WWE Divas, May 2nd Superstars Results – Tamina’s Ready For Extreme Rules
Posted on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

WWE Divas – May 2, 2014 Superstars Match:

Tamina Snuka vs Natalya


It’s been a while since we were blessed with Divas’ action on the purple (?) brand in WWE. But the Divas make their long awaited return to their former haven this week. Tamina Snuka has a big championship match to look forward to this Sunday at Extreme Rules. She certainly doesn’t want to get rusty, so she’s warming up on Superstars. Her opponent is someone she debuted by attacking, turned face on once and has cost multiple title matches against – it’s Natalya. The latter has also given Tamina a concussion before so let’s see if this match lives up to all the history there.

Natalya goes from a headlock to a hammerlock and then back to the headlock. She baseball slides under Tamina and throws a kick, but Tamina grabs her leg. Natalya rolls into a takedown and covers Tamina for one. Tamina goes for a scoop slam but Natalya rolls over into a waist lock. Crucifix sunset flip from Natalya. Tamina blocks the pin and goes for a hip drop – but Natalya rolls out of the way. Natalya goes for the discus clothesline but Tamina ducks and connects with the Samoan Drop. She covers Natalya (after whipping her with her jacket) for two and starts choking her at the ropes. Side suplex from Tamina gets two and she puts on a chinlock. She slams Natalya to the canvas by her hair and goes for another side suplex. Natalya fights out of it, elbows her in the face and delivers a butterfly suplex for one. Backslide pin from Natalya also gets one, and she follows up with a low dropkick. She’s thinking of the Sharpshooter but Tamina grabs onto the ropes. Natalya instead delivers an Alley-Oop and jack-knife cover for two. Natalya goes for a suplex but Tamina reverses it and superkicks her for the quick win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka via superkick


Tamina and Natalya really have wrestled each other loads of times now. Their chemistry has always been a solid 6/10 for me – never awful and never amazing. This match was a nice effort. It was nothing amazing but the spots were fun and the ring work was solid. I liked how – instead of Natalya getting her signature moves in at the start – they went for a more cat-and-mouse story. They had her use different tactics to try and get on top of Tamina. There were a lot of momentum shifts and back-and-forth moves rather than just one girl selling for the other. A couple of Tamina’s strikes looked a bit weak but everything else she did was fine. Her trusty chinlock looked very nice and effective this week. My two favourite spots were the discus clothesline into the Samoan Drop, as well as the way Natalya set up the butterfly suplex. It is nice to see that even-though they have wrestled each other constantly for about four years now – they’re still trying new stuff and making their matches different. This is direct contrast to AJ and Kaitlyn who had two good matches and phoned everything else in. Tamina has got a potentially physical gruelling match ahead of her on Sunday. She is Paige’s first real test as part of the main roster. The Divas’ Championship match has potential to steal the show, given how over Paige is – and how well she’s been wrestling on the main roster. This is Tamina’s first proper PPV appearance since Survivor Series – and her first singles match since Elimination Chamber last year. You never really know with her wrestling but I have full confidence that she and Paige will tear the house down if they want to.

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