WWE Divas, November 4th Raw Results – A Battle Couple & A Battle Cast
Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

WWE Divas – Raw November 4 Results:

Natalya & Tyson Kidd vs Summer Rae & Fandango

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Last week on Raw, WWE celebrated my birthday with me by granting fans two Diva matches. This week they must have sensed the birthday week withdrawals I was feeling. We’ve got two Diva matches again! Both matches are also accompanied by a wondrous announcement – Total Divas returns this Sunday! As you would expect, various members of the cast were in action on Raw. Natalya was facing Summer Rae yet again in mixed tag action. Also The Bella Twins recruited Eva Marie to compete in her third match – another 6-Diva tag involving our Divas’ Champion AJ Lee. Should be a good one.

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Summer Rae and Fandango are out first. Natalya’s mystery partner is indeed big news – Tyson Kidd! Making his return to WWE after a serious injury, Tyson gets a video package replaying his wedding with Natalya from Total Divas. He’s also sporting some new tights and gets into the ring with Fandango straight away. A nice fancy running spot follows and Tyson dropkicks Fandango in the head. Summer now comes in and is almost immediately placed in the Sharpshooter. Fandango distracts Natalya, allowing Summer to club her in the back. Summer grabs a front facelock and turns it into a takedown. She delivers a forward leg sweep for two and then locks in a body scissors. Natalya lifts Summer up over her shoulders but Summer rolls through into a sunset flip. Natalya kicks out and the two women then collide with a double clothesline. The men hot tag it in, Tyson scoring with a springboard dropkick and spinning toe kick. He follows that with a hurricanrana to send Fandango to the outside. He then delivers a sick running knee to the face. Tyson scales the top rope but Summer starts screaming at him (that and dance are her only methods of communication). Fandango takes advantage by pulling the apron out from under him. He goes to the top rope now but Tyson catches him and traps him with the Sharpshooter. Natalya takes out Summer and Fandango taps.

Winners: Natalya & Tyson Kidd via Sharpshooter submission (on Fandango)

AJ Lee, Aksana & Tamina Snuka vs The Bella Twins & Eva Marie:

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The 6-Diva tag is later in the evening. It’s the Bellas and Eva Marie against Divas’ Champion AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka and their partner (who I assume beat Alicia Fox in a game of rock-paper-scissors) Aksana. Tamina does things differently this week – she takes off her jacket *before* the match begins. She starts off with the Bella in the t-shirt who we now know is Nikki. She grabs Tamina in a waistlock but is rammed into the corner. She attempts a crucifix pin but is caught and absolutely nailed with a Samoan Drop. After untying her hair, Tamina drags Nikki by hers into the heel corner. Aksana tags in and gets a few kicks before tagging AJ in. She grabs a front facelock and then switches to a guillotine. Nikki turns it into a throw to escape but Tamina tags back in and cuts her off. Headbutt from Tamina sends Nikki to the apron – but she comes back with a slingshot sunset flip for two. Afterwards she drops Tamina throat-first onto the ropes. She makes the tag to Brie, who knocks AJ and Aksana off the ropes. She hits Tamina with a clothesline and dropkick before climbing up top. Now I realise what she normally shouts up there – “Brie Mode!” – and she blasts Tamina with a missile dropkick. Tamina ends up at the ropes and clotheslines the hell out of Eva Marie before big booting Brie. Now it’s her turn to climb the top rope. Brie moves out of the way of the Superfly Splash and Eva tags in. She school girls Tamina…and gets the three count!

Winners: Eva Marie & the Bella Twins via school girl roll-up (on Tamina)


Starting off with the mixed tag, I really enjoyed it. I make no secret of the fact that Tyson Kidd is one of my favourite wrestlers and I seriously popped for his return. It’s even better that he was competing with Natalya and that their relationship was fully acknowledged on-screen for the first time. I guess that officially puts the kibosh on Natalya’s ‘relationship’ with the Great Khali. She and Summer didn’t get as much time as last week but their interaction was still lots of fun. Summer continues to look more confident wrestling on live TV. I had expected WWE to go forward with a program between AJ and Natalya after last week’s Smackdown. I’m not too sure what the situation is – WWE could be putting it on hold for one episode just to hype Total Divas’ return. Natalya still got a win and they clearly put her on TV for a reason so we’ll just have to wait and see. I’d love for the two of them to become a power couple and for Tyson to capture the US Championship while Natalya gets the Divas’ Championship. They could really be a force to be reckoned with.

The 6-Diva tag was again short but again lots of fun. After Eva Marie’s patchy performances in the ring in the past, I was surprised that WWE put her in the match. But it was probably just to hype the return of Total Divas. I noticed that AJ was kept almost completely out of the match. That makes me think she will feud with Natalya since there was zero animosity shown between her and the Bellas. I think their feud is almost definitely over now. This week was more of a showcase for Tamina. And I think she did very well. She pretty much controlled 80% of the match and did a darn good job. She and Nikki shared a surprisingly good chemistry and all their spots flowed nicely. Brie looked decent enough in her hot tag this week. Nothing we haven’t see already but she did her moves well. Eva Marie’s attention was minimal and for the best. That school girl she did wasn’t the tightest it could have been. However her bump on the apron was very impressive. Good job, Eva. You’re doing a little better. Just keep putting the time in at the performance centre and you’ll be fine. And I most certainly can’t wait for the Total Divas return episode. Will you all be watching? Because you know I will.

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