the story.

Renee Young interviews Summer about getting jilted by Fandango several months ago. Interestingly enough, Summer doesn’t seem as bitchy or vapid as she normally is. They show a replay of the milk attack on Raw and Summer looks very pleased with herself. She says she at first was fine with Layla having her “leftovers” but didn’t take too kindly to Lay rubbing it in her face. She calls Layla a “catty little twat” – and surprise! Layla attacks her with a sack of Kitty Litter. She pours it all over her and then she gets some milk of her own. Summer gets drenched and then Layla does some literal ‘face rubbing’.


Well WWE decided to compensate for not delivering in this feud last week by giving us *two* segments. I personally loved it. Whenever you want to spice up a secondary Divas’ feud, step 1 is to have them fight at the make-up table. Step 2 is anybody’s guess but attacking them during an interview is good too. The little segment was really fun and advanced the story nicely. It’s already much more entertaining than Summer’s ‘feud’ with Emma – and these two haven’t even had a match yet. Given how Paige seems to lack any kind of competition in the division, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two got the Divas PPV slot at Money In The Bank.

This segment also kinda confirms that Summer will be a babyface now. As ‘the First Lady of NXT’ she would have reacted angrier to Renee listing the history between her and Layla – and possibly made one or two bitchy comments. She also would have reacted more comedic to getting milk poured on her – like Layla did on Monday. The way the camera lingered on her at the end made her look very sympathetic. She was still acting a bit like her heelish self so I won’t expect her to properly ‘embrace the light’ until after she’s had her grudge match with Layla. And I have a feeling it’ll coincide with the BFFs kicking her out on NXT.

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