WWE Divas, April 17th NXT Results – Trouble In Gal-Pal Land?
Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2014

WWE Divas – April 17, 2014 NXT Results:


We didn’t have a Divas’ match on NXT this week – but that could have been for the best. Sasha Banks has suffered losses to nearly every Diva currently employed by WWE. She’s probably happy about the week off. But she and her fellow Beautiful Fierce Female Charlotte have still found their way onto the show this week. So let’s see what the BFFs have to say in their exclusive interview with Devin Taylor.

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Well even if we didn’t get a match we did get some interesting story development. First of all, I want to address Charlotte’s promo skills. The last time she was put in front of a microphone, I cringed. It sounded like Serene Branson’s famous migraine while reporting at the Grammy Awards. But this effort? Better. Much better actually. Apart from flubbing one of her lines, this promo was quite good. She had the egotistical bitchy attitude down. There might be something salvageable in her after all. And now what else do we have? Tension in the BFFs? I can’t say I’m too surprised to be honest. Literally half of the NXT Divas roster has abruptly graduated to the main roster. Summer Rae, Emma and now Paige have all earned legit spots up there. So essentially now NXT is down three Divas. The heel side is Sasha and Charlotte with Bayley as the lone babyface. I do expect we’ll have to see some new Diva debuts soon – Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Veronica Lane are the expected names. And the notable thing about them? They’re all heels. We desperately need some other heels. Especially judging by this backstage segment. I expected this development to happen eventually. And I also had a suspicion that this is what Sasha’s repeated losses were building towards. It looks like we’re going to see a BFFs implosion with Sasha turning face. She and Bayley can fill the face roles with Emma and Paige making occasional appearances, while the aforementioned three others establish themselves as heels. If Charlotte is going to be the next NXT Women’s Champion, she needs strong challengers who can work. Bayley and Sasha can fill those roles. One wonders if Summer Rae will factor into any of this at all. I know she’s super busy on the main roster now. But she was the one that formed this stable. She should at least be involved in the resolution somehow. Anyway although there was no match this week, we’ve still got plenty to be excited about.

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