WWE Divas, Extreme Rules 2014 Results – The Ram-Paige Is Here To Stay
Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2014

WWE Divas, Extreme Rules 2014 Results:

Paige* vs Tamina Snuka [WWE Divas’ Championship]

Tamina Paige

Last night it was WWE’s first PPV after WrestleMania. The night where all matches have a certain gimmick to them – cage matches, hardcore matches, street fights etc. The Divas match predictably didn’t have one of those gimmicks but it still had a big fight feel. The newly crowned Divas’ Champion (and newly dethroned NXT Women’s Champion) Paige had her first title defence. She would not be defending against the former champion AJ Lee but rather her former (?) bodyguard – Tamina Snuka who won a battle royal a couple of weeks ago. Read below after the cut to see if Tamina was able to make that statement she’s been promising – or if Paige was able to prove she was more than a one hit wonder.

First of all, WWE appears to have actually cared somewhat about this match. They chose to have the Cena/Wyatt cage match be the one to follow the breath-taking 6-man tag between The Shield and Evolution. Tamina is also wrestling her first PPV singles bout since Elimination Chamber last year. Paige is also wrestling her first PPV ever – sporting some new purple gear as well. They lock up and Tamina is able to throw Paige away. The new champ resorts to some punches and stomps to get on top at first. Tamina takes a few swipes at Paige, who ducks and dives around them. She gets down on all fours behind Tamina, tripping the latter up into a pin for two. Dropkick from the Divas’ Champion gets two again. Tamina awkwardly whips Paige into the corner but Paige is able to get a victory roll for two. Paige is also able to sucker Tamina onto the middle rope, so she can deliver her signature series of knees to the chest. Going to the top rope however is a mistake as Tamina kicks Paige off and she falls to the outside. Tamina whips Paige with her jacket and drives her back-first into the ring apron.

Back in the ring she covers Paige for two and drops a weak looking knee to the back. She delivers a series of scoop slams to only get two. Paige kicks her in the gut and rams her outside the ring. She climbs on the apron to attempt the hurricanrana she used on Alicia Fox on Main Event – but Tamina is able to counter the move and swing Paige right into the security wall. Back in the ring she hoists Paige over her shoulders and actually climbs the top rope – thinking Samoan Drop perhaps? The Divas’ Champion however is able to counter with a sunset flip powerbomb. Tamina kicks out but there is a miscue where the ref counts to three anyway – the match continues. Paige then does an odd move – she hits a headscissors on Tamina who is still on her knees. Tamina kicks out of that move too. Paige goes for a crossbody but Tamina catches her and plants her with a swinging side slam. Paige is able to kick out of that and Tamina goes for her superkick. Paige catches her foot and is able to lock in the Scorpion Cross Lock. Tamina taps out instantly.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: Paige via Scorpion Cross Lock submission


Paige’s first title defence is in the history books now. I doubt anyone expected a different result. Paige is the hot new thing right now and is very over with the fans. WWE have been advertising her for as late as Survivor Series so they’re clearly high on her. This title reign is likely to go on for a good while. So how did our new Divas’ Champion fare in her first title defence? Paige was fine but the problem lay in her challenger. I have never been a fan of Tamina’s ring work if I’m being dreadfully honest. The woman has been in WWE four years now and she seems to go in and out of phases. Her 2012 push against Beth Phoenix impressed me, as did her initial pairing with AJ Lee. But there’s no denying that Tamina really can’t cut it in the ring. Part of the problem in my opinion is that she seems more suited to a face role – her 2012 face push saw some of the best performances from her in my opinion. But with no Beth Phoenix or Kharma, they need someone to play the big brutish heel. Tamina plays the *character* well but she can’t deliver the goods in the ring. She looked awkward and lost at several points out there. When she first took control, she honestly looked like she was panicking and unsure of what to do. With a good amount of her moves, she looked very hesitant. And in the closing moments, she looked out of it. With how she didn’t immediately raise her shoulder after the powerbomb, I got worried she may have been injured. There’s been no word on whether or not she did get a concussion, but it looks like there was something wrong as the match ended.

In spite of how awkward I felt Tamina looked, there were still glimmers of excitement in her. I said she plays her character well and she does. She played to the crowd and tried to get heat. She delivered some great facial expressions and sold the intensity of this match. The main problem with her was that she seemed to break character by looking hesitant and a little lost sometimes. I compare her to Aksana, who is also fairly green but plays her character well. But Aksana is able to be in complete control of her character and helps cover up some of her inexperience by selling everything she does. Some of Aksana’s offence can look awkward but she still makes it look as if that was what was meant to happen all along. Anyway there were some good spots coming from Tamina like the kick to the outside, the hurricanrana into the security wall and the teasing of a top-rope Samoan Drop. The move she used towards the end was also nice and effective. Paige meanwhile looked a lot more confident out there in her PPV debut. I liked some of the different things she did, playing the cat-and-mouse game with Tamina. It’s good that she’s thinking outside the box. It almost gave me the impression that it was a real fight and Paige was thinking of whatever she could to outsmart Tamina. She’s playing the underdog quite well and finding moves that exemplify that as well as sticking to her signatures. Paige in a sense was batting for both of them in this match and helped keep it together. It seems with such a decisive victory over Tamina now, there doesn’t seem to be much else they can do together. There’s no word on if AJ is going to return tonight on Raw. They really need to get AJ’s rematch storyline over and done with before creating a new challenger for Paige in my opinion. Any challenger she gets before she has defeated AJ properly will just come across as filler. And there are plenty of possible opponents for her – Layla, Natalya, Summer Rae when she returns and of course Emma. In fact when AJ/Paige is over and done with, I can see Emma being Paige’s new challenger. A feud between them would produce a match worthy of the SummerSlam card. But as always we have to wait and see if our favourite pigtailed Yandere will skip onto our TV screens tonight.


Earlier on the show we also got a very good promo from the ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana as she dedicated Alexander Rusev’s squash against R-Truth and Xavier Woods – to the president of Russia. A “we want Lana” chant also broke out during said match. I’ve really come to enjoy Lana’s promo work. She reminds me of a female Paul Heyman. I also like her how her gender is kind of incidental. Her role could easily be filled by a male character without too much difference. It’s refreshing to have a female manager that isn’t just a sexy little model. Lana may not be a wrestler (yet) but she has already proven herself as an asset to the company with how strong her mic work has been.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Tamina is best as a shadow. I like her but she’s clumsy in the ring.

    Lana looked great. I hope they keep her as a manager for a very long time as we need some more nonwrestling females in big stories.

    Congrats to Paige. The win was a no brainer but she delivered well.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yes I love that Lana is providing a role we don’t see a lot of these days. Most girls who have been managers like The Funkadactyls or Summer Rae only do so as a way of getting on TV. Lana fills her role so well, being tailor-made as a manager. Without her Rusev would be lost

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