WWE Divas, March 27th Superstars Results – Strictly Summer, Melbourne Edition
Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2014

WWE Divas – March 27, 2014 Superstars Match:

Summer Rae vs Emma

summer emma

This week on WWE Superstars, it’s a match we’ve seen countless times before. But before now, it had mostly been restricted to the NXT tapings at Full Sail University – and a couple of times on Raw. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited to see it – as it involves two of the more talented wrestlers and beloved characters in the Divas division. The newest Total Diva and future Dancing With The Stars finalist Summer Rae takes on the leader of the Emmalution and The Cobra’s cutie Emma.

[dailymotion id= k7kEsixjOjnHo76o0Ux]

For the first time since I can remember, Summer has brought Fandango down with her. Oddly enough Emma is alone with no sign of Santino (and Justin Roberts pronounces “Melbourne” wrong). Summer kicks her in the midriff and whips her off the ropes but Emma hits her with a shoulder tackle. This leads into some comedy antics and Emma puts Summer over her shoulders for an Airplane Spin (or Emma-Plane I suppose). Summer is dizzy and needs to get outside the ring for a moment. Emma grabs her by the hair and tries to pull her back in. However Summer pulls her legs out from under her. Back in the ring, Summer puts on the Lotus Lock, transitioning into a pin attempt. She switches to a body scissors and Emma bridges back into a pin attempt of her own. Emma then school girls Summer for two. Summer gets back on top with a front facelock-jawbreaker type of move. She then goes for a short-arm clothesline but Emma ducks and is able to hit clotheslines of her own. In the corner, Emma is able to lock the DIL-Emma in. Naturally she follows it with the Emma Sandwich. Summer resists the catapult attempt but runs into a drop toe hold. One Emma Lock later and the Emmalution continues.

Winner: Emma via Emma Lock submission


Yet another solid Emma/Summer Rae match; it feels like we’ve seen these two go at it a million times already but the action is always good. People might get a bit annoyed that Emma is mostly resorting to her own Five Moves of Doom in her main roster matches but there is a greater reason for it. These are her first matches in front of a wider audience and she needs to sell herself to them. They need to get used to her identity in the ring and what her signature formula is. She has to get those moves over so the crowds will pop for them in the future. It is good that she seems to be getting over with the mainstream crowd. I saw plenty of people doing the dance as she made her entrance – and they were pretty lively during her match. Considering she hasn’t really been pushed, except in a handful of comedy segments, it’s good news for her. It’s also good news that she’s going to WrestleMania so soon. Granted we have no idea how the match will even go but she can still say it was WrestleMania. Summer also did well in this match as she always does. Her offence is always so creative and different from what you’d normally expect. A lot of heels should take notes from her work in the ring. She has also found a good way to balance the ditzy dance character with her in-ring style. It does stop her from becoming a walking punchline like Jillian Hall. As always, good job ladies. I know we’ll see even more good matches down the line.

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