WWE Divas, January 8th Main Event Results – A Chick Busters Reunion & Farewell
Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014

WWE Main Event – January 8 Divas Match:

AJ Lee* vs Kaitlyn [WWE Divas’ Championship]


What’s up everybody? When this week’s Main Event match was taped on Tuesday, it seemed to be just another run-of-the-mill Divas’ match. It was a little odd that AJ Lee was defending her title with no fanfare but nothing noteworthy. Then yesterday, word broke out that Kaitlyn had announced her departure from the company. So this week’s Main Event match would end up being her final one with the company. So for one last hurrah, Kaitlyn is once again taking on her former Chick Busters BFF for the Divas’ Championship.

[dailymotion id= k7M5MvVa9jyRZH5a5qm]

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In a nice little gesture to Kaitlyn, the girls are in the main event of the show. Tamina Snuka is of course at ringside supporting AJ. For some bizarre reason, AJ offers a handshake which Kaitlyn accepts. AJ takes over with a headlock but gets quickly knocked down by a Kaitlyn shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn offers a handshake…but pulls AJ into a headlock. AJ responds by slamming Kaitlyn to the mat by her hair and screaming “you shook on it!” – before kicking Kaitlyn downstairs. Kaitlyn chases AJ around the ring but is stopped when Tamina gets involved. When Kaitlyn gets back into the ring, AJ grabs her back into a headlock. Kaitlyn comes back with a dropkick and hard Irish whip into the corner. She delivers a short-arm clothesline for two. She goes for a scoop slam next but Tamina gets up on the apron. AJ rolls over Kaitlyn’s back and chop blocks her, following up with a low dropkick. She puts on a chinlock and then a body scissors too. Kaitlyn fights out but gets knocked down with a back elbow. AJ then jumps on Kaitlyn’s back with a sleeper hold. When that proves unsuccessful, AJ hits the ropes but is caught with a backbreaker from Kaitlyn. The Hybrid Diva mounts her comeback with a clothesline and flying shoulder tackle for two. Kaitlyn then connects with the gutbuster, also getting two. AJ comes back with a tilt-a-whirl into a guillotine. Kaitlyn escapes the hold by ramming AJ into the corner. AJ goes for a crossbody but Kaitlyn catches her – and AJ rolls through into a small package for three!

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: AJ Lee via small package

AJ skips around to celebrate. But then she has a complete change of heart. She jumps onto Kaitlyn and pulls her into a hug! It’s the same type of hug she gave Kane before she smooched him back in 2012. It doesn’t get to that degree so instead she just lets the hug go. BAM! Kaitlyn gets nailed by a superkick from Tamina. AJ clearly whispers something to Kaitlyn before leaving and posing with her title.


Well so long Kaitlyn. Adieu, au revoir, sayonara, smell you later. I was quite pleased with the set-up here. It was a nice dignified way for Kaitlyn to go out; putting over her best friend for a start. But also getting to wrestle in the main event of a show, and her last match being for the title. Although this match confirms my suspicions about Kaitlyn in the last few months; her heart was not in wrestling anymore. In the older days, even when she had become Divas’ Champion Kaitlyn was one of the more creative and unique women to watch in the ring. But lately she’s been phoning it in during most of her matches. This was very much the same thing we’ve seen from her. She and AJ had one outstanding match at Payback, a respectable follow-on at Money In The Bank and the rest have been so-so. Rather than putting on a good show for her last night in WWE, Kaitlyn didn’t seem to care less. I am going to miss her but I wish her last match would have had more oomph. She and AJ did work well together but there was no excitement. But the after-match segment was sweet. It was a way of having AJ and Kaitlyn say goodbye onscreen but still preserving kayfabe. And this does give AJ another successful title defence. She’s probably already scored a record for the amount of times she’s defended the belt. I don’t think anyone besides Beth Phoenix ever got to defend it more than three times. The year is off to a good start for AJ and she’s edging ever closer to the longest Divas’ title reign ever. I’m hoping she’s in action at the Royal Rumble anyway. But until then, thank you for all the memories Kaitlyn. It was fun following your WWE journey from the beginning.

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