WWE Divas, March 27th NXT Results – Natalya Is Excellence; Charlotte Should Work On Execution
Posted on Friday, March 28th, 2014

WWE Divas – March 27, 2014 NXT Results:

Charlotte vs Natalya


NXT continues to be all about the Beautiful Fierce Females. Despite being down to two for the time being, the group are still determined to assert their dominance at Full Sail University. We’ve seen a rise in notoriety for Charlotte ever since NXT ArRival, picking up a sneaky win over Emma. This week she’s got Natalya to contend with. Both Divas have famous fathers and come from wrestling families. Natalya has gone all out this week with her manager to counteract Sasha Banks’s presence at ringside – she’s accompanied by WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart!

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She may not be in the Hall of Fame (YET!) but we’re still treated to Renee Young on commentary. Natalya enters to Bret’s music. Charlotte slaps her and gets a headlock takeover in response. She gets one of her own in and shows off some fancy theatrics. Natalya puts her in a waistlock and then gets a Fireman’s Carry takeover. Natalya also attempts to have a shouting match but Charlotte knees her in the chest and gets an arm wringer. Natalya nips up and school girls Charlotte for two. Snapmare and low dropkick combo from Natalya – followed by a cocky pin for two. Charlotte does some more gymnastics at the turnbuckle…but turns into a discus clothesline. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Charlotte scrambles for the ropes. Charlotte is able to go after Natalya’s leg and starts working on it. She actually attempts the Figure 4 but Natalya gets a small package. Charlotte clotheslines her for two. She puts on a leg grapevine to work Natalya’s leg even more. Natalya turns her over and escapes but Charlotte gets a dragon screw. She goes for the Figure 4 again but Natalya kicks her away. Charlotte goes back to the leg…but Natalya’s got the Sharpshooter on. However Sasha Banks runs into the ring and attacks her. But Natalya fights her off and puts Sasha in the Sharpshooter too.

Winner: Natalya via DQ


Well this is Charlotte’s second match since turning heel and her little time off. In her previous one against Emma, it looked like she was being protected and kept in the shallow end. How did she do in this match? Better, a little better; actually a lot better. This match was of a decent length and Charlotte got plenty of offence in it. And she didn’t look watered down, protected or lost at all. When I read who she was facing this week, I thought to myself ‘If anyone can get a good match out of her, it’s Natalya’. I wasn’t expecting the match to go for as long as it did. I was getting ready to rant about Charlotte being in another match where all she did was sell for her opponent…and then she worked the leg. She’s slowly and surely improving as both a wrestler and a performer. She used her gymnastics stuff to lead into a couple of good spots in the match and she has got the heel attitude down. She seems like a natural cocky bitchy heel in the ring. She’s becoming a lot more of a character out there and that’s good. While nodding to a famous father is nothing new character-wise, it’s helping her establish an identity in the ring. I did like the idea of going for the Figure 4 – though I don’t know if that would have the same effect in a match with someone besides Natalya. Anyway the BFFs didn’t lose this week and I’m a little happier with that. However I didn’t like the post-match segment. I didn’t like that Natalya was able to fight off both of them so easily. It makes the faction look rather weak, especially after a bit of a losing streak. The BFFs attacking her and someone like Bayley making the save would have come across a bit better. Still it looks like Charlotte is being built as the next #1 contender and it’s good that they didn’t completely bury her. I feel a little more confident that she could hang with Paige in a title match now.

  • Under Dean Ambrose’s Spell

    I think that Charlotte has potential to become a good wrestler

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