WWE Divas, November 1st Superstars Results – Aksana’s In Need Of A Rear-View Mirror
Posted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

WWE Divas – November 1, 2013 Superstars Match:

Aksana vs Naomi

aksana naomi

Howdy folks it’s time for another post-Halloween treat. Well it could end up being a trick – considering how much of a catastrophe it was the last time these two Divas were in the ring. Aksana and Naomi were part of a tag match full of botches last week. This week they’re on their own though there is support at ringside. Cameron is supporting Naomi while bizarrely Alicia Fox is supporting Aksana. Oh well, I’m sure our Foxy isn’t complaining about extra TV time. But the spoilers were much kinder to this match so we’ll have to see.

[dailymotion id= k3AghhO1K2eaTc4R700]

Despite it being November now, it was still October when this match was taped. Naomi and Cameron have some pink gear in inspiration. That’s to say nothing about the little spines Brodus has given himself on his singlet. Aksana boots Naomi into the corner and takes her in a headlock. Shoulder tackle from Aksana – followed by a splits duck down and leap frog from Naomi. She hits a flying back elbow, followed by a body slam and leg drop. She splashes Aksana in the corner but gets abruptly knocked down. Back suplex from Aksana followed by her elbow drops. She starts punishing Naomi with kicks to the midriff and choking her at the ropes. She also takes some special time to twerk for the crowd. She keeps in control with a sidewalk slam. It’s now time for the Catwoman crawl into the kick to the chest. She’s now frustrated that Naomi won’t stay down for three. Surfboard stretch hold locked in now. Naomi fights out but is slammed back down and trapped in a chinlock. Naomi escapes and gets a sunset flip for two. A school girl is next and the girls then collide with a double clothesline. Naomi mounts her comeback with a hurricanrana and dropkick. She slides out onto the apron and rolls over Aksana’s back. What she does now is the move she was going for last week – it’s a wheelbarrow stunner! And this time it connects but Aksana kicks out at two. Aksana gets one back with a gutwrench side slam – but Naomi kicks out of that. Aksana hits the ropes but is blasted with the Rear View. That gets Naomi the three count for the second week in a row.

Winner: Naomi via the Rear View


Well as the old saying goes – if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Another saying says “first the worst, second the best”. Whichever other ones you want to throw out there, this match was a huge improvement over their tag match last week. Being given more time helped considerably; I think the match ran about five or six minutes. I’ll be honest – the chemistry wasn’t there to begin with. These two have never worked well together and there was still a mismatch with things like the headlock. But things got better and Naomi’s flashy spots were very exciting. She in particular performed so much better. She didn’t rush and was able to pull off those athletic spots effortlessly. The wheelbarrow stunner looked great. I’m glad they had the courage to try it again on TV because it would be a great addition to Naomi’s moveset. Aksana was interesting to watch as always. I feel compelled to say it every time I review her matches but you can see her making the effort. She might not have the best matches but she can keep me entertained and interested. When paired with good workers, she herself can put on great matches. It’s just that she and Naomi have never mixed too well together. But it’s a long way to the top and this is the best they’ve ever worked with each other. I’m warming to the Rear View as a finisher because it honestly comes out of nowhere. The way it was set up was quite good this week. If I hadn’t read the spoilers and known that was the finish, I wouldn’t have expected it. Whatever your opinion, it’s much more convincing than a leg lariat.

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