WWE Divas, Raw March 31st Results – WrestleMania Week Begins In Style
Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw March 31 Results:

AJ Lee vs Naomi [Lumberjill Match]

Natalya vs Summer Rae

Nattie AJ

You know what time it is? WrestleMania time! It’s the beginning of WrestleMania Week and I’ve officially got the bug. I rarely look forward to WrestleMania as much as I used to when I was younger. But this year does offer up plenty of reasons to get excited. In just five days, AJ Lee will become the first person to defend the Divas’ Championship at WWE’s biggest PPV. She’ll be defending it against the entire Divas roster in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational. And tonight WWE are really trying to get us excited for the PPV – we’ve got two Diva matches. Natalya and Summer Rae got very heated on this week’s episode of Total Divas – resulting in a grudge match. Also AJ will be facing the woman she walked out on last week – Naomi – with the entire locker room at ringside. It’s a Lumberjill match!

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Vickie Guerrero is on commentary for the Total Divas match. Summer sells the fact that she slapped the taste out of Nattie’s mouth – and does some prancing around the ring. Double leg takedown from Nattie leads into a little catfight on the canvas. Summer throws Natalya face-first onto the turnbuckle and hits a clothesline. She puts a chinlock on and screams plenty of abuse. She slams Natalya to the mat by her hair and goes for a leg drop. Natalya moves out of the way and comes back with a low dropkick. She delivers two snap suplexes but gets slapped in the face. As Summer comes off the ropes, she gets a discus clothesline and a slap right back. Natalya pulls her feet out from under her and goes for the Sharpshooter. Summer throws her off and hides for cover on the apron. But she’s playing possum! She sneakily kicks Nattie in the head and covers her for three.

Winner: Summer Rae via kick to the head


Well nowhere near as long or as technical as some of their previous matches; still this one was pretty good in its own way. It was there to promote their little ‘rivalry’ on Total Divas. For a three-minute grudge match, it went pretty well. You could really feel the heat and hate between them – they both did a good job of selling the animosity. This is the first singles match Summer has wrestled on Raw since last October – and she handled herself much better out there. She didn’t take too long with her heat and she really made the most of such a short time frame. Natalya continues to show plenty of fire in all her matches. It’s one of the reasons she is just as effective as a babyface as she is as a heel. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. It was far too weak and too cheap (and not in the good way). A spot like that should segue into a sneaky pin or another move – it should not end a match. But I am happy that Summer has gotten a win. She had sort of been reduced to a bit of a punchline with only two other wins – over Natalya in a mixed tag and Kaitlyn in singles. It’s always good to see the unexpected opponent pick up a win.

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Naomi seems to have dispensed with the eye patch and Vickie Guerrero is watching from the stage. Naomi takes AJ in a wrist lock and wrenches the arm. AJ reverses and slams Naomi by the hair. She gets a dropkick and rolls out of the ring. The Jills send her back in and Naomi school girls her for two. AJ sends Naomi to the outside…and the Lumberjills do nothing. AJ screams at them to attack her but they don’t. When she gets outside to throw Naomi back in…then they attack. Back in the ring Naomi goes for a kick but AJ ducks and hits her with a spinning heel kick. AJ puts on a front guillotine (with help from the middle rope). Naomi tries to fight out but AJ knees her and hits a neckbreaker. Naomi kicks out at two but is able to surprise AJ with a flying enziguri. She then delivers a dropkick and her Full Nelson Bomb (sold excellently by AJ). She drags her in position for the moonsault…but the Divas’ Champion flees the ring. The Lumberjills go to attack her – but Tamina protects her from them. All the Jills gang up on AJ and Tamina now. AJ manages to get back into the ring and is blindsided with the Rear View. Naomi picks up yet another win over the Divas’ Champion.

Winner: Naomi via the Rear View


Well after not getting a proper match last week, this time AJ and Naomi went at it for real. The title was not on the line but that’s what Sunday is for. The Lumberjill stipulation actually did help build towards the PPV for once. The Jills told a story where they didn’t attack Naomi but they went after AJ. It does really sell that the odds are stacked against the champ. After all she has thirteen opponents to contend with. We know the match will be one fall to a finish (though goodness knows how that will work with 14 of them in there). It looks very much like AJ will be on her own in the match. But why was Tamina helping her? After their disagreements before, you’d think Tamina would just leave AJ to fend for herself. WWE are keeping us guessing with this little story and I’m struggling to figure out where they’ll go next. But I have a feeling Naomi will factor into things. I really feel like Naomi will be the one who comes close to defeating AJ in the match…only for Tamina to turn around and help AJ get a sneaky win. They’ve already established that AJ can be beaten. Naomi has beaten her now several times. But AJ isn’t champion because she’s invincible. Her opponents must be outsmarted. And feigning tension with Tamina to fool the others is not outside the realm of possibility. Of course she could turn on AJ at the PPV too. But WWE are keeping us guessing and I like this unpredictability. After tonight’s showing, I would prefer Tamina remaining with AJ – so Naomi could get the push she deserves. I have no idea how in the world WWE will be able to book a 14-Diva match coherently but I guess we’ll have to see.

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