WWE Divas, August 21st NXT Match – AJ Retains Her Title But Loses Her Personal Boundaries
Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

WWE Divas – August 21, 2013 NXT Results:

Bayley vs AJ Lee* [WWE Divas’ Championship]


It’s that time of the week again, folks. Another episode of NXT, another glorious developmental Divas’ match. We got an NXT Women’s title match last week and this week we’re lucky to get a Divas’ title match too. AJ Lee stopped by the show last week to issue an open challenge that was unceremoniously accepted by Bayley. The sweet Ingénue wanted this to be a friendly challenge but she accidentally dropped the C-word (that’s “crazy” people – get your heads out of the gutters) so there goes that idea. Nonetheless AJ makes her third title defence against Bayley.

[dailymotion id=x13hb4u]

The match is first on the show and I’m delighted that they replay the wonderful backstage segment from last week. AJ’s fury while Bayley hugs her is just fantastic. As is now the norm, both women aren’t announced until they’re already in the ring. Bayley is overcome with excitement and offers a hug and handshake to start off. The crowd chants “hug it out!” but AJ shoves Bayley to the mat. She delivers her now-trademark consecutive neckbreakers and slaps on a necklock. She screams “you wanted a hug! I’m hugging your neck now!” as she has the hold locked on. Bayley escapes but is put right back with a back elbow. Bayley dodges AJ’s splash in the corner and sees her opportunity – now she hugs AJ. And rams her into the corner. She does it again. And again. AJ looks as if she’s never been more terrified in her life. Bayley does cover her but AJ kicks out before one. Bayley follows up with a clothesline into the corner and a scoop slam. When AJ kicks out, Bayley lands a knee drop but that also only gets two. Bayley has an idea and climbs to the middle rope – she hits AJ with a flying back elbow but still only gets two. Bayley now looks concerned and tries to see if AJ is okay. The Divas’ Champion takes advantage and floors her with the Shining Wizard for three.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: AJ Lee via Shining Wizard

We also saw our newest Diva Lexi Kaufman in a backstage segment. We had previously seen Lexi in the ring congratulating Paige on winning the title. Lexi is a former fitness model, bodybuilder, gymnast and cheerleader. Her signing was reported in May and she has already begun working NXT live events. Firstly as a ring announcer and she also recently appeared as a potential love interest for Scott Dawson. Here she appeared being asked by Tyler Breeze to take a picture of him. She declined to tell him he was being photobombed.


Fun little match on NXT this week. I was really looking forward to it after the backstage segment and they played off that very well. Last time I reviewed one of her matches, I critiqued Bayley on her lack of identity in the ring. She was good in backstage segments and on Twitter but didn’t seem to be able to translate it to her wrestling. Well now she’s done just that. For the first time since she was repackaged, I get a real sense of identity from her. In wrestling, everything must be bigger and over-the-top so she found a way to incorporate that into her matches. In a way, it almost makes sense now that she hasn’t won one yet. Her character is so nice she allows her opponents to beat her so they won’t feel bad. She didn’t look awkward or unsure of herself at all – she seems fully confident in her new role. And when you add the equally imposing character of AJ…oh I just love her as a heel. I can’t see why WWE were so intent on having Layla stinking it up as a heel when AJ plays it so much better. “I’m hugging your neck!” had me cracking up. Wrestling wise, I was happy to see AJ go against a smaller opponent than Kaitlyn. It did look a little less awkward with her dominating Bayley since they’re much closer in size. Still AJ doesn’t go down the Brie Bella route and stick to the same arm moves – she at least attempts to find various ways to make up for her lack of body mass. Also another small thing; I was very happy that Bayley used the back elbow off the middle rope again. The move looked very good when she used it against Paige and it’s a great addition to her arsenal. I myself recently started using it (though my fans can call it the “Boo-YA” now). This match wasn’t as good as Bayley’s bout with Paige back in May but it’s a lot better than most of her others on NXT. Mostly because she’s properly adjusted to her character. I really can’t wait to see what Bayley will do next. And I’m relieved to have discovered someone that hugs more excessively than I do. Virtual hugs (but no kisses) to all my readers as I say goodbye for this week’s NXT recap.

  • Black Widow

    A good match, indeed! However, it didn’t satisfy me as their fan… I expect more from them since they are above average Divas in term of in ring skills.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think they were probably watered down a little so as not to take away from the Cesaro/Zayn 2/3 falls match later on. The rest of the matches from the episode felt the same way. I would have liked to see more but I suppose baby steps for now :)

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