Impact Wrestling Recap: Gail Kim comes up short in her TNA Women’s Knockout Championship match
Posted on Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Gail Kim comes up short in her TNA Women's Knockout Championship match

On the July 25, 2013 airing of Impact Wrestling–in Women’s Wrestling action, was Gail Kim challenging Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship…

On last week’s edition of Impact Wrestling, we got an in-ring segment from Mickie James and Gail Kim, which ended in an intense catfight…

TNA Wrestling – July 18, 2013 Knockouts Segment
Mickie James and Gail Kim

—Mickie James was in the ring to address fans. Basically undermining the phenomenal Ladder Match by Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell that took place the week prior (Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim deliver on amazing Knockouts Ladder Match). Instead of acknowledging the match, she instead showed a recent performance in Music City/Nashville, Tennessee. Gail Kim of course interrupted, and it was quite the clash of egos. The segment ended in a catfight, in which two referees had to separate them…

TNA Wrestling – July 25, 2013 Knockouts Match
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Mickie James(c) vs. Gail Kim

Velvet Sky on Impact WrestlingThe entrances: Prior to the match Velvet Sky made her way to the ring. On the microphone she noted that she made a mistake by trusting Mickie James–which led to her losing the Championship. She went on to say that she would never make a mistake like that again, and that she would be at ringside to see Gail Kim and Mickie James tear each other apart. After commercials, Gail Kim made her way to the ring, with ODB in the ring as the special referee. Knockouts Champion Mickie James then made her way to the ring.

The start: As the bell rang, we got a lock-up into a take-down by Gail Kim. The ladies got back to their feet without breaking the lock-up, in which saw Mickie with a take-down of her own. Back on their feet, both women resorted to hair-pulling. ODB broke it up, and we got another lock-up, with Mickie James backing Gail Kim into a corner, followed by a kick to the gut.

Mid-match notes: There was a lot of back-and–fort throughout the minutes that followed, with tons of underhanded tactics by both women. Very even exchanges, without their move-set being watered down. Towards the end of the match we got a roundhouse kick by Mickie James that sent Gail Kim to ringside. Gail Kim got back on the apron before being counted out, and Mickie James was then slingshot off the top ropes. Gail Kim then dragged Mickie James into a corner and attempted to apply the figure-four leg-lock to Mickie James. Mickie countered by kicking Gail off, sending her crashing to the floor. Mickie James then came off the apron with a Lou Thesz Press to Gail Kim. Back in the ring Mickie James got a neck-breaker on Gail Kim for a near-fall. She failed at a second cover, and the attempted to hit her jumping DDT. Gail Kim countered and attempted to hit the Eat Defeat, Mickie then countered into a flap-jack to Gail. Mickie James then missed a Lou Thesz Press, and then walked into Gail Kim’s Flying Dragon. ODB broke the hold after Gail Kim used the ropes for assistance…

The Finish: After some more back–and–fort, Gail Kim sent Mickie James flying to ringside. She then argued with ODB, who she then slapped for constantly calling her out on breaking rules in the match. The distraction led to Mickie James rolling up Gail Kim for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match an angry Brooke Hogan came out and addressed Gail Kim. This set-up Gail Kim versus ODB.

Thoughts: Great match by the Knockouts, as usual, and overall great segment, planting seeds for the next few weeks of television. Recent releases of Knockouts and an overall smaller division may be a negative in the minds of Women’s Wrestling fans, but TNA Wrestling has been doing a great job booking the few ladies still on the roster.

Gail Kim and Mickie James were amazing, from the nicely executed segment last week, to this week’s match. It was great to see heel versus heel action for the past two weeks, which was refreshing to see again in the Knockouts Division. Both women really do take full ownership of their characters.

  • Bobby Calloway

    Gail Kim seems to be the go-to girl for making heel vs heel matches fun. I’m glad ODB seems to be returning to the ring. I don’t believe we’ve ever really seen her vs Mickie before. That would be a nice feud, though they could be going down another Fatal 4 Way route. Mickie vs Gail vs Velvet vs ODB perhaps?

  • Sam

    We can always expect decent to good matches from Gail and Mickie. So glad ODB is returning to the ring as well. =D

  • Louise

    I’ve really grown to love ODB. She doesn’t care what people think and it’s refreshing. She definitely deserves to be in the title picture!

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