WWE Divas, June 9th Raw Results – Alicia Is Tantrum Queen, Layla Is Dairy Queen
Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw June 9 Results:

Alicia Fox vs Paige


Well not too much happened on Raw last week, save for Foxsana being dispatched to do Stephanie McMahon’s dirty work. This week the duo are around again. Aksana is in the corner of her gal pal Alicia Fox – who takes on the WWE Divas’ Champion Paige. After doing some counting up, this marks the tenth match between the two. The score is 8-1 to the champ so let’s see if Paige can stay in the lead. Additionally Layla gets some form of comeuppance for using her PDAs to distract Summer Rae two weeks ago.

Alicia and Paige actually sell the ‘history’ between all their matches – both looking wary of the other as they lock up. The force of it actually sends Paige out of the ring. She scares Aksana away and turns to find Alicia lying in wait. She ducks however and Alicia ends up clocking Aksana by accident. Paige slaps Aksana and throws Alicia back into the ring. However Alicia hits a dropkick to send Paige flying into the announce table. She throws her back in and puts on a chinlock. Alicia transitions into a northern lights suplex for two. The chinlock is back on again. Paige works up and Alicia slams her to the mat by her hair. Paige gets a sneaky roll-up for two but is knocked down with a flying clothesline. Alicia hits her trusty tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two and goes for her sidewalk slam through the middle rope. This time however Paige counters with a headscissors to send Alicia outside. It’s now time for the champ to deliver multiple knees to the chest – and her trio of short-arm clotheslines. She hits a dropkick that’s off by a few inches – and Alicia kicks out at two. Paige goes to the top rope but Alicia pulls her down. Paige however whips Alicia, forcing her to clock heads with Aksana. Paige then puts the distracted Alicia into the PTO and she taps.

A semi-concussed Aksana gets into the ring to check if Alicia is alright. Uh-oh, Foxy slaps her. She does some Sasha Banks-esque penguin slapping before going to ringside. She grabs two bottles of water and a bucket of popcorn off a fan. She pours water on Aksana and throws popcorn on her. She then does an about-face and starts feeding Aksana the popcorn, then holding her and hugging her. She starts force-feeding Aksana again before offering a handshake.

Earlier in the night, Layla was getting her make-up done backstage. She took some special time to insult the hometown people – telling us that she is still a heel. As these types of segments often go, someone approaches our unsuspecting heel. It’s Summer Rae of course and she pours milk all over Layla! It’s time for the good old catfight at the make-up table. It’s all rather one sided as all Layla does is scream and cry. Later on when she manages Fandango, her hair is still ratty from her milk bath.


This week’s Raw was a step-up from last week; we saw two Diva-related segments anyway. But I am yet to feel as satisfied as I did in the weeks leading up to Payback. I am just bored with seeing Paige and Alicia Fox go at it. I’m not bored because their matches are bad – because they’re good. I’m not bored because they use the same moves – because they’re not. I’m bored because these matches always end the same way. Aside from the one in England, each match ends with Paige making Alicia tap out. It doesn’t really serve any purpose to have Paige go over that way each time. Their on/off booking with Alicia towards Paige is baffling. They build her up as someone who can get wins and only loses by chance – but then they put her against the champion and make her look weak. I wouldn’t mind Paige winning all these matches if she didn’t always win by submission. It’s sort of at odds with how they want to present her. They seem to want Paige to be an underdog – yet she gets such strong wins with a submission. It’s just weird to see her get dominated in her matches and then get such easy victories. I’m not sure if she and Alicia are even still feuding. Paige got the win and the after-match segment didn’t involve her at all. But Money In The Bank is the next PPV and there ain’t no sign of AJ Lee – so Paige has to feud with someone. Although I love that Alicia is getting attention, I don’t want yet another singles match between them. They could change it up and throw Aksana or Natalya in there – just for the sake of variety. It would play into the story they want for Paige very well – with the odds seemingly stacked against her. I did actually enjoy this match. It took three tries and switching the sound off to get there, but I came to like the work that happened. Despite being given repetitive booking and placed in the death slot with an uninterested crowd – the girls did well. But again, I want WWE to change it up. I doubt Foxsana are going to split up – lord knows we don’t need Aksana adding to the already high face numbers. But if WWE could build off this and have them both challenge Paige then I’d be happier.

The Layla/Summer Rae segment was a lot more satisfying. Interestingly enough, flash back to 2009; Layla was involved in a side feud with a dancing Diva that involved – you guessed it – a fight at the make-up table. Layla and Eve Torres previously feuded on Smackdown for a brief period. And this time around Layla is the heel once again. The promo she cut was a clear clue for the fans, though we still don’t know if Summer has properly turned face. Trying to make out with someone else’s boyfriend, throwing a temper tantrum and pouring milk over someone isn’t exactly stuff a face does without provocation (unless they’re AJ Lee that is). The only reason this annoys me slightly – and it is only slightly because the segment was really good – is that Summer Rae could have a chance to be over. If she is turning face then the fans should really be given that indication so they can properly embrace her. Recent developments on NXT seem to suggest that Summer will get kicked out of the BFFs – so that might coincide with her becoming a face on the main roster. As great as face Summer would be, Paige does need heel challengers. As always, we’ll have to watch Main Event and Smackdown for any further developments.

  • daniel maldonado

    im really liking the build up to a summer-Layla match each week they do something to one another till the other gets fed up and challenges for a match. im getting the feeling that they’ll be pushing for a loser leaves wwe match soon between the two. saying they want the other one gone from the wwe for good. this could put fandango in the situation of who he wants to be with. 1 will stay the other will leave. as for Alicia fox while I enjoy her post match tantrums I think theyre getting old already.

    • Bobby Calloway

      yes although Alicia is entertaining, it isn’t really any use unless there’s a long term story planned. Going off what you said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Summer and Layla were given the PPV slot at Money In The Bank

      • daniel maldonado

        I think they can do a storyline where Layla questions fandango on why hes never around to help her when summer attacks her. im glad that theyre doing more of this feud on tv rather than the constant back and forths on twitter between the two. i’ll give the wwe credit on that one. its real creative that they use twitter to push this storyline.

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