Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim deliver on amazing Knockouts Ladder Match, Gail Kim becomes #1 contender for TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013

Knockouts Ladder Match - Gail Kim vs Taryn

On the July 11, 2013 airing of Impact Wrestling–in Women’s Wrestling action, was Gail Kim versus Taryn Terrell in a ladder match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship…

Just last week, we got a promo from Mickie James on this #1 contender ladder match, which was a nice preview…

TNA Wrestling – July 4, 2013 Knockouts Segment
Mickie James

—Knockouts Champion Mickie James was seen in the ring with a ladder, as she climbed it and addressed the fans on her being on Top of the Knockouts Division. Mickie James had a message to Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, gracing our television sets with her brand new ego…

TNA Wrestling – July 11, 2013 Knockouts Match
#1 contender for TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

—Christy Hemme introduced Knockouts Champion Mickie James, and she made her way to ringside to watch this match. Gail Kim was out next, followed by Taryn Terrell. As Taryn entered the ring Gail Kim charged with kicks and strikes. Taryn was able to get offense with clotheslines and a suplex. She then threw Gail Kim out of the ring, where she landed hard on the steel ramp. Taryn then speared Gail Kim by diving through the ropes. Taryn attempted to do a cutter off the ramp in which Gail blocked, and followed by slamming Taryn’s face to the ramp. Gail Kim then took the ladder into the ring, where the women fought with it. Taryn then pushed the ladder into Kim, sending her hard into the corner. She then drop-kick the ladder to further put the hurt to Gail. We saw both ladies struggle for control of the ladder throughout, with some more nice spots before going to commercials…

After coming back from commercials, both women climbed the ladder and we saw one of the biggest spots of the match… both ladies came flying off the ladder, getting hung up on the top ropes. Another ladder spot followed, with Taryn pushing the ladder into Gail Kim’s face. Gail Kim was hung up in the ladder, prompting Taryn to introduce a second ladder into the match. From then on we got some scary moments, including the brilliant Figure Four leg lock off the ladder, and Taryn hanging Gail off the top of the ladder.

In the end, Gail Kim was able to use her experience and tie Taryn’s hair to the ropes in order to win the match.

Winner: Gail Kim

Crossbody off ladderThoughts: Amazing match from start to finish!…

The start to this match was great, with Gail Kim going after Taryn Terrell immediately. Taryn was just as intense when she got control after the clothesline, and the spear through the ropes was a nice early spot. The match progressed nicely after the intro. From the constant use of the ladder, and of course we had an early attempt of Gail Kim applying the figure four leg lock on the ring-post, which was nice continuity from their last encounters, and foreshadowing to the figure four spot on the ladder.

After the commercials, the spot with them falling off the ladder was great stuff, which was followed by another brutal spot, with Taryn sending he ladder into Gail. There was no filler here, and the match became legitimately scary with the second ladder involved… Very risky stuff. Tying Taryn’s hair to the ropes was also a great heel finish.

These girls delivered! They put their bodies on the line, and lived up to expectations. The was no fluff here, these girls worked another Match of the Year contender. Amazing job ladies.

The build towards the match was great. It was a nice touch having Mickie James cut the promo she did last week. With the lack of Knockouts in TNA, this is the only good that comes from it… focus. Longevity in rivalries (I did not see Taryn vs Gail Kim feuding for this long), and better matches.

  • Artie James

    I do think if this was ob ppv there would have been a big ladder bump that was missing from this match but it was still amazing

    • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

      I have no complaints… I don’t feel like it was “missing” a “big ladder bump,” as you do. It was a pretty compete match to me. If anything, there could have been more spots in the knockouts last standing match.

      • Artie James

        like a sunset flip off the ladder something big but i still liked it…

  • Jemma

    Awesome match again! Gail Kim is always great and Taryn has impressed a lot since leaving from WWE. I love Mickie James but I think Gail Kim deserves more to be champion than Mickie.

  • Bobby Calloway

    I guess with Taryn winning the Last Woman Standing match Gail had to win this one. Not sure how that’ll work with a heel champion as well. Mickie should have a long reign so the fans properly get used to her as a heel. Meanwhile Gail is on a roll as a heel already so turning her face would be a mistake. Unless perhaps they wanted to go down the triple threat route and give Taryn a chance as well given the screwy finish? It’s a possibility anyway. Great match, just as good as the previous Knockouts Ladder match which is one of my favourites. Taryn continues to impress and she doesn’t look nervous or unsure of herself out there at all. She’s probably felt quite spoiled in her wrestling career so far -- she goes from working with LayCool non-stop to then working with Gail Kim. She’s really had the best people to work with

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