WWE Divas, April 29th Main Event Results – The Ram-Paige Turns Foxy
Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

WWE Main Event – April 29 Divas Match:

Paige vs Alicia Fox


Well our new Divas’ Champion narrowly escaped with her life on Raw, her title match with Brie Bella going to a no-contest – due to Kane’s interference. But one night later she’s still ready to fight. Much like the powers-that-be gave Aksana a second chance to knock the champ down a peg, Alicia Fox is getting another crack at Paige too. The champ is just five days away from her first title defence at the Extreme Rules PPV. And her opponent Tamina Snuka decides to make an appearance on the show as well…

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Alicia is feeling extra sassy today and throws her fox-hood at Paige as the bell rings. The two Divas lock up and start grappling aggressively – like really aggressively. The force of it sends the two of them falling to the outside. Paige breaks it up, kicks Alicia in the head and lands a hurricanrana off the apron! Paige throws Alicia back into the ring and the latter runs for cover. Alicia however has been playing possum and drops Paige throat-first on the middle rope. She covers Paige for two and then slaps on a chinlock. Paige is able to fight Alicia into the corner – but gets knocked down with a superkick. Paige kicks out at two and reverses a whip into the corner. Alicia is able to get a split-legged sunset flip but Paige rolls through and kicks her in the chin. She throws Alicia around by the hair and delivers several knees to the midriff. Alicia gets a unique pin counter for two and goes for her northern lights suplex. However Paige is able to block it and counter it with the Ram-Paige! She’s won the match but who’s that on the apron? Tamina Snuka comes out and glares at the young champion. The two don’t come to blows but Tamina goes to the back with a big smirk on her face.

Winner: Paige via the Ram-Paige


Well this was quite the pleasant surprise for a run-of-the-mill episode of Main Event. It seems as though this former C-show appears to have replaced Smackdown in terms of prominence – ever since it became a live show that is. Anyway I was rather critical of the way that Paige was featured on Raw. This match almost feels like an apology for that. Paige and Alicia Fox have worked together several times on NXT and once before on the main roster. Alicia was someone against whom Paige seemed to have some fairly creative matches. In fact, after Emma, I’d say Alicia is the Diva with whom Paige works best. They could have come out and done their standard five moves of doom and all their signature spots. But they chose to put in just that extra effort. It was a nice aggressive hard-fought match. Just when you keep thinking that Alicia Fox is a one-note jobber collecting a pay cheque, she pulls out a match like this. It is a real shame that putting over the flavour-of-the-month is really all she does these days. But at least she’s not letting it deter her and she’s producing consistently good matches with whomever WWE wants her to put over. This match gave Paige a very good rub too. I quite like the idea of giving the underdog champion a big hard-fought match right before a PPV. It gives us the impression that she’s warming up and trying to prove herself in time for the big fight. And I also like Paige using a different finisher other than her submission. This and the Paige Turner are nice effective moves that can regularly end matches – while the Scorpion Cross Lock is the big weapon that should be pulled out in dire situations. Additionally after not appearing on Raw, Tamina got some build-up on her side. She didn’t do much but she gave some great facial expressions. Although she’s not as solid in the ring as I’d like, she is able to give off a very menacing and intimidating vibe. The match on Sunday could be a possible dark-horse encounter, especially as far as the Divas are concerned.

  • Brandon

    Great match. I love how Paige is using three different finishers so you don’t know which to expect. Also, she’s been bringing new moves every week.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Exactly. This kind of thing will make her an asset to the division

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