WWE Divas, May 13th Main Event Results – One Flew Over The Fox’s Nest
Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

WWE Main Event – May 13 Divas Match:

Alicia Fox vs Emma


Last week I declared was a ‘Divas off-week’. But on Raw, the division really returned to form. Alicia Fox looked tired of suffering so many losses and her most recent one to the Divas Champion seems to have been the last straw. The Foxy One absolutely snapped and threw a tantrum at ringside – which she later described as ‘a moment’. Now on Main Event, she’s appearing again against a Diva she’s lost to in the past (which doesn’t really narrow it down). She’ll be facing Emma. But we haven’t seen the last of the Cuckoo Fox yet.

Alicia grabs a microphone and simply says “I’m surprised you showed up” – and hurls the mic at Emma! She attacks her and starts cat fighting with her. She allows Emma a few moments to get her bearings…and then plants her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She then sidewalk slams Emma out through the middle rope. She continues her punishment by ramming Emma against the security wall. Back in the ring she throws Emma around by the hair. Emma is able to drop toe hold Alicia onto the turnbuckle. She goes for the Emmamite Sandwich but Alicia gets her feet up! Emma suddenly gets a school girl out of nowhere for the win!

Winner: Emma via school girl roll-up

But Alicia is not done. She grabs Emma by the hair and throws her back in. Our dancing queen is able to flee and duck out before Alicia can grab a hold of her. Alicia instead chooses to mouth off to the referee. She screams abuse at the crowd. She then approaches Tony Chimel and starts abusing him while screaming “so sorry” and “I love this man”. She then makes a beeline for the commentators and starts singing ‘We Are Family’ as she has them both hooked under her arms. She stands on the announce table and screams “underrate this!” – this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. She picks up a script and rips the paper up, shoving it down the throats of Tom Philips and Byron Saxton. She climbs back on the ring apron and screams “can you hear me now!”


Oh my. Alicia…well perhaps you might have to trade in that fox hood for a friggin strait jacket. The match between Alicia and Emma was pretty much the same deal as Alicia’s encounter with Paige on Raw. But I did see more examples of Alicia’s creativity – especially with her counter to one of Emma’s signature moves. She’s become the first Diva to ever counter it I believe. I’m guessing that WWE put her out there with another Diva who’s relatively over in the hopes of getting more heat. Crowd reaction towards Emma has softened recently but I chalk that up to not being featured much – and being reduced to silly antics with Santino. The crowd were still relatively interested in what was going on. It seems they’re not automatically making Alicia a threat in the ring again which I can admire. She’s been little more than a jobber since 2012 so it doesn’t make sense to have her suddenly start winning. Instead she’s becoming more dangerous because of how she reacts to losing.

The after-match segment was one of the most bizarre, creepy and random things I’ve ever seen. I loved it! I loved it even more than what she did on Raw. That was really just a temper tantrum. This however was Alicia going completely batshit insane. We’ve certainly never seen a Diva do anything like what she did before. When WWE really wants you to take notice of someone, they make sure you do. It seems a little coincidental that, with AJ being out for an indefinite period of time, they’ve made another Diva go crazy instead. I personally love it. Alicia puts her own spin on the role. She’s always been a bit of a hammy ditz as a heel – this is just cranking it up to eleven. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. The announcers sold that Alicia wanted the Divas’ Championship so in the next couple of weeks she should resort to all sorts of tactics to get under Paige’s skin. I love that WWE are giving us a proper storyline that we haven’t really seen before. It’s a step above what they gave us with Paige/Tamina.

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