WWE Divas, Raw January 6th Results – Aksana’s On A Roll
Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw January 6 Results:

Alicia Fox & Aksana vs The Bella Twins


The last couple of Raws of 2013 seemed content to give as many Divas as possible their Christmas bonuses – read: multi-Diva tag matches. The first Raw of 2014 has knocked the number of girls out there down to just four. And thankfully that’s not per-team. Regular Diva tag matches are hardly fresh but they’re a welcome change from the endless 6+ tags we’ve been getting for weeks. Anyway kicking off the year in style we have the Bella Twins taking on a team that – until last week – were the uncrowned JOB Squad. With Aksana now seemingly able to get wins, the result is a teeny bit more unpredictable.

Before the tag match we see Aksana backstage chatting to the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. For anyone who loves continuity, it’s a nice little callback to Aksana’s brief stint in 2010 – where she was after the Million Dollar Championship. When we see her in the ring later, she’s wearing a different ring outfit. Nikki and Alicia are to start the first Diva match of 2014, Nikki gaining control with two lock-up takedowns. Alicia grounds her with a headscissors submission but Nikki is able to come back with a nifty snapmare into a facebuster on her knee. In the spirit of Old School Raw, she follows that up with some Old School Bella Signatures – the flying snapmare and the monkey flip. Alicia throws Nikki outside the ring and she starts favouring her knee. Nikki slaps Alicia but is still hit with a kick to the knee as she climbs back in. Naturally Alicia targets the leg and drapes it over the middle rope. Aksana tags in and works the leg as well. She goes for a spinning toe hold to work the leg even further. She switches to what looks like an ankle lock but Nikki is eventually able to escape with quite an awkward exchange. Brie hot tags in with a flying clothesline, dropkick and her low running knee. Aksana kicks her downstairs and knocks Nikki off the apron. Brie however gets back on top and goes to the top rope for Brie Mode…but Aksana moves out of the way! Aksana covers Brie and gets her second win in ages!

Winners: Aksana & Alicia Fox via lateral press (on Brie)


Well the Old School Raw didn’t really offer much up in the way of excitement. The go-to ‘Diva’ for these things is Mae Young and she has fallen ill. We didn’t get an appearance from AJ Lee or any indication of who our next challenger could be either. However at least WWE have dropped the Christmas gimmicks and gave the Divas a nice normal match. Nikki got the majority of ring time and did some good work with Alicia. They haven’t always worked the best in the past but I think this was one of their strongest showings together. I like that Nikki is keeping her matches interesting and switching her moves up. Alicia sold all her flips pretty well, although I noticed her landing on her knee after that monkey flip. Nikki having her leg worked over did help provide some kind of psychology to what has already become a predictable formula. It shows that even if the girls are being forced to be repetitive with their match situations, they’re still going to try and keep the matches themselves different. It did provide something new other than the generic heat that Diva tag matches tend to slip into. Aksana’s interaction with Nikki was fine apart from that horribly awkward moment where Nikki escaped from the hold. The end was interesting too. Aksana got a win last week on Raw (and believe me, I POPPED for it) and she’s got another this week. It’s a bit of an odd decision considering she’s been one of three Diva jobbers for the past year. Given how haphazard the booking usually is around the Christmas season, we can’t say for sure that she’s going to be the next #1 contender. But at the same time, it’s good to see other heels besides AJ and Tamina looking credible. Summer Rae has also managed to get a couple of wins on her side too. I did say before that Aksana could be top Diva material with a little more improvement. So it seems management want to use her in a more prominent role, or else we would have just gotten another Bella Twins victory. Since I’m a massive fan of Aksana and find her very underrated, I’m excited to see what management has in store for her.

[dailymotion id= x19cl5x]

Elsewhere we also got a WWE App interview with Brie Bella where she gave her opinions on Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family. From what she says in the video, it doesn’t really seem like she’ll be included in the storyline much. I would love for her to be, as I’d rather her in that story than being pushed for the title. She did pretty well in her segments with Randy Orton during their feud so it could be cool to see if she’ll feature in any with Bray Wyatt. As always, only time will tell.

  • Half Of Me

    Aksana might get a shot at the title at the rumble…

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yes that’s a possibility. AJ and Aksana worked well together in FCW and on NXT season 3. It’s a match we haven’t really seen before either

      • Half Of Me

        True plus its new so i’d rather aksana vs aj than aj vs a total diva….

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    If anytime these girls should have played dress up. It should have been on Old School Raw. It would have been great to see them in one pieces. Overall, the match was a bit forgettable.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Now that would be a sight to see haha

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