Total Divas delivers!… Episode 1 Review and Rating. Featuring The Bella Twins, Jo-Jo Offerman, Eva Marie and more
Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

E Total Divas

On July 28, 2013, E!’s reality show “Total Divas” premiered, giving viewers insight on the lives of seven WWE Divas. The episode titled “Welcome to the WWE” followed the professional and personal lives of The Bella Twins, Natalya, The Funkadactyls, Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman.

The show delivered in the ratings, with 1.3 million viewers. Which is a good sign for the future of the show, in which had impressive production. I also found myself more invested in each WWE Diva by the end of the episode. I did not go into this show with the best outlook…

I went into this show—like many wrestling fans—with expectations of cringe-worthy reality television. I want to see women in Sports entertainment, not Keeping up with the Kardashians (Book them properly in storylines and matches on WWE Raw and Smackdown). On the other end of the spectrum were fans who have been waiting anxiously to see “Total Divas” since the show was announced. But for me, none of the preview clips sparked my interest, and I questioned the selection of women to be featured on the show. Why not feature the likes of AJ Lee or Kaitlyn? Two of the most popular WWE Divas in the past year. Despite my disposition to not like the show, my lasting thoughts were quite the opposite… Episode one was enjoyable.

Nikki and John CenaThe show started with introductions of The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls and Natalya. It was jarring to hear these women use their actual names (duh!… reality show). It wasn’t long before we got into the personal lives of the ladies as we got to see scenes with Naomi with Jimmy Uso, and later Nikkie and John Cena, as well as Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. The intro really established Natalya, The Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls and the importance Wrestlemania 29.

Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman were introduced later in the episode as new talent, which flowed well throughout the episode. Total Divas wrestlemania heartbreakThis did not come off as forced as I expected. In fact the editing of the episode was excellent throughout, with everything seeming to flow naturally. From Nikki’s desire to marry John Cena, to Naomi and Cameron’s issues after Vincent’s meltdown, this was all compelling. And what an exclamation point to the episode with the WWE Divas match being cut from Wrestlemania 29.

Was there some continuity issues?… Yes. Could some of what we saw be fabricated for television?… Sure. Regardless, this was good television. The production was great, and the ladies came off natural for the most part. The backstage footage was also very enjoyable. Which is probably the closest fans will get to seeing behind the scenes of World Wrestling Entertainment. The cameos from Layla El and Stephanie McMahan were also a nice treat.

Congratulations on the show ladies. It should be interesting to see the ratings in upcoming weeks.

“Total Divas” airs on Sunday nights at 10/9 CT on E!.

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  • G.I.R.L.

    Surprisingly, I liked it. Nattie is, thus far, my fave.

  • Paul

    Hey I’m back and Total Divas was amazing

    • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

      Welcome back Paul!.

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