WWE Divas, Raw April 28th Results – Paige & Kane Give Brie Late Wedding Presents
Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw April 28 Results:

Paige* vs Brie Bella [WWE Divas’ Championship]

brie kane

Last week on Raw, we saw a relative smorgasbord of Diva-related segments. Paige continued to cement herself as more than a one hit wonder, readying herself for her title match against Tamina Snuka this Sunday. Last week we also saw Brie Bella have to run from Kane as he was set upon an unwitting Daniel Bryan. As WWE logic dictates, all Diva storylines eventually criss-cross. So this week the two paths have been combined. Who do we have to thank for all of this? Why the mastermind Stephanie McMahon of course.

Stephanie is here to ‘apologise’ for what happened to Daniel Bryan last week. She insists that she had nothing to do with Kane attacking – and assures them both that his mask is locked up in her office. In yet another golden promo, Bryan pretty much tells Stephanie that she is full of crap. Undeterred, Stephanie insists on making it up to them. True there will be a Divas’ Championship match on Sunday, with Tamina Snuka challenging for the title. But things are suddenly in doubt as to who exactly she will be challenging. Stephanie awards Brie a Divas’ Championship match against Paige! And the match is right now!

Daniel Bryan will be at ringside to support his wife – a wise move since before the match we got a shot of an empty case in Stephanie’s office. Cue dramatic music. Paige and Brie lock up, the champ eventually getting control with a headlock takeover. Brie comes back with a flying mare and dropkick for two. Paige kicks her in the gut and throws her around by the hair. She chokes Brie in the corner and delivers a Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Paige sends Brie onto the middle rope and begins her succession of knees to the chest. Brie is able to kick Paige into position for the running knee. She goes to the top rope for Brie Mode but Paige cuts her off. The Divas’ Champion climbs to the top rope too and delivers a superplex! Both Divas are left down…until Kane’s music hits!

Paige leaves quietly as we see that Kane is coming up through the middle of the ring. Bryan tries to knock Kane away as he drags Brie by the ankle. All Brie can do is back away from him – but Bryan whacks Kane with a monkey wrench. It has no effect and Kane chokeslams Bryan. Kane then tries to drag Brie back to the hole but she is able to kick his hands off her and flee.

Later on, Brie is still shivering as Daniel Bryan is getting checked out. Stephanie is here to apologise again. Bryan tells her she will regret involving his wife. Brie doesn’t sugar coat what she thinks, with this immortal line:

“Get out! You BITCH!”


Well this week was the first in ages that we only had one direct Diva-related segment. It still made up a good portion of the show however – so it could be quality over quantity this week. I’m not sure how I feel about Paige being included in it. They’re trying to have her as a face I’m assuming and they’re also hoping that Daniel Bryan’s popularity will boomerang onto Brie. So mixing the two together probably wasn’t for the best. Their match was short but the action was good. Brie took that superplex very well and they did the best with the time they were given. If I’m being honest, I’d rather they’d left Paige out of this completely and given Brie a different opponent. In fact if they’d had her face Tamina instead…that probably would have been better. It’s just a bit of a shame that the Divas’ Championship match was overshadowed by this storyline. Paige is the champion and she was the supporting player this week. It seems like she was just an afterthought, after three weeks of having a lot of time invested in her. It also opened up a small can of worms by having her high tail it after Kane appeared. She’s this badass dark character and she’s afraid of Kane too? Unless they were planning to turn her heel and have her in cahoots with Stephanie.

But I’m not going to complain too much since this week we did have a Diva featured prominently in a segment with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I never really like it when a Diva gets featured with Kane, because the result is often quite sexist; women who are meant to be fighters often get reduced to quivering piles of tears. But Brie actually did fare a bit better than so many of the previous Diva Distressed Damsels. She actually managed to fight Kane off somewhat. And she did get to tell Stephanie McMahon off after two nights of smiling and nodding vapidly beside her husband. What’s more is that the fans seemed to accept Brie this week. They popped when the title match was announced. They also popped for her calling Stephanie a bitch. They didn’t seem to take a side during the match either. They booed Paige when she heeled it up and they booed Brie when she hit the knee. I have a feeling Brie will factor into the title match at the PPV somehow. I am happy she’s getting something to do on TV other than endless tag team matches. Judging by how the fans were towards her tonight, her pairing with Bryan could help her get over. Nonetheless we’re getting Divas’ action on Sunday and we’re also possibly seeing a continuation of this Kane/Brie/Bryan saga. So even if Raw didn’t satisfy me as much as it has in recent weeks, there are still lots to look forward to.

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