WWE Divas, June 5th Superstars Results – Paige Says “Girl, Bye” To Cameron’s Championship Dreams
Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2014

WWE Divas – June 5, 2013 Superstars Match:

Paige vs Cameron

paige cameron

Our reigning WWE Divas’ Champion Paige successfully defended her title at Payback this Sunday – knocking off Alicia Fox. But as champion, there is forever a target on her back. And so on Monday evening, Paige was approached by none other than Cameron of the Funkadactyls. Showing a new rather heel-like attitude, Cameron demanded to know why she hadn’t been given a shot at the title yet. Ever the fighting champion, Paige agreed to face Cameron on WWE Superstars. Although it’s a non-title match, Cameron no doubt wants to make an impression. She’s also brought along her tag team partner Naomi – who doesn’t seem impressed at Cameron’s new attitude.

Although Naomi is all smiles during the Funkadactyls’ entrance, Cameron looks determined and focused. She also doesn’t look at all pleased with Paige and gets in her face, before slapping her. Cameron slams Paige to the mat by her hair. Paige slaps Cameron right back and throws her around by her hair. Cameron comes back with a headscissors but Paige gets her on the ropes and delivers several knees to the chest. Cameron powders out and goes over to Naomi for reassurance. Naomi tells Cameron to get back in the ring and finish what she started. Cameron does get back in the ring and seems to be sorry. She offers a handshake – and Paige reluctantly accepts it. Cameron gets a cheap shot and then hits Paige with a wheelbarrow bulldog. The champ kicks out at two so Cameron climbs to the top rope. She goes for a crossbody but Paige moves out of the way. She takes this opportunity to lock on the PTO. After some struggling, Cameron taps out. Afterwards, Naomi doesn’t look happy with Cameron’s attitude.

Winner: Paige via PTO submission


Well this match wasn’t exactly long or full of action; it was really just a succession of spots for Cameron, with Paige using her normal tactics. But I still enjoyed the little story that was told here. From the moves Cameron used, we can call it a face vs face match – but it was clearly WWE testing the waters for a potential heel turn. Last year WWE teased Cameron turning heel on a random episode of Superstars. I was very impressed with the idea and I’ve wanted to see her get more chances to heel it up. She absolutely turned heel in this match and played the character to perfection. I can’t say the wrestling part of it meshed well – since the moves she did were very face-ish. But she’s got the heel attitude down and it could be a sign that she’s heading for a turn. Cameron has said in interviews that her goal is to become a top heel, so more power to her if WWE want to turn her. I do quite like the little dynamic where one partner of a tag team turns heel but the team remains together for a bit. The Bella Twins had this going on NXT season 3 and I liked the idea. I’m not sure if they intend to turn Cameron immediately and have her feud with Paige. This match pretty much quashed any championship dreams Cameron may have had. So if WWE wanted to split her and Naomi up, it could make for a good pay-off match at SummerSlam. Stranger things have happened and the success of Total Divas does justify putting them in a big match. But I enjoyed once again seeing Cameron’s inner heel. If she turns properly then she definitely does have a shot of making it work for her.

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