WWE Divas, January 22nd NXT Results – Natalya Waltzes To The Win, Summer Lambadas To The Loss
Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

WWE Divas – January 22, 2014 NXT Results:

Natalya vs Summer Rae

summer natalya 2

We had the week off on NXT last week but thankfully we’ve got Divas action again. The last time the girls appeared at Full Sail University, Bayley had recruited former Divas’ Champion Natalya to help her fend off the Beautiful

Fierce Females. She scored an impressive win over Summer Rae – so the latter is hoping to get back on track. She has her work cut out for her though – as she’s going to be facing Natalya. But that’s not all; after weeks of silence, we at last get to hear from the woman who betrayed Bayley – Charlotte finally breaks her silence.

[dailymotion id= k3vbcbZSgzqY565fjmY]

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We get a backstage interview with all three of the BFFs. And Charlotte finally speaks. And…it’s not pretty. I want to try and find the positive things in every situation but that was a god awful promo. The worst female promos I’ve ever heard are Alicia Fox’s “hungry piranha” schtick and Brooke Tessmacher’s “I’m a threat to your title” droll. This one ranks right up with them. I get what Charlotte was going for; she wanted to adopt the same prissy pompous attitude that Summer has. But that clearly isn’t working for her. Mercifully Summer takes the mic for a promo of her own and – also mercifully – Sasha doesn’t speak at all. I can appreciate that Charlotte was attempting to explain herself but her whole promo essentially just reminded me of this.

Anyway we do have a match later on in the show, Natalya taking on Summer. Natalya has Bayley in her corner presumably to counteract Sasha Banks’s presence at ringside.

[dailymotion id= k2Qp2B48MReb4j5fjna]

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We have a special treat for this match – Renee Young has returned to the commentary booth. We also get a pre-recorded promo from Natalya talking about this match. It’s quite the step above Charlotte’s though some of the words are oddly chosen. Speaking of Charlotte, she’s absent from ringside once again. Natalya goes from a hammerlock to a headlock takeover. Summer goes into a jackknife cover and Natalya bridges up. Summer blocks a backslide attempt and rams Natalya into the corner. Snapmare from Natalya, followed by a low dropkick to the face. Summer pushes Natalya off the ropes and blasts her with the Solstice kick. Summer goes straight into an Indian Deathlock – and then transitions to a front hold. Natalya counters that with her own submission that I don’t have the name for. Summer grabs the ropes immediately and is released from the hold. She knocks Natalya down with a back elbow and drapes her leg over the bottom rope. She lands one hip drop to it but Natalya counters the second to send her out of the ring. When Summer climbs back in, she falls victim to a drop toe hold and snap suplex. Summer ducks the discus clothesline and goes for a spinning heel kick…but Natalya catches her leg and puts her into the Sharpshooter! Summer taps almost immediately.

Winner: Natalya via Sharpshooter submission


I’ve given my opinions on Charlotte’s promo so I won’t talk too much about her. I had hoped that the heel turn would help her out a little. She came across as very arrogant and unlikeable as a face – I just assumed she was a natural heel. I’m sure she can work on her character but I’m beginning to wonder what flair she even has. She’s decent in the ring but she can’t play a face and I’m wondering if she’ll be able to play a heel either. Whatever the situation is, Charlotte needs to step it up. There is a locker room full of other developmental Divas hoping for her spot. She’s going to lose it if she doesn’t up her game. I can see now why management have been so slow to let her back on TV.

The match itself was nearly spot-for-spot identical to one Natalya and Summer had on Superstars a couple of weeks ago. I can understand their thinking; they are likely going to be wrestling even more later in the night. It’s understandable they’d use what spots work for them. And since those spots looked good in both matches, I can’t fault them. This match was shorter than the one on Superstars – so it was a lot more fast-paced. I still enjoyed it because Summer and Natalya work really well together. Natalya works well with everyone but there are a select few that bring out the best in her too. I wasn’t too crazy about Summer losing two weeks in a row. She is the top heel and I don’t like the idea of her losing like that. Especially considering the rather weak way Bayley defeated her last time around. Anyway there’s not much else to say about this week. The match was good and we saw some storyline progression. Now that we know Paige had been granted time off, it makes sense why there’s not too much going on. As always we look forward to next week.

  • BorisG

    Love Summer, she was great on the mic and in ring. Nattie ofc great in the ring. I’m just waiting for Sasha to talk more.

    • Bobby Calloway

      From what I’ve seen of her promos, she isn’t much of a talker. Though with this new character she can only get better. I suppose it’s good that they won’t let her talk until she’s good at it

  • Mariah_Scarey

    I think these two have fantastic chemistry

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yes I’ve enjoyed all their matches together. One of them was on my birthday haha

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