WWE Divas, August 1st NXT Results – Charlotte’s Web Banks Another Win
Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013

WWE Divas – August 1, 2013 NXT Match:

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte


Greetings loyal readers. Last week we saw the crowning of the first NXT Women’s Champion as Paige defeated Emma in the finals. It’s now her first week as champion so we’re obviously looking forward to hearing from her. We also have a very fresh match lined up. Sasha Banks (a.k.a. the future Mrs Calloway) does battle with a Diva who impressed in her debut very much – Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte. We also have a much welcome appearance from the First Lady of NXT – Summer Rae.

Dusty Rhodes has both Paige and Emma in his office and is congratulating them on their match the previous week. Naturally Summer Rae (who apparently doesn’t believe in knocking) waltzes in and suggests that Paige hand the title over to her. Paige responds with another suggestion – that she hand Summer’s teeth back to her in a few minutes instead. After some bickering during which Emma criticises Summer’s style of dancing. Summer proposes a dance contest next week. Dusty thinks it’s a ridiculous idea – so of course it’s going to happen. Summer Rae and Emma will have a dance battle next week to decide the #1 contender for Paige’s title.

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 Charlotte makes her way down to the ring with that unique ring entrance of hers. She doesn’t look too impressed with Sasha Banks as she makes her entrance. They don’t shake hands – foreshadowing folks. Banks takes control right away with an impressive headlock takeover. She demonstrates some more flash with an impressive headscissors into an arm drag. She follows this up with another arm drag but Charlotte comes back with that pin of hers which is actually called Charlotte’s Web. She chops Banks in the chest and Banks responds with her own chops, really showing her sassy side. Banks keeps this coming with her corner-flip arm drag, even rolling over Charlotte into a pin. She locks Charlotte in a camel clutch next, rolling into a nice pin as well. She lands two knees to the chest but Charlotte rolls over the top rope and clotheslines Banks. She then connects with her somersault snapmare driver to get the win.

Winner: Charlotte via somersault snapmare driver


I loved the backstage segment. Emma has really come into her own with this character. She has pretty good comic timing and you just have to love her mocking Summer’s dancing. It seems they’re finally acknowledging Summer’s partnership with Fandango on the main roster. Summer was also hilarious in this segment. I love how her ego wouldn’t allow her to let that comment slide and it was her that challenged Emma to a dance-off. I suppose we won’t be getting a match next week then.

The match this week…well I enjoyed it even if it was a little weird. I’ll address the odd parts of it right away; could you tell who was face and who was heel? Sasha Banks controls the match yet she does it with high flying moves and still plays to the crowd? Charlotte high-fives fans and yet mocks her opponent? It honestly seemed more like a heel vs heel match in places. I assumed that Charlotte would be the heel when I read the spoilers but that didn’t seem to be the case. Or she was supposed to be a face and just came across as an arrogant bully by accident. From watching this match, she really would be more suited to a heel. It looked very odd to have the petite Sasha Banks dominating her so much. I wasn’t about to buy that someone of Charlotte’s build couldn’t overpower her. Besides that, the match was very fun. Sasha Banks is very similar to Naomi on the main roster. What I mean is that she is very athletic but can back it up with technical prowess. It was a much better showing from her than her previous match with Summer Rae. I wonder if she’s been annoyed at rarely being featured and so upped her game? I hope management takes note because it was one of her strongest performances in quite a while. I also enjoyed seeing her sassy side but I’d rather that translate into an actual character rather than just appearing at random in matches. Charlotte didn’t do as much this week which would have been fine if she was against someone in the build of Bayley, Summer Rae or Natalya. But against Banks, it looked rather awkward and I would have liked to see more from her. It wasn’t as strong a showing as her debut match but she did bump well and sold all of Banks’s offence perfectly. It was a fun match but a so-so showing from Charlotte.

  • NicoRobin

    in contrary of what the writer had said, I found this match is entertaining. Am I the only one who thinks that Sasha Banks is a copy and paste of AJ’s persona when she was in FCW? The way she encourage the crowd during her entrance, her aerial maneuver is pretty much like AJ.

    On another note, this match just proves that Charlotte is still a rookie; very much like Summer Rae, she depends on her opponent to carry the match for her, which explained the reason why she didn’t shine in this match.

    I really hope that the management will continue to build Sasha’s character. She is too bland. I am agree with the writer that this is one of her best match in NXT.

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