WWE Divas, March 25th Main Event Results – A Ten Diva Pile Up
Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

WWE Main Event – March 25 Divas Match:

The Funkadactyls, Natalya, Emma & Eva Marie vs Summer Rae, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka & Layla

Eva Marie

Well the big news was announced on Raw this Monday; AJ Lee will have to defend her Divas’ Championship against the entire women’s roster in WWE at WrestleMania 30. This includes her hired bodyguard Tamina Snuka (who she was unlucky enough to piss off last week). But before WrestleMania comes along, we get to see ten of those Divas compete in a tag match on Main Event. As this is one of the shows that really gives Divas time, it’s not something to dread. Natalya leads her team of the Funkadactyls, Emma and Eva Marie to face Summer Rae’s team of Layla, Aksana, Alicia Fox and Tamina. AJ will of course be joining us at the commentary table.

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During the face entrance Emma does her very best to stand out and get her dance over – and a good few people from the crowd are seen doing it. Not bad when you’re sharing spotlight with four other women. Natalya will start the match with Layla – who spanks Nattie. She responds with some clotheslines and it’s time for Layla’s first comedy spot of the match – curling up in a ball. Natalya pulls her out and delivers a snap suplex (while shouting “that was for you Summer!”) for two. Emma tags in now and it’s time to dance. Layla comedy spot #2 now – she does the robot. Emma gets an O’Connor Roll for two and Layla whips her into the corner. Emma is able to lock in the DIL-Emma and now Layla comedy spot #3 – selling it like black comedy rape. Alicia Fox tags in and gets a drop toe hold from Emma. Eva tags in and rolls up Alicia for two. She gets a headlock takeover but Alicia is able to ram her into the heels’ corner. Eva elbows her in the face and tries to knock the rest of her opponents off – which leads to a small donnybrook between all the girls. Alicia regains control over Eva and delivers a northern lights suplex for two. Summer tags in now to choke Eva at the ropes. Alicia tags back in and snapmares Eva into a chinlock. She slams Eva to the mat and goes for her somersault leg drop – which Eva moves out of the way of. Eva makes the tag to Naomi and Summer tags in Tamina. The sequence starts off with a botched hurricanrana but Naomi continues on with her trust apron spot. Tamina nearly has her ready for the Samoan Drop but Naomi jumps off her back and sends her into the corner. She splashes Tamina and lands a crossbody from the top. Aksana breaks the pin and thus the faces all throw the heels out of the ring. Emma and Eva share a very cute moment that gets interrupted when Tamina clotheslines them both. Naomi baseball slides under Tamina’s legs but is met with a superkick. That gets Tamina the win for her team. AJ enters the ring to celebrate with her – but Tamina does not look at all receptive.

Winners: Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, Aksana & Layla via superkick (on Naomi)


I do prefer getting these multi-Diva tags on shows like Main Event and Superstars; since they’re more likely to get enough time to unfold. Though it was quite unusual that in a ten-Diva tag, a girl from each team missed ring time. Cameron and Aksana never tagged in or got spots to do. Anyway the opening spots with Layla will be met with the same criticism as the ones last week. She needs to stop doing comedy spots or else find someone who can teach her how to do them properly. It actually embarrasses me to see her like that in the ring. She’s a very good wrestler, as in she wrestles very well. I’d like to see her try and do that rather than simply attempting to be comedienne (and failing dismally). Though I did like seeing two of my favourite Divas go at it in her and Emma. It’s great seeing Emma mix it up with the main roster girls now. She was able to make herself stand out and get her character across very well – not easy to do when you’re competing with nine other wrestlers. I’m surprised they had Eva be worked on by the heels. Cameron would have been a more logical choice. Eva did some good moves and some bad ones. She wasn’t feeding around properly and had to be dragged into position by a lot of her opponents. She also clearly sandbagged for Alicia’s suplex and it looked like a miracle that she could get her over at all. I did see some nice fire in Eva a couple of times in the match. But it’s clear she shouldn’t be put in matches right now. Her spot on Total Divas really doesn’t justify throwing her in the deep end when she’s clearly not ready. It’s ironic that the Diva they cut from the cast adapted to wrestling much faster than Eva. Naomi and Tamina…well they’ve never worked well. They tried, I can give them that. I was actually quite impressed with Naomi’s strikes. They looked very nice. And the ending was good and snappy. I’m not sure how I feel about Naomi being the one who got pinned – especially since she was built up as the #1 contender for the last few weeks. We see even more tension developing between Tamina and AJ and it’s got my brain working. Tamina and AJ splitting seems a little too obvious right now. WWE seem to be hinting a little too much that the two of them will split at WrestleMania. Call me crazy but somehow I see Tamina helping AJ win the match – and revealing that it was all a ruse to help AJ keep the title. The possibilities are endless.

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