WWE Divas, Smackdown March 28th Results – AJ Might Have Separation Anxiety
Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2014

WWE Smackdown, March 28 2014:

AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka vs The Bella Twins

Tamina AJ

Well the last time I wrote in this Smackdown review, I was pleading that we would be getting Divas action at WrestleMania. My prayers were answered, though not in the way I’d hoped. The Vickie Guerrero Invitational was announced on Raw and we know two things about it so far – it’s one fall but there are fourteen girls in there. Four of those girls are indeed wrestling on the blue brand this week – Divas’ Champion AJ Lee and her ‘trusty’ bodyguard Tamina Snuka are going against the Bella Twins. These girls may be in tight tag teams now but they’ll all be opponents in a week’s time – so let’s see how their alliances hold up for now.

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Nikki and Brie aren’t even trying any more – Brie is wearing blue and Nikki is wearing yellow. Vickie Guerrero is also on commentary. AJ starts with Brie, who capitalises with a northern lights throw for two. Brie tags Nikki and they do a nifty double team that segues into Nikki doing a springboard dropkick to AJ’s shoulder. Nikki puts AJ in a headlock (and by extension, Nick Knocker Hell) but as she hits off the ropes, Tamina makes a blind tag. Nikki unknowingly runs into a Samoan Drop. AJ is begging for a tag and Tamina reluctantly gives her one. AJ puts on a front guillotine. Nikki tries to escape with a scoop slam but AJ is able to put on a sleeper hold. Tamina tags back in (hair down now) and gets a short-arm clothesline before scaling the top rope. Nikki rolls out of the way of the Superfly Splash and is able to tag Brie. Brie Mode is in full effect – flying clothesline, dropkicks galore. Brie sets her up for the low knee but Tamina blocks it. Brie shoves her and hits it anyway – then going to the top rope to land the Brie Mode dropkick. Tamina retreats to the outside of the ring and Brie also shoves AJ too. Tamina hits a distracted Brie but gets into an argument with AJ. Tamina shoves her but then tags her, meaning AJ is legal. A distracted AJ turns around and gets hit with a Bella Buster.

Winners: The Bella Twins via Bella Buster (on AJ)

That’s not completely it for the girls on Smackdown; another participant in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational is out at dinner with Santino. This time they’ve bypassed catering and gone to an actual restaurant. Santino spends a lot of time describing the romantic atmosphere…and BOOM! Emma friend zones him. Well she refers to them as ‘friends with benefits’ – and in her case the dinner is one of the benefits. Santino presses on and asks to look into Emma’s eyes. Emma is clueless and thinks he means a staring contest. He tries to profess his undying feelings of deep attraction to her (which is surprisingly hard when you’re not allowed to blink or look away). But Emma stops him and tells him they’ll always be the best of friends. She means it as a compliment but he gets slightly tongue tied. He has an adjective he wants to use about Emma. She is…puke? No she isn’t but that’s what he thinks he’s going to do. She hands him a glass of wine – and gets it spat back all over her dress. I’ll admit I found this funnier than the previous date segment. It’s not exactly stunning acting or writing but it’s a fun comedy skit. I like that Emma is at least getting character and mic time on the main roster. And it’s not just throwaway segments – there does seem to be a little story going on there. Anything that gets Emma TV-time is fine by me. I think they should try going bowling next time.


The match was pretty good, if a little short. The Bellas continue to wow me with how creative they’re getting in the ring. They used some nice double team strategies and did some solid moves of course. Turning face seemed to reignite their passion for wrestling. It was refreshing to see Nikki take the heat for a change. It’s normally Brie who does that while Nikki is the hot tag. But the match was more about selling the story between Tamina and AJ. The two are definitely not getting along and may find themselves in a sticky situation come WrestleMania. But what I said back in the Main Event review still holds up. I think they’re being almost too obvious with the AJ/Tamina tension. It seems like they’re actually hammering us on the head that the two are going to fall out at WrestleMania. A big part of me is starting to think it’s almost definitely going to be a swerve. Tamina will somehow reveal that it was all a ruse to help AJ keep her title. But then again we have fourteen girls to think of and one of them will be walking out of WrestleMania as Divas’ Champion. And in AJ’s case, WWE seem to be making us believe she’ll need someone else’s help to do so.

  • Brandon

    I hope Brie finds a new finisher. Tamina has not hit aj yet so this could totally be a secret plan to fool the other divas. For that, I see aj retaining.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah since Nikki still uses the facebuster too. It would help to differentiate them even more

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