WWE Divas, May 6th Main Event Results – Cameron Is The Cat Who Got The Cream
Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

WWE Main Event – May 6 Divas Match:

Tamina Snuka & Foxsana vs Natalya & The Funkadactyls


Well as I’d expected with no return of AJ Lee on Raw – and the Divas’ Champion competing on Superstars – it’s officially going to be an off week in the women’s division. But unlike the days of yore, an ‘off week’ still promises plenty of Diva goodness – we do still have four shows to cover. Instead of the Divas’ Championship feud (or lack thereof) we have a match that somehow stems from drama on Total Divas last week. Cameron was house-sitting for Natalya and decided to throw a party, losing her precious cat Louis for a couple of hours. Natalya and Cameron are awkwardly on the same team this week, along with Naomi. They’re facing Alicia Fox, Aksana and the former #1 contender to the Divas’ Championship – Tamina Snuka.

Predictably Cameron and Natalya are arguing about Louis-gate – but Natalya puts that to the back of her mind as she starts off with Alicia Fox. Foxy gets a leapfrog into a headscissors to start but Natalya comes back with a hiplock takeover, followed by a low dropkick. She teases the Sharpshooter early but Fox gets to the ropes. She retreats outside and attempts to one-up Natalya with a sneaky elbow. But the kind-hearted cat lover dodges the elbow. However she is distracted by Tamina Snuka and Alicia is able to kick Natalya in the head. She throws her back in the ring and covers her for two. Aksana tags in and they do their alley-oop double team. Tamina tags in and gets a headbutt. However Natalya school girls her for two. Tamina gets back on top with a flying clothesline. Aksana tags in and delivers some punishment. Chinlock now from Aksana and she slams Natalya by her hair. Natalya nearly gets to her corner but is rather awkwardly kept in place by Aksana. The heel team also awkwardly pummels Natalya before she gets an elbow to the face. Natalya hot tags Naomi who gets a couple of dropkicks. Flipping clothesline from Naomi and she positions Aksana on the ropes for a Gail Kim-esque hip drop. She double dropkicks the heels off the apron and Rear Views Aksana. Cameron and Natalya clear the heels out of the ring as Naomi lands the split-legged moonsault for the win. Cameron and Natalya still don’t look too happy with each other.

Winners: Natalya, Naomi & Cameron via split-legged moonsault (on Aksana)


Well with no match on Raw and this performance in the bag, this Divas ‘off week’ hasn’t gotten off to a very good start. This match was incredibly awkward to watch. It’s ironic I praised Aksana and criticised Tamina in my Extreme Rules recap; tonight it was the opposite. Tamina was on form while Aksana was all over the place. Granted Tamina had maybe about a minute of ring time but she was used well. I popped for her clothesline to Natalya and I liked her intensity as she distracted her at ringside. Starting the match off between Nattie and Alicia was a nice treat – they remain the two Divas with the best chemistry in WWE. I also did like that she and Aksana attempted to work as a unit a couple of times. However Aksana did not have a good night. I cringed every time Natalya made those awkward steps to her corner and Aksana weakly kept cutting her off. It happened twice and it was painful to look at. Equally painful to watch was that weird little triple pummelling Natalya got in the corner. That’s the type of things I usually see three-week trainees doing when they get lost. And Aksana and Naomi together…they are two Divas who just do not click. They have had only one good match together and it was still only okay. Aksana is a good worker and so is Naomi but they looked so awkward together. Naomi’s Gail Kim spot would have been nice if she didn’t have to drag Aksana in position for it. And she was far too close to hit the Rear View, making it look less effective than usual. Cameron didn’t see much ring time but given how off the other girls were, it was probably for the best. Overall this 6-Diva tag was just a mess. I don’t really want to slam any of the girls as useless – because I’ve seen them do better. And they will do better in future. Let’s just wipe this match from memory or else just only remember the nice spots between Natalya and Alicia – or else the split-legged moonsault which looked good as always. I did also see some nice intensity between Natalya and Cameron. I doubt Cameron would turn heel just yet but I wouldn’t mind a match between her and Natalya on one of the B-shows – since they worked so well together last time. Silver linings, people.

  • Firre Workcz

    Cameron would make a magnificent heel, going all bratty and gorgeous. Go for it!

    • Bobby Calloway

      She’s said in interviews that her goal is to be a top heel. She definitely has a shot at making it work for her. But I’d keep her with Naomi for now. I want Cameron to become champion and then gradually turn heel until Naomi feuds with her to claim the belt for herself

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