WWE Divas, January 29th Main Event Match – Natalya & Naomi Show AJ & Tamina How To Make A Statement
Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014

WWE Main Event – January 29 Divas Match:

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka


What’s up, Diva fans? We have yet another week of Diva goodness across all shows. So here is our Wednesday night excitement. Natalya has been missing from our TV screens (or phone or laptop screens I suppose) since the start of the year. She didn’t see action in the 8-Diva tag on Raw, but she gets a singles match on Main Event. Her opponent is a woman she saw a lot of last year and will presumably see even more of this year. Tamina Snuka looks to make one of her usual statements against Natalya. We’re also blessed by having AJ Lee on commentary. Plus an appearance from the Funkadactyls.

[dailymotion id= x1alm4a]

The match has a backstage segment setting it up. A crowd of heel Divas are giving Tamina some advice on wrestling. The Bella Twins approach them and act a little bitchy about their match last week (though with context, it’s pretty justified). Natalya also appears to play the mediator. But that goes out the window when Tamina calls her a ‘senior citizen’ (31 is old?) – and Natalya reminds Tamina that she is older. She also insinuates that Tamina is a man and waltzes off to get ready for her match.

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AJ joins the commentary booth as Tamina comes out to her music. Tamina takes off her jacket immediately and predictably throws it at Natalya. Tamina goes to catapult her opponent but Natalya lands on her feet and kips up. She ducks under Tamina and floors her with a discus clothesline. Tamina retreats to ringside and trips Natalya up. She bashes her leg off the ring apron and knee lifts her. Back in the ring she goes after Natalya’s leg, making a few quick pin attempts. Toe hold from Tamina, but Natalya turns her over and calfs her to escape. Tamina drapes her leg over the bottom rope and stomps on it. She then delivers a snapmare so that Natalya’s leg hits off the rope. She then hits the Samoan Drop and seems to be going for a single-leg crab. Natalya works to her feet and goes to for an enziguri. Tamina ducks this and goes for a superkick. Natalya dodges out of the way and gets a school girl for the surprise win.

Winner: Natalya via school girl roll-up

AJ attacks Natalya immediately after the match. Natalya is thrown into a massive superkick from Tamina and the heels continue to attack her. However The Funkadactyls run down to make the save. AJ flees immediately but Tamina gets hit with a double suplex, followed by Naomi’s Rear View. Naomi makes gestures to AJ that she’s ready to go right there.


A good week on Main Event for the Divas; the match was a little shorter than normal – but it came across as a segment that would normally happen on Smackdown. It was interesting that Natalya was the Diva featured, yet they still were able to put over Naomi as the #1 contender. The match was fun. I don’t think Natalya and Tamina normally have the best matches, but this was a little different. That spot Natalya used at the start was a nice idea. Also Tamina working the leg allowed for some different offence from her. She worked the leg really well too. I especially loved how she worked that submission hold. She genuinely looked like she was trying to yank Natalya’s ankle out of the socket. It is always refreshing to see Natalya win with a move other than the Sharpshooter. She’s still being booked strongly even if she’s not in the title picture. Tamina losing via roll-up doesn’t hurt her credibility as much as losing to the Sharpshooter would. I liked the after match segment, especially with how AJ suckered Natalya into that superkick. And Naomi showed some really nice aggression. You could really feel that she wanted a fight and wanted to get her hands on AJ right there and then. Again, it’s a solid development in their feud. I’m impressed with WWE for taking the time to build it slowly rather than rush it for the sake of a Royal Rumble title match. It was also impressive that they featured plenty of the girls without resorting to another multi-Diva tag match. Those can be fun when they’re given time – but all things in moderation. I look forward to seeing what new direction this feud will take.

  • BorisG

    They need to start Tamina vs AJ.

  • Brandon WaddleSmitherFlap

    Time for tamina/aj. Anyways, I’m excited for naomi vs aj!

  • Maxine

    Is there no post for the 27th Jan ’14 edition of Raw?

    • Bobby Calloway

      There is. It’s inside the reaction post

      • Maxine

        Oh sweet, thank you :)

        • Bobby Calloway

          You’re welcome :)

  • Mariah_Scarey

    I love Natie’s new white attire

  • Steve Trenholm

    I love AJ Lee on commentary…It’s a nice change from the usual Total Divas style match where AJ loses to one of the Total Divas yet again.

    • Bobby Calloway

      AJ is very good on commentary

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