TNA Knockouts – 6/20 Impact Wrestling recap: Brooke Hogan makes a State of the Knockouts Address
Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2013

Brooke Hogan makes a State of the Knockouts Address

On the June 20, 2013 airing of Impact Wrestling, we got a State of the Knockouts Address with Brooke Hogan…

TNA Wrestling – June 20, 2013 Knockouts Segment
The State of the Knockouts Address with Brooke Hogan

—VP of the Knockouts Brooke Hogan made her way to the ring, and it was revealed that she was out to the ring to “address the Knockouts roster.” After saying she was proud of the Knockouts Division, she encouraged the fans to give them a hand of applause for the job the ladies have been doing for the past year. She noted that she had some issues to take care of, and was giving a state of the Division. ODB and Eric Young made their way out to the ring with the Knockouts Tag-Team Titles, followed by Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell, and then Gail Kim. Knockouts Champion Mickie James got a “special introduction,” as we got a big dose of her new personality as she talked her way to the ring.

After quieting Mickie James, Brooke Hogan addressed Eric Young, which led to ODB and Eric Young handing over the Knockouts Tag-Team Championships. EY then revealed that it was “national kissing day,” where he proceeded to make out with ODB, and they ran backstage to do God knows what. Next on the agenda was Brooke Hogan giving Velvet Sky her rematch on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

The segment would not be complete without hearing from Gail Kim, where we found out that Gail Kim would be taking on Taryn Terrell–in Las Vegas, in a ladder match. Which brought us to the end of the segment…

Thoughts: I had mixed reactions to this segment. Most of my issues were due to Brooke Hogan’s delivery; however, all the outcomes pushed the Division forward…

Firstly, the segment itself exposed the Division for what it is… a shell of itself. We saw Brooke Hogan address Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell, ODB and Eric Young (Sadly)… 6 wrestlers, with one not even being a woman. Six wrestlers does not make up a Division. Even with the lack of Knockouts in recent years, TNA still had Tara, Brooke Tessmacher and Taeler Hendrix (Even Lei’D Tapa) that could have been used to beef up the segment. Why were they not used? Was TNA being too cheap to pay them for the appearance? Instead the segment should not have been booked as a “State of the Knockouts Address,” and just have Brooke address the 3 issues at hand, instead of saying she was calling out the entire Knockouts Division.

Another thing I had mixed reactions to was Mickie James. She was great in her execution; however, I felt that her persona seemed to be crossing into Tara’s Hollywood gimmick territory. The last thing we need is two similar gimmicks.

The biggest announcement in the segment—and no, it was not the Knockouts Title match—was Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell being booked in a Ladder Match. When the Last Knockouts Standing Match was announced for Slammiversary, alot of fans had low expectations. But after their great match at the Pay-Per-View, most will be expecting the ladies to deliver. I just hope they have not been set up for failure.

Finally, it was great to see the Tag-Team Title vacated. However, it does not seem like we will be crowning new Championship anytime soon, unfortunately.

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