WWE Divas, April 1st Main Event Results – No April Fools For Tamina
Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

WWE Main Event – April 1 Divas Match:

Tamina Snuka vs Nikki Bella


It must have been #ThrowbackTuesday on WWE programming this week – because we’re getting a vintage style Main Event episode. You may be wondering how a show that’s barely two years old can have such a thing – what I mean is it was taped rather than live. Nonetheless we’re still getting Divas action. It’s a rather high stakes match as it features Nikki Bella – who has several wins over the Divas’ Champion AJ Lee. Nikki’s opponent will be AJ’s own personal bodyguard Tamina Snuka. Tamina and AJ have been very rocky as of late, so one wonders what factor the champ will play at ringside.

Before the match, Renee Young is backstage with both Bella Twins. Brie says of the match at WrestleMania – she knows all about craziness and drama so she will be prepared. Nikki agrees and says she has been training very hard. Naturally the twins can’t agree on who the new champion will be – but they do agree that there will be a new champion. Nice interview from both Bellas; neither of them are known for stellar mic work but they sounded quite natural here.

[dailymotion id= k1w4kfWhaT4Did6vPp0]

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Tamina takes Nikki in a wristlock first. Nikki rolls into a reversal  and is soon able to hit a nice springboard shining wizard. She then puts Tamina in a head triangle but the Samoan Princess gets to the ropes. Nikki then capitalises with a headscissors and the momentum sends Tamina outside the ring. She’s lying in wait for Nikki however and clotheslines her on the floor. Back in the ring she covers Nikki for two. Knee drop and jumping headbutt from Tamina, also only getting two. Tamina puts a chinlock on – Nikki tries to power up but Tamina knees her and whips her into a Tree of Woe position. Nikki thinks quickly though and back rotates into a kick. She hits a flying clothesline, dropkick and back body drop. She follows that with the Bella Bomb which gets two. Tamina plays possum and drops Nikki onto the middle rope. She then kicks her out of the ring – and takes the opportunity to kick Brie too. Nikki gets aggressive as a result but Tamina floors her with a superkick. She drags Nikki into position and lands the Superfly Splash for the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka via Superfly Splash


Well that’s another solid match this week. I can’t get over how many Diva matches we’ve seen already and it’s only halfway through the week. The drill on a good week used to be – 2 minute match on Raw, 3 minute match on Smackdown, 5 minute match on Superstars, 6 minute match on PPV. But we’ve got Divas all over the product these days. And the girls are in good matches to boot. I’ve never been a fan of Nikki and Tamina’s chemistry but this was a respectable outing between them. It was a little shorter than we’ve come to expect but I still enjoyed it. Nikki always shows nice amounts of fire and passion in her matches – both as heel and face. The only move that didn’t look good was the back body drop. She shouldn’t use it on opponents bigger than her. It also doesn’t make sense that someone who’s more petite would overpower a brute like Tamina. By all accounts, Nikki is the one who should take a back body drop against Tamina. Speaking of whom, it was nice to see the Samoan Princess get another win. And pinning someone who has beaten the champ before…it makes her look quite strong indeed.

WWE is really doing its best to showcase all the girls who will be at WrestleMania on Sunday; Summer and Natalya, and then AJ and Naomi on Raw – now Tamina and Nikki on Main Event. Although the focus of the match is mainly on AJ and Tamina, WWE are keeping their options open. Naomi and Nikki pinned the Divas’ Champion – and both of them have been pinned by Tamina. It seems these four girls are the ones WWE are really promoting. For some reason, I now doubt that Tamina will walk out of the PPV as Divas’ Champion. I see two possible scenarios now: the first is the one I proposed yesterday – with Tamina and AJ being in cahoots all along and cheating Naomi out of the title. The second possibility involves Nikki winning the title somehow – again involving AJ and Tamina. The fact that Nikki has quietly been getting big wins for herself in various matches suggests a push. Call me paranoid but it seemed odd that she’d use a submission hold in this match. I’ve noticed that if a Diva is about to make a character switch, she’ll often add a couple of moves from her future moveset as subtle foreshadowing. Before Alicia Fox turned face, we saw a lot more aerial moves from her. Before Layla turned heel, she used an illegal submission hold. Before Kaitlyn’s planned heel turn, she was using a heelish moveset. I could be wrong but it may be subtle foreshadowing of Nikki winning the title and turning heel – to feud with her sister. They didn’t play up any tension at all between the Bellas in the interview or match. So if it does happen, they could make it a slow burner. I liked what they did on NXT season 3 where the Bellas were still together but Nikki was an obvious heel. If Nikki feuds with Naomi and Natalya for a while, then she and Brie could split in time for SummerSlam. And it would make for some great Total Divas drama. But it’s only a thought. We won’t know until WrestleMania exactly what direction storylines will take.

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