Bobby Between The Ropes: Review of Kaitlyn’s Shoot Interview
Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014

kaitlyn shoot interview

It’s been over four months since WWE Diva Kaitlyn parted ways with the company. You all know what that means – shoot interview time! Kaitlyn sat down with RF Video to produce her first shoot interview. She talks about her bodybuilding background, her time on NXT Season 3, her rise to the top as Divas’ Champion – and much more. Read below after the cut to see what my thoughts on it are.

The first thing I actually noticed was that Celeste/Kaitlyn speaks in very much the same way as she did in her promos and backstage segments. You know how there’s always a small difference between a wrestler’s character and real life persona, there isn’t that difference here. So now I can appreciate just how natural Kaitlyn was on camera. What really makes this interview great is that she has a very good memory; she remembers every match the interviewer mentions and is able to talk in great detail about nearly every moment of her career. She gives nice long answers to most of the questions.


The Hybrid Diva herself.

The start of the interview is actually pretty dull. She talks about her fitness background and how her brother was a big wrestling fan – so she copied everything he did. Getting signed to WWE was actually her first time living away from Houston. She talks in great detail about the night she had to move – as she had only ever flown on a plane three times before. The rental car place wouldn’t allow her to have a GPS so she had a list of directions printed out to get to her hotel. Only the highway she planned to use was closed so she had to call some of the other girls in tears looking for directions. When she moved to Florida, she actually ended up sharing an apartment complex with Aloisa/Isis The Amazon whom she replaced on NXT season 3. She describes meeting the girl and that she “hugs you and rests her boobs on your head”. As far as Celeste knows there were no hard feelings between the two after she was replaced on NXT. When she first appeared in FCW she was given the name Ricki Vaughn – which she says she really liked. She said she had wanted a tomboyish sounding name and liked it. But that when she had to debut on NXT, someone from the office told her they didn’t like that name and so it was changed. She talks about her call-up to NXT Season 3. She says the girls who were on it knew they would be but that she and the rest of the girls didn’t hear anything about it. Apparently she had no money in her bank account when she was told she would be going to television. She reveals that John Laurinitis loaned her $1000 dollars to help her get wrestling gear and some dresses to wear on TV.

She and the other NXT Divas faced certain restrictions from management. Going back to what Gail Kim said in her interview about the company wanting their Divas to be more girly – it seems the NXT girls faced similar restrictions. Celeste planned to wear an outfit that she describes as “tomboyish but still sexy” – but was told she wasn’t allowed to wear it on TV (so she had to borrow a dress from Naomi). She says that she had no clue how to do the “Diva thing” before getting called up to TV – and that she didn’t know how to put on fake eyelashes etc. AJ was also not allowed to wear her converse sneakers on television at first either, management preferring to stick the girls in sparkly dresses.


AJ & Kaitlyn wearing the clothes they wanted.

She talks about her infamous trainwreck of a match with Maxine on NXT. She says that the storyline behind it actually came from her not being happy with her wrestling gear. So the storyline became that Vickie made her wear a baggy sweatshirt to cover it up. She says that multiple times in the match Maxine kept pulling the hood of it over her eyes, making things even more difficult. She says that Maxine also was not happy with the match, as it was a reflection on her too. Speaking of Vickie, Celeste is very grateful towards her. She says that she learned a lot from her just from being her rookie. Even though Vickie is not a wrestler, she has a great understanding of the business and she learned a lot more from Vickie than she did from many of the other wrestlers. In addition to Vickie, she also puts over Billy Kidman, Bill DeMott and Fit Finlay as her coaches. She also says that she learned something from working with everyone. She mentions the Bella Twins, LayCool, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres and even Divas she didn’t work with too much like Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly.

The fellow rookies on NXT Season 3 get discussed too. Jamie Keyes actually tried so hard to get into the company and enjoyed her role as ring announcer – but soon realised she didn’t want to be a Diva after all. Celeste says that Jamie’s release was likely a mutual decision on both parts. She describes Naomi as “an incredible athlete” and enjoyed working with her. She gives a lot of her opinion on Aksana too. In Celeste’s own opinion, she felt Aksana was rather generic as a babyface (Aksana previously played a ditzy foreigner in FCW) and felt that the switch to her current femme fatale seductress character was a big improvement. She talks more about Maxine in relation to their time on NXT Redemption. She says that there are only so many times you can work with someone before it gets repetitive – so she and Maxine did their best to always switch things up and bring something new to the table. She was surprised when Maxine decided to leave the company but didn’t give her thoughts on it.


The Chick Busters in action.

AJ is naturally talked about in great detail. Celeste smiles as the interviewer asks if they were as close as they were portrayed on screen – she says they were even closer. She even relates a story about a moment she knew that she and AJ would become friends – comparing it to the “did we just become best friends?” scene from the movie Step Brothers. During TV day at FCW, the power would often go out when the Divas were doing their hair and make-up. The lights went out in the locker room, Celeste made a joke and AJ was the only one that laughed at it. AJ was her first ever match, a mixed tag teaming with Dolph Ziggler against her and Primo. She says although she was nervous, she felt comfortable and safe working with AJ. She describes AJ as someone that always had her back and helped her out – as she was the most experienced of the NXT girls. She enjoyed that the two of them got paired together when AJ was brought up to the main roster. Their team name came was inspired by the Dude Busters (Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta) and she and AJ felt they were like the female versions of them – so they nicknamed themselves the Chick Busters. The name was only ever said on Twitter but after a few months, the commentators started referencing it on television.

A rather surprising titbit is revealed about the long standing rumour that Kaitlyn wasn’t supposed to win her #1 contenders’ battle royal – it’s true. I personally had always thought it was a silly urban legend. She gives a bit of backstory to the event. The storyline where she and Eve fought over becoming Booker T’s assistant on Smackdown was actually her idea. The original plan was that Kaitlyn would become the assistant. But it changed at literally the last minute and Eve was chosen instead. Because of this, it was decided that Eve and Kaitlyn would be the final two in the #1 contenders’ battle royal. Eve let go of the rope by mistake and ended up eliminating herself. It was apparently also the first match Brad Maddox refereed so the two of them were lost – until Maddox got word from the back to tell Kaitlyn to celebrate. Celeste cheekily jokes that Eve took her spot (the assistant job) and so she took Eve’s spot as #1 contender. The creative team initially planned to quickly write her out of the storyline but she asked to be included in it. Apparently she, Layla and Eve booked it amongst themselves and came up with ideas – though it was booked week to week and things were constantly changing. She says she was initially sad that she didn’t get her PPV match at Night of Champions but that the resulting triple threat match (against Eve and Layla) at Hell In A Cell was one of her favourites.


Kaitlyn as the WWE Divas’ Champion.

About her program with Eve for the title, she had assumed she would eventually get the belt at the end – but that she was never promised anything. According to her, Eve was suffering from an arm injury during their feud. But she credits the injury with helping them really utilise psychology and get creative in their matches. When she heard Eve would be leaving WWE she says she bawled her eyes out – she, Eve and AJ had travelled together. Celeste claims she went to Vince McMahon’s office after winning the title to thank him personally. She calls it a nice little full-circle moment – as the match between her and Eve to decide Booker T’s assistant had also been in Houston. Also the following feud with Tamina was also her idea. They had apparently faced each other for five solid months of live events but they only ever got one PPV match out of it. She’s very kind to Tamina and says she felt very comfortable and taken care of in their matches. She liked having a bigger girl to work with – sometimes being a little afraid of hurting some of the smaller Divas.

She names the match against AJ at Payback as her favourite, along with the match where she won the belt. She describes it as “very fitting” that she was the one to give AJ the title after she had dreamed of it her whole life. She also drops fun titbits about the secret admirer storyline and how they contributed to it. For example, the script would say that the admirer would give Kaitlyn jewellery – but that she requested it be changed so that the admirer give something she would want to receive. She, AJ and Big E had already become really good friends at that point. On the day that the admirer was to be revealed, she and AJ were messing with Big E and saying the two of them would have to passionately kiss in the middle of the ring. She calls E a good friend and says she misses him but still keeps in contact with him. Regarding Layla turning heel on her, she says she doesn’t know why they never really went anywhere with it – but that they had teased it so many times before that she wasn’t surprised when it did happen.

Other things that get discussed include her thoughts on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When the Total Divas show was announced, Stephanie became a lot more involved with the Divas – making sure they knew how to present themselves as there would be much more attention on them. She has very good things to say about Triple H and that he supported her from the beginning. She says that Vince always prefers “skinny Kelly Kelly-like models” and once overheard Vince say about her “that girl has a beautiful face but I don’t like her body”. But Triple H is a fan of body building and encouraged her to remain muscular. He described her as being a hybrid of the powerful muscular girl like Beth Phoenix and also the glamorous girl next door like Kelly Kelly – so I guess we know where her nickname “The Hybrid Diva” came from. Triple H and Jane Geddes also hired a personal stylist for her after she became Divas’ Champion. She says she went to a fitness expo dressed to the nines and Triple H remarked “why don’t you look like that for Vince” – so the stylist helped her dress appropriately for television. Celeste also reveals that she was struggling with weight problems around the time she lost the title – due to health and body issues. She remarks that her disappearing from TV after SummerSlam was WWE giving her a chance to sort her health issues out.

While I was very happy with 90% of everything that Celeste discusses, there were a few points they don’t cover that I would have liked to hear more about. For starters, they never talk about the segment where Kaitlyn turned on AJ and joined the Divas of Doom (but was cut from television). She’s never asked about working as a heel on the new NXT or about why she didn’t want to be featured on Total Divas. Nonetheless any fans of Kaitlyn will be very happy with the material that does get covered. As I said, Celeste has a great memory and gives detailed stories and answers. She’s also a very entertaining person who is good on camera. The interview runs about two hours and you’ll certainly feel satisfied with what Celeste talks about. She ends the interview by giving her reasons for her departure and her plans for the future. She says she’s very excited and fans can keep up with her progress on Twitter.

You can purchase the DVD at this link:



The 8th Militia officially disbands.

  • Brandon

    Got linked here. Very interesting read.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Thank you very much. I’d recommend this DVD -- Celeste talks about so much more than what I recapped

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