WWE Divas, July 11th NXT Results – Emma Is A Summer Blockbuster
Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013

WWE Divas – July 11 2013 NXT Match:

Summer Rae vs Emma [Semi-Finals in the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament]


Ahoy loyal readers. This week we have quite possibly the most important match in the NXT Women’s Championship tournament so far. The title contenders have been dropping like flies. Every week we eliminate one of the hopefuls from the tournament. Last week Paige defeated former Divas’ Champion Alicia Fox to earn her spot in the finals. This week we are to decide who her opponent will be. And it’s not an easy decision either. The First Lady of NXT and top heel Summer Rae will be facing the fast-rising star and dance sensation Emma. We also have an appearance from the Diva of Tomorrow herself.

[dailymotion id=x11serx]

The match is first on the card and the ladies are staring daggers at each other. The crowd is fully behind Emma, chanting her name and even breaking out into an “Emmalution!” chant. The lock-up is incredibly aggressive and Summer eventually gets the upper hand. She faceplants Emma to the canvas and starts pressing her foot onto the side of her temple. Summer delivers more such punishment with a snap suplex that only gets two. She now goes after the arm and traps Emma in a cross arm breaker. She taunts Emma saying that she’ll never dance again. Emma is briefly able to get to her feet to turn it into a pin but Summer keeps the hold cinched in. As the crowd chant “Aussie-Aussie-Aussie, Oi-Oi-Oi!”, Emma turns it into another pin and this time the kickout sends her across the ring. She gets a school girl on Summer but the First Lady is back on top with a dropkick. Chinlock now from Summer which Emma quickly escapes from. She comes back with that slide-under sunset flip and drop toe holds Summer onto the middle turnbuckle. She follows this up with her trademark low crossbody. Summer kicks out at two and attempts a sunset flip. Emma blocks this with a pin of her own but Summer hooks her legs under Emma’s armpits and counters that. Emma floats over that into another pin…and gets the three count!

Winner: Emma via roll-up

But it’s not over yet. Summer Rae is furious that she lost and attacks Emma as she’s doing her victory dance. But wait! Paige has arrived. She walks to the ring and Summer runs off. The First Lady is wailing “what just happened?” as she walks up the apron. Paige and Emma have a staredown in the ring but do not come to blows.


Well this was an enjoyable week. Emma and Summer previously had a pretty good match a few months ago. This one was on par with that. You could really feel the emotions in there and, unlike Paige vs Alicia (where the winner was obvious) this one was a lot more unpredictable. Naturally they had Summer control a lot more of the match considering Emma would be going over. They didn’t want to bury their top heel especially when it’s her first loss since debuting. I can’t say I was crazy about the lack of psychology during the heat. She locked on an arm bar but she didn’t work the arm outside that. She also used suplexes and chin-locks but again didn’t go after the back or neck. It’s just a very Bella Twins strategy and we know Summer is capable of better. Emma switched up her moves a little; the low crossbody is usually followed by the catapult into the Emma-Lock but that didn’t happen this time. I liked the surprise ending. It was believable and didn’t hurt Summer at all. Let’s face it, Emma is a bigger star than her and it’s her who should get to go to the finals. Emma vs Paige has suddenly become a much more anticipated match than it was when they crossed paths back in January. They’re the two top women on the show and should face off for the title. It’s a match we wouldn’t normally see since they’re both faces. Face vs face matches are always better than heel vs heel, and I look forward to seeing what happens. We won’t be getting the title match next week. It’s a breather episode but that doesn’t mean it won’t be exciting. A certain Diva hopeful will finally be making her first WWE appearance. Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte debuts next week!

  • Jemma

    Good match! Summer Rae has great heel charisma. I like also Emma´s funny dancer gimmick. Now she is a star, not little girl anymore. I hope to see Paige, Emma and Summer on main roster.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think Emma is being groomed to take the top face spot when Paige is inevitably called up. It’ll probably happen quite soon since her birthday is over the summer. Ms Rae I think will stay on NXT for probably another year at most just to fine-tune her skills

  • Kevin Werleman

    One thing i loved, was Bayley’s segment after. They should milk this a bit, dunno, what I’m picturing is, she is keeping this scrap book of Legends, meeting them everytime. One for one, omg this could be a great angle omg, main roster worthy, she keeps a scrap book of Hall of Famer’s, who she meets and asks for them to do some of their signature stuff and like, milk this shit so much i swear, she comes across all of them and eventually, she meets a main roster diva or something or Trish, sadly we gotta bring her back or Sunny, no we’;ll stick to Trish and kinda like Mickie-Trish with a twist, and she has her moment and ask trish to do the signature chop to the chest or something, lol in the ring, like Bayley begging her too in the ring hahaha. OMG hilarious stuff and she has a mania match involving a legend or something. I dunno, there is so much they could do with a character like this.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well last year I would have said “if wishes were fishes…” but you never know these days. It could just happen. It seems that on NXT, the characters people have are the ones they are going to be using on the main roster. I wasn’t crazy about this character at first but she’s growing on me. She’s sort of like a female combination of Eugene and face Heidenreich.

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