WWE Divas, January 24th Superstars Results – Who You Gonna Call? Fox Busters!
Posted on Saturday, January 25th, 2014

WWE Divas – January 24, 2014 Superstars Match:

Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox


This week in WWE Superstars, we see a continuation of this mini-Diva feud that’s been going on since Christmas. The Bella Twins appear to have gotten on the wrong side of Alicia Fox and Aksana. The heel team are leading this one with 2 victories to 1 (though Aksana deserves all the credit really). So rounding up this week’s Diva matches, it’s the equaliser opportunity. Brie Bella faces Alicia Fox in singles action, their sister and sleepovers buddy respectively joining them at ringside.

[dailymotion id=x1a7z1d]

Alicia has donned some camouflage gear that I really wished she had asked me for permission on (Gimmick Infringement!). Brie immediately takes control with a single-leg Boston Crab, but Alicia grabs the bottom rope. Brie keeps control with a flying ‘mare but Alicia is able to throw her out of the ring. Brie slaps Alicia in the face and slides back in – but is planted with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia keeps on top with a northern lights suplex. Snapmare into a chinlock by Alicia. Brie escapes momentarily but is put down with a flying clothesline from Alicia. Brie kicks out at two but Alicia rams her into the corner. Brie goes up to the top rope for what looks like a crossbody attempt. From what I can see, it looks like Alicia got a knee up to block it. Brie kicks out of the pin and Alicia puts her into a surfboard stretch. Brie fights out of it and flips Alicia forward. She mounts her comeback with flying clotheslines and dropkicks. She sets Alicia up for the running knee but Foxy rolls out of the ring. Brie simply drags her back in however and gives her what looks like a jumping headbutt, followed by a spinning facecrusher. Brie goes up top again, thinking of Brie Mode. But Aksana distracts her, allowing Alicia to sweep Brie down. Nikki attacks Aksana and drops her with the Rack Attack. Brie channels her future husband with a knee to the face of Alicia. She then follows up with the Bella Buster for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella via the Bella Buster


Wow, what a fun match. I remember being very impressed with a match these two had on Raw back in October. Sadly these days Alicia Fox doesn’t have chemistry with everyone – but it seems she and Brie seem to mix very well together. This match was fun and fast-paced, with some nice back and forth action on both sides. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be raving about Brie Bella’s creativity – but I guess the pigs are flying south now. It’s even more shocking to think that a Bella Twins face turn could bring out the best in them. I love seeing what Brie will bring to the table next. She reminds me very much of Layla when she returned from her ACL injury in 2012. There is this renewed fire in her that I didn’t even know was there. Brie moves so effortlessly in the ring these days. I’m excited at the thought of Divas Tag Team titles because these girls have shown that they at least deserve a second thought. That’s not to say everything in the match was perfect though; there was that one bad looking moment with the crossbody. I’m not sure what they were going for with that but it just looked ugly. They carried on with their match though and didn’t break their stride. I sadly know too many wrestlers who break kayfabe completely when botches happen, visibly shaking their heads and rolling their eyes – as if to signal to the audience “that wasn’t my fault”. But the mark of a good worker is that they’re able to plough right through any botches and act as if it was all part of the show. There was also that awkward moment where Alicia was pulled back into the ring. That would have been a much better opportunity to put her back on top. I just don’t buy that she’d let Brie drag her around so easily after taking minimal damage. Aside from that though, it’s one of my favourite matches we’ve seen from Brie since her face turn. It is also good to see that – even if she isn’t being pushed for the title – she’s still going to put the effort in and deliver good matches.

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