WWE Divas, April 18th Smackdown Results – A Night Of Diva Easter Eggs
Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2014

WWE Smackdown, April 18 2014:

Aksana vs Paige

Paige Aksana

Well three days ago, the match was made official for Extreme Rules. Our brand new Divas’ Champion Paige will be putting her title on the line straight away. Her opponent is the fearsome Tamina Snuka. But elsewhere on the show, she still has an entire locker room full of Divas to contend with. She was able to knock off Alicia Fox on Raw. She now has to go against Aksana on Smackdown. Both Aksana and Tamina also have some choice words for the fledgling champion.

As Paige makes her entrance, we get a pre-filmed promo inserted. It’s from Tamina Snuka. She reminds us that she spent 295 days ensuring that the Divas’ Championship stayed around someone else’s waist. But come Extreme Rules, the title will be going to someone who deserves it. She also adds “by any means necessary”. At a PPV called ‘Extreme Rules’, that’s a bold statement to make…

[dailymotion id= k5k0wSrb3hJjdr6YCQB]

We also get – get this – a video package. An actual Diva video package. It highlights Paige’s raison d’etre as the Anti-Diva, as well as her title win against AJ Lee.

That’s not all of the Easter Eggs for the Divas on this week’s show. When we come back to the ring, Aksana is holding a microphone. She ‘tries’ to say that all the other Divas are jealous of Paige because they are insecure. She compliments Paige on that video package that just played. But she says that Paige got lucky – and now her luck is about to run out.

Aksana also attacks Paige right away and suplexes her. Paige is able to get on top momentarily and deliver a few knees to Aksana’s midriff. Aksana tries to walk out of the match and Paige follows her…BAM! Aksana was playing possum and floors Paige with a sneaky clothesline. Back in the ring she also plants Paige with the Devo Drop. Rather than going for a cover, Aksana decides to play around with the new champ. She puts on a crossface and actually gets heat from the crowd. It’s time for the Catwoman Crawl! And the resulting kick to the face. Paige kicks out at two and she and Aksana collide in the centre of the ring. Aksana is on her feet first and slaps Paige. Big mistake – Paige hits her back and starts with her short-arm clotheslines. Aksana is able to block the third one and sends Paige off the ropes. But Paige comes back with a dropkick. She now puts on the Scorpion Cross Lock! Aksana has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Paige via Scorpion Cross Lock submission


Wow, what an unexpectedly great episode of Smackdown! I’d like to take some time to compare Paige’s first week as champion to Gail Kim’s and Layla’s. Gail Kim competed in a throwaway mixed tag match and didn’t get mic time until she had lost the title and turned heel. Layla appeared in one-minute matches and never got a proper feud. Paige’s first week has been a lot more promising. She got a video package to both establish her character and her current storyline in WWE. Most Divas are lucky to even get that at any point in their career (even AJ’s debut was losing a random tag match). But Paige is getting impressive effort put into her debut. They’re doing their best to let the general audience know who she is. And it’s not just Paige this is benefitting. We got to hear from her challenger for Extreme Rules too. I was happy with this little promo and it makes me look forward to seeing what we get on Monday. And we got a Diva promo. An actual Diva promo. Aksana was given a microphone. She did nothing but job to Kaitlyn and Layla last year – and they’ve given her a microphone. Granted her promo wasn’t great but it’s the thought that counts. What holds Aksana back on the microphone is her strong accent. On NXT Season 3 her promos were better because she was playing a ditzy foreigner who spoke in broken English. When they try to make her a serious badass? It doesn’t work as well. Aksana works better as more of a hammy ditz. But I do like the story that they went for. I really like the idea of the entire main roster Divas uniting against Paige. It’s a different way to sell her as the underdog.

The match was nice too. Aksana dominated well enough. The only thing I didn’t like was that she used the Devo Drop so early. I know she doesn’t win often enough for that to be considered her finisher but it just annoys me. Also – this is just me nit-picking at things – but it looked off for her to drop elbows after hitting it. Such a big move should be followed immediately by a pin. The Devo Drop should have been used much later in the match. But everything else was fine. This is the match where I feel Paige has really settled in to wrestling with the main roster girls. She got her character across perfectly and preserved her underdog status. The clothesline from Aksana on the outside was sick. Although it’s always harder to judge on Smackdown, Aksana seemed to get a bit of heat too. Paige’s popularity seems to be rubbing off on her opponents. Aksana should have played to the crowd more often though – as Alicia Fox did on Raw. Aksana normally does play to the crowd. It just figures that the one time she doesn’t is the one time she could actually get proper heat. I was impressed that she was able to take the Scorpion Cross Lock. I wasn’t sure if someone of her size could have it put on her. But she surprised me. That’s now two main roster Divas Paige has gone through. They’ve already established her as a wrestler. Now I’d like to see them do something different besides having her mow through other Divas. I don’t what that something different could be but I’m sure the creative team will think of something. They’ve actually been putting proper effort into this storyline – so I have full confidence in them. Tamina’s little line “by any means necessary” could be a hint that their title match could have a stipulation. It’s not too farfetched to hope for these days. I’m thinking maybe a Strap Match or maybe a Street Fight?

  • https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1/p480x480/1002643_719426094764363_1406544072_n.jpg Sleeping With The Enemy

    Aksana’s best match in ages….

    • Bobby Calloway

      In fairness I don’t think she’s had a proper match in ages

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    It is great to see the WWE keep Paige’s image intact. I see this story line working for her. I am looking forward to Paige vs Tamina at Extreme Rules.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Paige did awesome at NXT ArRival. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do on a proper WWE PPV

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