WWE Divas, March 18th Main Event Results – A Flawless Victory For The Funkadactyls
Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

WWE Main Event – March 18 Divas Match:

The Funkadactyls vs Alicia Fox & Layla

layla cameron 

There must be something in the water at WWE this week. Naomi made a triumphant return to television this week on Raw. And now we get the return of another Diva who has been absent from our TV screens for a long time. Layla has not been seen on WWE programming since September. Rumours went around that it was for medical reasons – and even that she would not be able to return to the ring at all. Last week she competed on her first live event in months – and now she’s back on TV. She teams with Alicia Fox to take on the together-again Funkadactyls.

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Alicia is gracious enough to come out to Layla’s music. They enter to the “Not Enough For Me” theme but the advertisement incorrectly calls it the “Insatiable” one. Alicia and Naomi will start the match – and it seems like Alicia is going after the eye. She gets some sneaky forearms to the face before Naomi connects with a float-over O’Connor Roll for two. Cameron tags in and we get a double suplex, followed by a double split leg drop. Cameron wrenches Alicia’s arm and gets her wheelbarrow (split!) arm drag. Layla tags in now and decides to do some dancing. She’s able to get the Infinity pin for two but takes too much time to celebrate – and gets dropkicked in the back of the head. Drop toe hold from Cameron, followed by a spank on the ass and a flying clothesline. Layla gets a superkick for two and then puts on a sleeper hold. Alicia tags in and hits a northern lights suplex for two. Layla tags back in to choke Cameron with her boot. Snapmare from Layla and she goes for a leg drop – but Cameron moves out of the way. Naomi gets the tag and hits Alicia with a flurry of dropkicks. She hits her flipping clothesline and shoves Alicia into Layla, knocking her off the apron. It’s now time for that headscissors-booty shake move that I’m sure doesn’t have a technical name. Naomi follows up with her hurricanrana but Layla breaks the pin. Cameron attempts to do a Poetry-In-Motion spot using Alicia’s back but slips and fails. She does still collide with Layla though and the two fall out of the ring. Alicia elbows Naomi in the face but gets blindsided with the Rear View. Naomi drags her into position and lands the split-legged moonsault for three.

Winners: The Funkadactyls via split-legged moonsault (on Alicia)


Well that’s two Diva returns to talk about. I saw that Naomi didn’t do too much in her match on Raw – so I was a little worried about how her injury was hindering her. But my fears were lessened in this match – as she had a lot more ring time. She did all her normal moves and showed no ring rust at all. If she is to get a big match at WrestleMania, she looks like she’ll do fine. In fact, I love the eye-patch too – it’s distinctive and it keeps in with her look. Cameron got a lot more ring time than she did on Raw and she fared fine. There were a couple of moments where she looked sloppy – and we won’t talk about her epic fail of that Poetry-In-Motion spot. We’ve seen from Total Divas that Alicia likes to stir up trouble. Perhaps she bucked Cameron on purpose eh? In all seriousness, it is nice to see the Funkadactyls back as a team again. Alicia was in fine form too. I really want to commend her selling of Naomi’s little ‘rana. I’ve only seen Eve and Natalya actually take it well. I just really like the way Alicia sold it.

Now to talk about the ‘comeback queen’; Layla had an iffy time of it before she took a few months off. I’ve been very vocal about how I feel about her heel performances and this match has done nothing to change my opinion. Layla’s problem is that she attempts to play a character that she’s not able to pull off. The likes of Aksana, AJ, Alicia, Tamina and the Bella Twins all have/had distinct characters they were able to play naturally. Layla however comes from an era where Divas didn’t have characters – so fans were willing to accept anything at all to distinguish oneself from the crowd. However Layla’s act does not hold up well at all some three years later. She’s a comedy spot monkey – she throws these comedy spots into her matches with no rhyme or reason. And she doesn’t know how to do them properly or work them into the match structure. The girl has no understanding of the word ‘subtle’. She was hammy as a face too but she merely came across as playful there – and she would inevitably have to get serious when she took the heat. But her attempts at comedy don’t translate well to a heel role because it’s just cringey to see a woman in her mid-30s behaving like a 15-year-old girl. Her wrestling is always spot on but she needs to sort that ‘character’ out if she wants to hang with this generation of Divas. Watching matches from her pre-LayCool days show her playing the mean girl role quite decently without being a hammy ditz. I’d rather see more of that or else turn her back face again.

  • Brandon

    Great to see Naomi and Layla back. Naomi vs Aj would be great, but that won’t happen at mania. Hopefully Layla gets booked more properly than she’s been since returning at extreme rules.

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