WWE Divas, April 24th NXT Results – Beautiful & Fierce vs Bubbles & Freaks
Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2014

WWE Divas – April 24, 2014 NXT Results:

Paige & Emma vs Charlotte & Sasha Banks


After a slow week with no match last week, NXT returns to form now. Last week it was the self-professed ‘Dirtiest Diva In The Game’ Charlotte who said that it was up to her to get things done on NXT. And that she was going to start by challenging Emma to a tag team match. Charlotte’s partner of course would be her BFF Sasha Banks. Emma meanwhile has chosen the reigning Divas’ Champion Paige. But also on the show, we get some shocking news about the future of the NXT Women’s Championship.

The show begins with our double champion Paige walking backstage. NXT General Manager JBL approaches her. He informs her that it isn’t fair to NXT if she is busy with her main roster duties now as Divas’ Champion. The decision has been made to strip her of the title! A tournament is going to be held to decide the next champion. Paige is reluctant but eventually hands over the NXT belt. People have been very vocal about how unfair this idea is – but this reporter has a different opinion. While I would prefer the title change hands the traditional way, WWE sort of booked themselves into a rut with this one. Paige getting defeated for the NXT Women’s Championship while she is also Divas’ Champion would open up a can of worms for the main roster. After all, if an NXT Diva can beat the champion, how does that make the rest look? From a kayfabe point of view, Paige now has a lot more duties as Divas’ Champion to do. In storyline she would have too many main roster commitments to appear regularly at NXT and thus it would be unfair to have her as champion. A tournament does shake things up on NXT, after a few weeks of rather repetitive matches.

Now for the tag team match. They go to a commercial break during Emma’s entrance – presumably to edit out Paige entering with the title. Emma and Sasha start the match off. Sasha grabs Emma by the hair and rams her into the corner. Charlotte makes a blind tag as Emma hip tosses Sasha – but gets Sasha thrown into her. Emma follows that up by monkey flipping Charlotte for two. Paige tags in and they hit a double suplex. Charlotte is able to trip Paige up and put on a toe-hold. Paige is able to flip her around to escape and throws Charlotte across the ring by her hair. Emma tags back in now and gets forearmed in the face. Charlotte mocks Paige’s scream but gets a standing monkey flip from Emma. Charlotte is able to land on her feet and tag Sasha back, sliding out of the ring to catch her breath. Emma didn’t see the tag and turns around into a Thesz Press from the Boss. As the familiar “ratchet” chant starts, Sasha tags Charlotte back – they both slam Emma by the hair.

Charlotte traps Emma in a leg scissors submission. Emma tries to escape but Charlotte keeps it locked on. She turns it into a scissors stomp before going back to the submission. Emma bridges back far enough to turn it into a pin, and Charlotte has to break the hold. She drags Emma away from the face corner – but misses an elbow drop. Emma is able to tag Paige, while Charlotte tags Sasha. Paige goes straight into the short-arm clotheslines. She dropkicks Sasha and preps her for the Scorpion Cross Lock. Charlotte comes in and hits a dropkick right to Paige’s knee. Emma then comes in and tries to throw Charlotte out – but the Dirtiest Diva In The Game counters to throw Emma out. Sasha tags Charlotte, who comes in and hits Paige with the somersault snapmare driver. One three count later and the BFFs have won this match.

Winner: Charlotte & Sasha Banks via somersault snapmare driver

Additionally on the show, we saw cameos from four developmental Divas. When Devin Taylor interviewed Adam Rose backstage, four Divas were seen as part of his party posse – Becky Lynch, Carmella, Dana Brooke and a girl wearing a mask who is either Kendall Skye or Alexa Bliss.



NXT does indeed return to form this week. I wrote above how things had been very stagnant and repetitive for the last few weeks. Well now things have indeed been shaken up; Paige has been stripped of the NXT Women’s title and essentially removed from the roster for now. We’re going to have a tournament to determine our next champion as well. Presumably with some main roster Divas helping out, we’ll be getting some fresh matches too. Anyway this was one of the better NXT matches we’ve gotten in a while. Emma and Paige haven’t been seen on television together since their title match – so it was cool to see them as a team once again. They have been the top two faces of NXT for well over a year; now they’ve graduated to the main roster and it’s time for someone new to step forward. This match almost did feel like a small ‘passing the torch’ moment. But Emma and Paige went ‘out’ with a bang anyway. The matches on NXT and their main roster ones have been rather short, with the girls having to get all their signature spots out there for the crowd. This week however, with more time, the girls busted out some nice new moves and techniques. It was nice that the opening moments weren’t just the faces getting their best stuff out there; the heels were able to get on top and be countered at several moments before they properly took control. I will give credit where credit is due and applaud Charlotte. With this match, she finally proved that she does belong on NXT with the rest of the Divas. Truth be told, she did look a teensy bit lost and hesitant at some points – but it’s a big improvement over her previous performances. She showed some great submission techniques and a good awareness of ring psychology. This match really put her over as the ‘Dirtiest Diva In The Game’. She came across as a tactical opportunist – who takes advantage wherever she can. She got a much needed win for her team and solidified her spot as the new top heel. Even if she did pin the current Divas’ Champion, it was a dirty win. And a very unique one at that. All that’s left now is to pick a name for her finisher – do the fans have any suggestions?

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