TNA Knockouts – 6/13 and 6/6 Impact Wrestling recap: The Mickie James heel turn fans have been waiting for.
Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2013

Mickie James heel turn

On the June 13, 2013 airing of Impact Wrestling, TNA delivered the Mickie James heel turn fans have been waiting for…

—Last week on Impact Wrestling foreshadowed what we saw this week… In a backstage segment with Mickie James and Velvet Sky, Mickie tried to justify why she did not help Velvet while she was attacked by Gail Kim (TNA Knockouts – 5/30 Impact Wrestling recap). Velvet was dressed and ready for her Knockouts Title rematch; however, Mickie once again avoided that, saying that she already had a match…

TNA Wrestling – June 6, 2013 Knockouts Match
Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix

Mickie James vs Taeler Hendrix—Mickie James made her way to the ring first for this match, followed by the rarely used Taeler Hendrix. As Taeler entered the ring, Mickie James pretentiously clapped for her. The ladies locked up, with Mickie backing Hendrix into one of the corners. ODB broke it up, and we got more phony claps from Mickie. The ladies locked-up again, and Hendrix got an arm ringer on Mickie, in which Mickie countered out of with a cartwheel into a wrist-lock of her own. Taeler then broke it with her foot and hit a fireman’s carry slam on Mickie. Even more phony claps from Mickie. We then got a lock-up into a headlock by Mickie, in which Taeler was eventually able to escape from. We got a bunch of back–and–fort from the ladies until Mickie James faked a knee injury. Mickie then got a huge right arm to Taeler, followed by a roundhouse kick for the win…

Winner: Mickie James

This week, Velvet Sky was seen backstage with an envelope, calling it a “present” for Mickie James. We later got a backstage segment with Mickie, and we get more of the pretentious persona she played up on last week’s Impact Wrestling.

TNA Wrestling – June 13, 2013 Knockouts Segment
Velvet Sky and Mickie James

—Velvet Sky was out first to the ring, where she addressed her relationship with Mickie James after losing the Knockouts Championship to her. Mickie James made her way down to the ring, and inside the envelope revealed that Velvet Sky was cleared for in-ring action. Although Mickie James suggested it could be fake, she noted that it cleared her yesterday, but not for her current knee injury… Mickie preceded to kick Velvet in the knee and slam her twice to the mat. She then applied a submission on Velvet in which the referees had to break up…

Mickie James attacks Velvet SkyThoughts: Great segment by Mickie James and Velvet Sky. After months of fans wanting to see a heel turn form Mickie James, TNA delivered. Besides being good talkers as usual, the beat down on Velvet was well executed by both ladies… Mickie’s aggression—which was awesome as hell with heels on, and Velvet’s great selling.

Last week’s build worked perfectly leading into this week’s segment. From Mickie’s backstage segment with Velvet, to her match with Taeler Hendrix, it was just inevitable that a heel turn was coming. Mickie James played up being unauthentic perfectly. With Mickie James now on the dark side, we have one less babyface in the Division, so we may actually get more of Taeler Hendrix in upcoming weeks.

Interestingly enough, we got in-ring segments from both the Knockouts and WWE Divas this week (Kaitlyn’s secret admirer revealed to be a ruse by AJ Lee). Both we great in their respective ways.

  • Artie James

    Velvet not looking like a cheap street walker for once….its good that mickies going heel something fresh

  • Steve Trenholm

    Mickie James would make a great heel if done properly this TNA version of Mickie as heel is crap…Wait a minute…I just had a flashback to Mickie as heel from her days in WWE…omg! that was so not awesome!

    • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

      I feel the opposite… I have no issues with Mickie as a heel in TNA so far. I like the persona. We cannot get the same character we got in WWE…a crazed fan. It is a bit different.

      • Steve Trenholm

        Personally I don’t like the way TNA turned Mickie heel, this new side of Mickie James while it doesn’t mirror her crazed fan personality there are similarities…Mickie James is smart and a great wrestler and I’d be alot happier about the heel turn if she was playing it more like Gail Kim…It feels like TNA has dumbed down her heel character which I don’t like and I think TNA should have waited until Mickie James actually had another title match and have her lose the TNA knockouts championship under controversial conditions resulting in Mickie James snapping and making a full heel turn.

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