WWE Divas, Raw April 21st Results – Easter Monday For The Divas’ Division
Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw April 21 Results:


Well we’re at week 3 of Paige’s Divas’ Championship reign. She has a challenger for Extreme Rules – as well as an entire locker room full of angry Divas to deal with. They have all been touting that Paige is nothing but a flash-in-the-pan and one hit wonder. She’s hoping to do what she does best – prove them wrong. She has a rematch against the woman she beat on SmackdownAksana. We’re also lucky enough to get another Divas’ match, this time pitting two dancers against each other. Emma looks to get revenge on Layla for her loss last week. And we also get an appearance from Brie Bella with her brand new husband.

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We begin the show with the newlyweds in the ring. Brie and Bryan indeed look happy. Their moment is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon’s music. She congratulates them on their nuptials. But the two aren’t oblivious to her sugary malice; she books Kane vs Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. She also implies that Kane might go after Brie. That’s exactly what happens as Kane ambushes them at ringside. He doesn’t get the chance to attack Brie however before Bryan makes the save. Brie runs to the back for cover as Stephanie ‘pleads’ for Kane to stop.

Layla vs Emma

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Layla and Fandango are already in the ring, dancing around. Emma gets a good pop for her music – and many fans are seen doing the Emmalution. Emma gets a good luck handshake from Santino, which gets interrupted by Fandango pulling him off the apron. Layla attacks Emma from behind. She chokes Emma at the ropes and then snapmares her. Surfboard stretch from Layla, which Emma powers up out of. After a few punches, Emma goes for a dropkick – but Layla holds onto the ropes to block it. However Emma and Layla collide in the middle of the ring. Outside, Santino pulls out The Cobra and knocks Fandango with it. Back in the ring, Emma pulls out a surprise – a pink Cobra. She clocks Layla with it and covers her for the win. Afterwards we get some more awkward romantic interactions between the two Cobras.

Winner: Emma via The (Ms) Cobra

Paige vs Aksana

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Aksana doesn’t get to cut a promo this time, but she does get her own entrance. Paige goes on the offensive straight away and throws Aksana around by her hair. Headlock from Paige, switching to a springboard sunset flip for two. She knees Aksana repeatedly in the face and gets rammed into the corner. Aksana places Paige on the top rope and then throws her down. She follows up with a snap suplex and begins her punishment. The crowd audibly boos her as she chokes Paige at the ropes. She even goes to the outside and slaps Paige in the face, taking time to get more heat. Aksana puts on a chinlock, which Paige is able to fight out of. However she is quickly knocked down with a back elbow. Aksana plants her with a sidewalk slam, before doing the Catwoman crawl. Paige ducks the kick and covers Aksana for two. Paige is now able to get two short-arm clothesline. Aksana ducks the third and hits the Devo Drop. Paige is able to kick out at two. Aksana drops an elbow and goes for the Devo Drop again. Paige counters by locking in a front guillotine. Aksana puts her on her feet but Paige is now able to get the third short-arm clothesline. It’s now time for the Scorpion Cross Lock – and a fourth victory for our new champion.

Winner: Paige via Scorpion Cross Lock submission


Well this Raw really gave us plenty to talk about. I’ll start with Brie; I know she didn’t do much in this segment. I know that her scream made me burst out laughing. But it’s still amazing that she was allowed to have this little moment. It’s a nice little wedding present from WWE to have her involved in this storyline, even if it is for only one week. But considering Kane’s past history with Divas, it’s likely we’ll see even more of him and Brie. It’ll be a great spin to put on this feud – and Brie must be feeling so great at the moment. I’d love to see what happens next. I loved how back when Daniel Bryan was feuding with Randy Orton, they included her. Aside from the overly-theatrical scream, her acting in this segment was pretty good. Perhaps we could even see her get in the ring with Stephanie herself. On an off topic note, we at Lethal WOW would like to extend our condolences to Brie and Daniel Bryan, whose father passed away last night. He still went through with Raw anyway like a true professional. Our thoughts are with you both in this difficult time.

Moving onto the first singles match, I was a little surprised we got it so soon. I thought we’d get more mixed tag matches before we finally saw Layla vs Emma. I was happy to see two of my favourite Divas going at it. I was also happy to hear the crowd popping for Emma. She got a rather lacklustre reaction on Main Event last week – so it was good to hear the crowds cheering for her again. Her routine seems to have gotten over well enough with the mainstream audience. I was also surprisingly happy with Layla. You all know how vocal I’ve been about my dislike of her heel turn. But for once, she didn’t embarrass herself out there. For the first time since she turned heel, she actually put on a good performance. Rather than going for her dumb comedy spots, she played a role she is far more suited to – the old school ECW mean girl. If Layla is going to remain a heel then that is the persona she should be playing. The wrestling itself was fairly basic, with only that dropkick spot being something new. It was of course refreshing to see Emma win with something other than the Emma Lock. It’s also quite shocking that none of her Five Moves of Doom were used at all. I’m very happy that WWE keep featuring Emma every week. Like Paige, she is a valuable asset to the company. She needs to keep making appearances every week to properly win the fans over. I wouldn’t mind seeing her knocking on Paige’s door after she’s had her way with AJ Lee.

And finally, the Paige/Aksana match; I like it more than their (already very good) Smackdown encounter. Paige stepped out of her comfort zone and got in a bit more offence here. That’s logical, as she has already beaten Aksana, so she shouldn’t be completely dominated by her. Aksana seemed to take note of her shortcomings on Smackdown; she played to the crowd a lot more. And they in turn responded well. Aksana got some great heat from the fans and milked it for all it was worth. That’s exactly how valuable Paige is to the division right now. She’s giving the rest of the Divas a boost just by working with her. Some of the executions in this match were honestly a bit sloppy (like the Devo Drop) but most of it was fine. This match served the purpose of making Paige look a bit stronger. She didn’t get completely dominated this time around. This now makes it look like she’ll have a chance at Extreme Rules. Speaking of which, I would have liked to see something from Tamina on this episode. Five other Divas got a nice rub, but she was nowhere to be seen. WWE have done a good job of promoting Paige – so now they should do the same for her opponent. I have full confidence in them; the Divas division has been so solid and exciting lately. And what makes me feel proud as a Diva fan is that it’s not just AJ Lee getting the boost. And that proves that lightning can strike twice, and that AJ herself is not just a fluke. Fans can indeed get behind the Divas if WWE gives them a reason to.

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