Bobby Between The Ropes: Review of Terri “Tori” Poch Shoot Interview DVD
Posted on Monday, November 4th, 2013

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It’s been almost a year since I last reviewed a DVD for this website but it was my birthday last week. Which means I’ve had a chance to stock up on some nice goodies for me to share with you all. I’m not really one to purchase shoot interviews. Sometimes if it sounds interesting, I’ll try to find it online but I can normally live without it. But this interview was from one of my original favourite Divas. Tori was around during the Attitude Era and was one of the first WWE Divas ever. She was in the first women’s hardcore match, the first Diva to get Tombstoned by Kane, she was in DX, she feuded with Sable and she was everywhere for a while. Then after her 2001 release, she left wrestling altogether and dropped off the radar. Nearly eleven years later, she made her first wrestling-related appearance (at the Legends of the Ring convention). And now here is her first ever shoot interview. Of course I had to get the DVD and get to know what one of my favourite Divas was really like.

The Green Goddess herself

 First of all, Tori looks great. She’s clearly been taking very good care of herself since she left wrestling. The blonde hair she was known for has been replaced by a mellower brunette colour – but otherwise she looks almost completely the same. She’s been doing Yoga since leaving WWE – she was already practising it during her time in the company. She has opened a studio in Portland where she is living now. She comes across as a very down-to-earth, soft-spoken lady and remains classy as ever throughout. She gives us the backstage gossip but doesn’t come across as bitter or arrogant. Her memory is quite good and she mentions a lot of names of the people that helped her out along the way.

 The first part of the interview is admittedly rather dull. She naturally speaks about how she got into  wrestling; she watched it as a child but could only see it on TV when her parents were asleep. She was actually asked to become a valet because of her physique – she was a fitness model and bodybuilder. She actually valeted for Scotty The Body who modern fans would know better as Raven (with whom she worked towards the end of her WWE run). She says she got “the bug” when she got to have a ringside catfight with another valet called Ginger. Things don’t get particularly interesting after that as she talks about her training. She mentions that her biggest hardship was stage fright – and that she had never completely got over it when she was in WWE. Her first match came about only a few weeks into her training – and she thanks Bam Bam Bigelow for giving her advice on the day. Her time in Japan is skimmed over. She admits that she was too green to have gotten matches then. She laughs as she recalls two of her opponents getting into a brawl in the middle of her first tag match – and she had no clue what to do as she had not been told the current storyline. She thanks names such as Heidi Lee Morgan, Judy Martin and Leilani Kai for helping her out during her time in LPWA.

tori 4

Tori vs Sable for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania XV

When we get to her time in WWE, things get much more interesting. She initially spent time training with Dr Tom Prichard in his studio before she appeared on TV. She mentions that she would see a lot of people coming in and out before they debuted as well, such as Kurt Angle. Her storyline with Sable was apparently changing every week. She claims that writers would approach Sable with scripts and plans for her approval. And a lot of the time she or her husband (then Marc Mero) wouldn’t approve. I myself do know that Vince Russo said one of the original plans was to have Tori turn out to be Sable’s sister. She confirms the rumours that Sable was difficult to work with but describes her as protective of her spot. She even talks in detail about her infamous WrestleMania outfit. Apparently she had done several photoshoots that centred around body paint and animal print, which she loved. So she hoped to incorporate that into her outfit, thinking it would be cool if it looked like it was painted on. She laughs as she says she saw Vince McMahon and The Rock looking at her in gorilla position as she was about to go out – and knew she had bombed. She describes Sable as wearing her bikini top and “teeny-tiny shorts and out I come with my boots from Japan and a full on bodysuit with this print on”.


Tori talks in detail about the rest of the Divas and even smiles fondly as she mentions their names – Luna, Jacqueline, Terri Runnels, Debra, Miss Kitty and Ivory. She describes it as a “skeleton crew” and talks about how there was no real women’s division. The Divas back then had no agents or trainers to help them put their matches together. She says that the girls would actually go to some of the male wrestlers afterwards for their opinions. She names Triple H as someone who always helped them out and gave them advice. She liked working with Luna but says she often gave really bad advice and she felt conflicted about following it – out of concern for her feelings. She describes Jacqueline as stiff but also “spunky and spirited”. She also talks enthusiastically about her pudding match with Miss Kitty. She calls her a bold and daring lady to work with and smiles as she recalls a picture from the match making it into TIME Magazine. She also gets excited as she talks about Ivory and their hardcore match – the shards from the broken mirror actually got into her mouth afterwards. Stephanie McMahon and Chyna don’t get left out either and Tori also shares a little titbit – she travelled with Chyna while the affair was going on. She also mentions some of the Divas that came in before she left. She says Lita “knew she wanted to go to the top”. She describes Trish Stratus as “beautiful” and “professional”. She talks about Molly Holly and the program they were meant to work together.

tori 5

Tori vs Ivory for the Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 1999

 Other highlights from the interview include her thoughts on the Owen Hart tragedy. She recalls the two of them being very friendly when she first got into the company – and remembers seeing him working out in the ring on the day of Over The Edge. She and Terri Runnels were in the production room when the accident happened. She also talks in detail about the big talk Vince McMahon had with all the employees before Raw the next evening. There are also a few funny road stories shared. The most memorable one was when she was riding with The Blue Meanie. They would frequently go to drive-ins and Tori would be bound and gagged in the backseat, kicking and screaming theatrically. And remember how she eventually ended up with X-Pac in DX? That was originally how she was going to be brought into the company; he had apparently wanted a muscular valet to come out with him but it never happened. And she also managed to piss off Raven when they were reunited for the masked ninja storyline – and the reason will make you laugh at the silliness. Overall she describes herself as horrible at backstage politicking. She says she was very naive and theorises that if she had been better at it, she likely would have lasted longer.

She is very outspoken about the various lawsuits against WWE by various talents such as Nicole Bass, Raven and Sable. She says that in her time with the company, she felt taken care of. And from her perspective, she could see that everyone else appeared to be taken care of too. She says maybe the jobbers just coming in didn’t get a lot of attention but she never saw anything bad going on. She frequently talks about how when someone is at the top, there’s no direction for them to go. And she says that said people had a spot in the company that others would kill to have – and wonders why they would drag up such issues. She herself says she left the company on good terms. She felt she was ready to leave and she said there were no “closed doors”. Tori also really puts over the Divas of today – this interview was recorded around 2011. She really compliments how well the matches are put together and says they are better than in her day. She names Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle as two of her favourites but says she enjoys watching all of them.

tori 6

Tori in D-Generation X with X-Pac

The biggest surprise on the DVD comes around 25 minutes in. The interview abruptly stops as Tori and the interviewer hear a knock at the door. The hotel room walks open and guess who walks in? The Ninth Wonder of the World herself. Chyna expresses astonishment – not knowing Tori was going to be there. They greet each other like old friends and exchange pleasantries. Chyna’s apparently doing DDP Yoga now and they even make arrangements to meet up later and practice together. I’m going to assume this interview was recorded around the Legends of the Ring weekend – which Chyna and Tori both attended.

Overall I enjoyed this interview. If you were a fan of Tori then you’ll enjoy it too. You get to know her as a person and can really understand what life in WWE was like from her perspective. She’s not as entertaining as some shoot interviews I’ve seen such as Maria Kanellis and Kharma – but she’s still a very classy lady. A lot gets covered and there’s nothing I wanted to hear about that I didn’t. Not too shabby for her first shoot interview ever. She ends it by thanking all of her fans; she continues to be surprised these days at the amount of fan websites dedicated to her. She’s visibly pleased that she’s still remembered. But she shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she’ll always be the Green Goddess. You can purchase the DVD at this link:


tori 7

Tori’s photo shoot for the Come Get Some feature

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Nice review. It would have been great to see Tori in another WWE run. She is definitely one of my all-time favorite Divas.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I remember hearing that there was meant to be a mixed tag match with her and Raven vs Crash and Molly Holly at WrestleMania 17. That would have been a nice match to see. Though lord knows how they would have done things with her and Torrie Wilson together. I’m glad so many people remember her. She was one of my favourites too

  • Lady Victoria

    Tori was and is the most underrated diva in WWE history and she was the embryo of an evolving women’s division.

    • Bobby Calloway

      It’s too bad that she didn’t get to stick around for a couple more years. Ivory got to have some great matches in the 2002-2003 era. Tori probably could too

      • Lady Victoria

        True but Ivory never got her due either. All the women’s wrestlers kept getting shafted for Trish Stratus marketing.

        • Bobby Calloway

          I agree that although Ivory had 3 Women’s Championships, she never really did get to show off her full potential. None of the Attitude Era Divas did. But she did come close after the Invasion was over and she had some very respectable matches on episodes of Raw, Smackdown and Heat. I would have loved for her to actually get that title match against Jazz but then she got injured so…

        • Kat Love

          And Lita.

  • Newhouse75

    she was pretty and built pretty well but jesus Christ that voice. Especially during the Kane angle. Her acting was needing much improvement. Ill be honest. When I heard people like her and Chyna speak I thought transgender a couple times. Not saying that transgenders are wrong or bad. Just saying

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