TNA Knockouts – May 1, 2014 Impact Wrestling recap: Gail Kim ruins Angelina Love’s celebration
Posted on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

The Beautiful People Evening Gowns

On the May 1, 2014 airing of Impact Wrestling, we saw The Beautiful People get humiliated, as they were stripped down to Bras and Panties

—Backstage on Impact Wrestling, we saw The Beautiful People discussing their celebration for Angelina Love becoming a 6-Time Knockouts Champion (Angelina Love becomes a 6-Time TNA Knockouts Champion at Sacrifice). Later in their locker-room Angelina read a letter from the “board of directors,” stating that The Beautiful People needed to tone down their attire. A decision was made that they would go to the ring in Evening Gowns.

TNA Wrestling – May 1, 2014 Knockouts Segment
The Beautiful People, Gail Kim, Brittany and Madison Rayne

—In the ring The Beautiful People decided to rebel against the “board of directors,” and began to strip. This turned out to be a ruse by the Beautiful People, and they instead mocked the fans. Gail Kim’s music hit, and after a few words for The Beautiful People she attacked them. Gail Kim then made an attempt to strip Angelina Love… Velvet Sky instead dragged Angelina Love out of the ring, and the ladies retreated up the ramp.

May 1, 2014 Impact Wrestling recapWhile distracted by Gail Kim in the ring (With the Knockouts Title), they were then stripped of their Evening Gowns by Madison Rayne and Brittany (Santana Garrett).

Thoughts: It looks like we are moving on to Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim… The question is, will we see Gail Kim go from heel to babyface? This feud if booked right could have fans backing Gail Kim once again. But quite honestly, there was so much more that could have been done with The Beautiful People versus Madison Rayne. Moving on to another feud is way too soon.

As for the segment itself, it falls in-line with the booking of The Beautiful People we have come to expect over the years. We are definitely in store for more T&A fueled segments, as this nicely sets up a future evening gown match (Impact Wrestling – May 1, 2014, May 8 & 15 Knockouts spoilers).

  • Bobby Calloway

    Agreed, moving onto another feud way too soon. I don’t think I want to see Gail Kim turn face -- she’s fine as a heel if you ask me. It would be cool if they explored the triple threat route first. If they can book something like that with their trigger happy tendencies

    • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

      The triple threat route would be a good transition.

      • Bobby Calloway

        I was thinking maybe Gail could cost Madison her rematch, saying that she is the one who deserves to challenge for the title. I think it would create an interesting dynamic with Gail still as a heel

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