WWE Divas – Raw March 24th Results – 30 May Be AJ’s Unlucky Number
Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw March 24 Results:

AJ Lee* vs Naomi [WWE Divas’ Championship]


This week on Raw, WWE management have finally seen fit to grant Naomi her moment. After literally two months of one-upping our Divas’ Champion AJ Lee and a bit of time on the injured list – Naomi receives her Divas’ Championship match. AJ defends her title against Naomi, with Cameron and Tamina Snuka making up numbers at ringside. But that’s not all that’s on the agenda this evening. Vickie Guerrero has some choice words for the champ, especially ahead of WrestleMania 30.

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Naomi is still wearing her eye-patch (which JBL admits he finds flattering) – and AJ mocks her for it. I think AJ and Kellie Skater should have coffee because they’d have a lot to talk about. Naomi responds by dropkicking AJ right on the shoulder. She throws a few punches and gets whipped to the outside apron. She’s able to get a kick to AJ’s head and springboard back into the ring. She goes for the Rear View but AJ scampers out of the way. She’s now left the ring and screams that she doesn’t need this. She walks out of the match and eventually the referee counts to ten. Naomi has won but AJ is still the champion.

Winner: Naomi via count-out (AJ retains championship)

AJ doesn’t have time to pat herself on the back for her little brainwave. A loud “Excuse Me!” interrupts her music and Vickie Guerrero strides out onto the stage. She reminds AJ that she insulted her on Smackdown (in addition to lots of other things in their past). She bypasses the PG radar and calls AJ a Bitch. She also announces that AJ will be defending her title at WrestleMania – in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational. Her opponents will be:

Naomi, Cameron, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Natalya, Eva Marie, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes (sporting a ghastly new hairdo), Summer Rae, Emma, Layla and Tamina Snuka!


Well hell has just frozen over. For the first time since its inception in 2008, the Divas’ Championship will be defended at WrestleMania. It seems WWE has decided to go all out for the 30th edition of their big PPV – every Diva will be on the card. It’s certainly a step up from last year where…well none of them were on it. They haven’t exactly elaborated on what this Vickie Guerrero Invitational will actually be. WWE did previously hold what was called a Cruiserweight Invitational at WrestleMania XX. In that match it was a sort of gauntlet where all the participants were outside the ring while two went at it inside. I don’t want to scent danger this early but most of those matches were very short and predictable – mostly just there as spot-fests. It could also end up being more akin to the Championship Scramble matches WWE had a couple of years ago. Time limit matches where a new participant enters every few minutes – and the one to win is the last to have earned a fall when the time runs out. Or WWE might just go the lazy route and make it a battle royal. For some reason, I don’t see a title change happening. WrestleMania hardly ever has storyline climaxes for the Divas. Rather, storylines usually begin after the PPV is over. So I see AJ retaining her title in this match but it will set up her next rivalry. Tamina is the most obvious choice due to their budding tension in recent weeks. If it is a Scramble type match then I could see AJ sneaking the last fall by pinning Tamina with 10 seconds to go. Naomi is another possible contender too. They ended this match with a count-out and this still does leave things open for Naomi to still go after the title. We also can’t count out Nikki Bella who has gained wins over AJ and Tamina. The possibilities are endless and of course we’ll have to wait for Main Event and Smackdown to clarify any issues about this match. At least we’re definitely getting Divas’ action at WrestleMania – and the title is finally getting defended.

  • Brandon

    Agree with Aj winning. If she does lose, it would be very interesting if Tamina was the one who got the pin and allowed a (total diva I’m guessing) to win. Aj would go crazy and spark a fued with Tamina. She could have her rematch and Tamina costs her. While the new champ fueds with others, Aj and Tam could have their own side fued…keeping Aj away from the belt for a while.

    • Bobby Calloway

      That’s a very good idea. I personally don’t think Tamina is Divas’ Championship material but a side feud between her and AJ could be fun. I wonder who could feud over the belt in the meantime? Perhaps it could be Nattie and Summer Rae, given their sudden rivalry on Total Divas?

  • Steve Trenholm

    I hate Vicki Guerrero….Unless there is some kind of divine intervention on AJ’s behalf, I don’t like her chances at WMXXX.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I did think up a possible theory for AJ retaining at WrestleMania. It’s in the Main Event review

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