WWE Divas, January 22nd Main Event Results – Brie Crosses Fox-sana Off Her Wedding List
Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

WWE Main Event – January 22 Divas Match:

The Bella Twins vs Alicia Fox & Aksana


And after a week off, the Divas return to their rightful Wednesday night slot. Over the Christmas break, we did see something of a mini-feud developing between the secondary Divas. Aksana got her first wins in ages over separate Bella Twins. Now on Main Event, the Bellas are looking to get some retribution and add another notch in their W column. Aksana has recruited her good friend (and hungry piranha) Alicia Fox. Let’s see if the twins can get that ball rolling.

The match is preceded by a backstage segment where Nikki and Brie talk about Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family. It might be just me but Nikki was acting particularly vapid in this conversation. Either she doesn’t know how to talk as a face or she’ll be making that heel turn soon. But anyway Alicia Fox and Aksana approach the sisters and mock Brie for her upcoming wedding. After some Mean Girls-esque banter, the twins walk away to prepare for their match.

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Aksana seems to have taken a real level in priority – as the heels come out to her music. Brie starts off against Aksana and hits a few punches and knees. She dropkicks Aksana in the leg and tags in Nikki – who dropkicks Aksana in the back. Monkey flip from Nikki before she tags Brie back in. She hits the Brie Mode early on but Aksana clubs her in the back and takes control. Alicia tags in and chokes Brie at the ropes. Brie throws Alicia on the ropes and hits her low knee. However Aksana tags back in and cuts her off, keeping the ref distracted momentarily so she and Alicia can cheat. Alicia tags back in and they do a nifty double-team from the corner. Alicia puts on a chinlock and slams Brie to the mat. She switches to a camel clutch but Brie is able to counter with flying ’mare. That’s enough to allow her to hot tag Nikki. Alicia falls victim to a back body drop and Aksana gets dropkicked off the apron. Nikki then hits Alicia with a facebuster to the knee and a clothesline in the corner. She follows up with a bulldog but Aksana comes in to interfere. However Brie is ready for her and a dropkick sends her out of the ring. Alicia whips Nikki into the corner but Nikki is able to counter and hit that new finisher of hers – which is has been christened The Rack Attack (according to Wikipedia).

Winners: The Bella Twins via The Rack Attack (on Alicia)


Another nice tag team match from this foursome; I’m sure rumour has spread that the Bellas are pushing for Divas’ Tag Team titles to be brought in. If this idea does happen then the Bellas have got a real shot at making it work for them. This match was a lot more than just a good tag match. It wasn’t just the faces hitting their spots and the heels doing the obligatory heat. Things in this match felt like they had a purpose. Both teams were showing actual tag team chemistry and psychology. The Bellas have always displayed some chemistry, both as faces and heels. So this is nice work to see from them. They worked very well as a unit trying to take out their opponents, as well as showing off for the crowd. The heels also demonstrated a bit of psychology too. They used a nice double team – and they also used good tactics to get the referee distracted. Alicia and Aksana have been teaming together enough times to be considered an actual team now. It’s good they’re working on their tag team chemistry too. I also liked what they were going for with the ending – getting the heels back on top momentarily. The execution could have been better but it’s good to see them thinking of ways to make a match less paint-by-numbers. It’s also notable that Alicia took the pin. Perhaps Aksana is now outranking her in terms of the Diva hierarchy. Anyway if this was the Bellas’ attempt to convince management to give them tag titles, I think they made a good case. There is an art to tag team wrestling and it’s nice to see the Divas embracing that philosophy more and more.

  • Half Of Me

    The bellas knees are just awful lol..Alicia needs some wins why is she jobbed out to everyone..

    • Bobby Calloway

      She makes her opponents look good. I agree it’s unfair. Perhaps if she joins the cast of Total Divas her situation will improve

      • Half Of Me

        Maybe but that’s if she makes the cast since it looks like summer or aksana might be in it…

        • Bobby Calloway

          I was just assuming since JoJo seems to have left the show and Alicia’s gossipy personality would be good TV

          • Half Of Me

            true but i can’t see them picking her & if they do i wonder if her jobber status will change…

  • BigBoss25

    LOL at Nikki saying “Get her Brie.”

  • BorisG

    Loved itt, match got reactions :) I just want next time FoxSana to win.

    • BigBoss25

      Hey Boris. Yes, FoxSana needs to move forward.

      • Bobby Calloway

        They did win on Raw a couple of weeks ago. Baby steps, people hehe

  • Mariah_Scarey

    Aksana’s new attire is giving me Kitana from MK tease

  • Simply Zesty

    A great match!

  • G.I.R.L.

    Over on Sescoops, we’ve been discussing the potential for Aksana being pushed. Rumor has it that HHH & friends see an “it factor” in her.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I agree. She’s in full control of her character and could very easily connect with an audience if she were pushed. She did get over reasonably on NXT Season 3. And in the ring she’s quite creative too. I enjoy her matches

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