Bobby Between The Ropes: The WWE Highlights of Audrey Marie, Top 10 Audrey Matches & Segments
Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013

audrey marie

Well it’s been just over two weeks since Audrey Marie was given her marching orders from WWE. And her final match with the company aired this week. Now I don’t normally do this for developmental Divas since there usually isn’t enough material to constitute an entire entry. However, Audrey Marie was in the developmental system for two years and in that time was the top face of the Divas – even being pushed to win the FCW Divas’ Championship at an early stage. As such she was heavily featured during her time in the company so she did give me plenty of material to work with. So I present to you, the WWE Highlights of Audrey Marie.


Best Segments:

Debut Interview – FCW 2011:

As the title suggests, this is Audrey’s very first segment in FCW. She was to team with the also debuting Sonya (aka Su Young) to take on then-Divas’ Champion Aksana and AJ Lee. Audrey debuted as a heel cowgirl and delivered a nice promo comparing her opponents to cows. Alright it’s not riveting stuff but Audrey was always quite solid on the microphone, on the rare occasions when WWE allowed her to cut promos. The match was fine too but it won’t be in the top 10.

The Lines Are Drawn – FCW 2012:

This was a really cool after-match segment that sadly didn’t lead to a real storyline. But it was still really cool at the time. Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn had just defeated Sofia Cortez and the debuting Paige. The FCW Divas’ Champion Raquel Diaz arrived at ringside and helped the Anti-Diva Army attack Audrey and Kaitlyn. All of a sudden, a barefoot Caylee Turner got up from the announce desk to intervene. This created nice potential for a 6-Diva feud that didn’t really go anywhere but it was fun to watch. Skip to about 6:45 in the video.

The Cowgirl Snaps – FCW 2012:

Literally later the same episode we got to see Audrey spotlighted in another way. Raquel Diaz was cutting one of her standard promos and insinuated that Audrey couldn’t fight her own battles. Those of us who were Genre Savvy knew straight away that…BAM! Sneak attack! Audrey Marie appeared to have finally had enough of Raquel’s taunting and decided to take a leaf out of her book. It was some nice aggression from Audrey and it’s one of the few times she really shined with personality. This did lead to another Raquel/Audrey match but at least we can’t say we never saw it.

The Bitch Is Back – NXT 2013:

What do you do if you’re out with an injury and a new Diva arrives on the scene to seemingly upstage you? Simple – play mind games and send her letters from a secret admirer. Which is exactly what Audrey did to poor sweet Sasha Banks. Sasha was just reading a poem that ended with the line “here comes the big surprise” too. I don’t mean to brag but that’s kind of how I expected the secret admirer storyline to go. I mean, when the admirer was due to be revealed coincided with a taped match between the two then I just did the math. Great way for Audrey to return to television.

 [dailymotion id=xxog1u]

Amy? Alicia? – NXT 2013:

And indeed Audrey’s final segment on this list is actually the one that took place only last week. The dancing Diva Emma hijacked Audrey’s interview with Renee Young and – even more insultingly – couldn’t remember Audrey’s name. Audrey barely had a chance to splutter with indignation before Emma danced her way off to the locker room, hitting Audrey in the eye on the way out. Audrey’s comic timing was perfect in this segment, playing off Emma’s goofy character very well.

 [dailymotion id=x1099yo]

Best Matches:  

10) vs Aksana – FCW 2011:

Back in the day Aksana was the one to beat in FCW. She was well on her way to becoming a top Diva – which is why putting her in nothing but backstage segments for six months probably wasn’t the best choice. Here she was getting a non-title match against some newcomer in a cowgirl outfit. This I believe was Audrey’s first singles match in FCW and it was also my first impression of her. I saw plenty of potential with how she bumped, fed around the ring and executed her moves. It’s a shame we never saw that middle rope spinning wheel kick again because she pulled it off quite well. Aksana may have put her away with the Devo Drop but her post-match attack persuaded Maxine to grant Audrey a Championship match the next week – which she won and became the new FCW Divas’ Champion.

9) vs Sasha Banks – NXT 2013:

In response to the segment mentioned above, Audrey had a match against Banks moments after revealing that she had been sending those secret admirer letters. Again, another short match. But again, a nice showing from Audrey (sans that scary selling of the headscissors). One thing I especially noticed was how she properly worked a submission hold. She didn’t just slap it on and leave it there for so many seconds – she looked like she was properly trying to get on top and stay there. Although Banks had revenge in her mind, Audrey was able to counter a wheelbarrow into a faceplant for the win. Actually, come to think of it, I believe this was her last televised win.

 [dailymotion id=xxocr9]

8) vs Caylee Turner – FCW 2012:

In what ended up being the former’s only singles match on TV, Audrey put her Divas’ Championship on the line against the younger sister of Alicia Fox. While at the time I was more interested to see how Caylee was faring in the ring, Audrey was quite impressive as well. A nice daring spot to get cut off where Caylee prevented her from springboarding and again good bumping and selling. At the time she carried herself pretty well as a champion despite being so green. She seems to have a thing about countering wheelbarrows because she did that to Caylee too and then made short work of her with the Round-Up.

7) vs Raquel Diaz vs Paige – FCW 2012:

Raquel Diaz had just claimed the FCW Divas’ Championship from Audrey and established herself as the top heel. But then along came Paige and she inserted herself into this tiff as well. What we got was a (strangely) non-title triple threat match. We’d seen Audrey in two triple threat matches before that weren’t very good but here third time was the charm. Not allowing herself to be bullied by the two heels, she gave as good as she got. Just look at how she takes that ring post. Paige may have suffered a Gory Bomb from Raquel but she interrupted the Three Amigos. As the champion was going for the third one, Paige pressed her shoulders to the mat and pinned her on the spot.

6) vs Emma vs Skyler Moon – NXT Live Event 2012:

In a new twist for this type of thing, I’m actually including matches from house shows and live events. Mainly because I saw this match and thought it was just plain awesome. This match was something new for all three women involved because Skyler and Emma had just been repackaged and given their names. Plus this was the first time the general public got to see Audrey work as a heel. As the hypothetical weak link out there with two strong indie workers, Audrey made herself stand out with her ridiculously over the top heel mannerisms. She’s always gotten praise for her personality on live events and we just wonder why that never really translated to television. After bickering back and forth between Audrey and Moon, the country girl got a right hook in the jaw. This kept her dazed enough for Moon to hit her finisher (which I will call “Moon Prism Power”, wink wink) on Emma for the win.

5) with Paige vs Layla & Alicia Fox – NXT 2012:

This particular week on NXT was quite close to an edition of meet the odd couples. As you see, Layla and Paige both seemed to be on the wrong teams. Layla and Paige played the faces in the match while Alicia and Audrey played the heels. You know, one team had a face and heel each. Despite this randomness, the match was really fun. I really enjoyed the interaction between Audrey and Layla who shared a nice chemistry. Too bad we never saw Layla return to NXT for more singles matches with the new girls. Audrey foreshadowed her official heel turn by blind-tagging Paige just as she had the match won. She then cockily covered Layla only for the latter to counter into a crucifix pin for the win.

 [dailymotion id=xx2mzv]

4) vs Emma – WrestleMania Axxess 2013:

It was a prelude to what would be Audrey’s final WWE match. WrestleMania Axxess typically features matches with the developmental talent and Audrey and Emma got to do their thing here. You actually see Audrey playing off the “you can’t wrestle” chants which is something I’ve never seen a Diva do before. Despite what the crowd was chanting, we see a nice display of technical skills from both women. From Emma it’s no surprise but from Audrey…well colour me impressed. You can see some of the same spots that made it to their NXT match such as the ending and the duck-under roll-up. I’m just happy someone was nice enough to film it for us. Audrey should show this match to promoters if she wants to continue wrestling.


3) vs Paige vs Summer Rae – NXT Live Event 2012:

And it’s the third live event match now, this one pitting Audrey and a heel Paige against the then-unseen Summer Rae. As I said, this was our first impression of Summer in the ring (and playing a face at that). Audrey didn’t get lost in the shuffle and kept up an entertaining alliance with Paige that was on and off. Highlights of the match included the three-way sleeper hold, the three-way body scissors and barrel roll and that headscissors monkey flip. I also burst out laughing when Summer yelled “Audrey!” and Audrey turned around to yell back “what!” – her delivery was hilarious. After their alliance broke, Paige delivered a fallaway slam to Audrey. Summer got her in an O’Connor Roll but the force of Paige kicking out sent Summer on top of Audrey for the win.

2) with Paige vs Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox – NXT 2012:

Shortly before our Audrey turned to the dark side, she and Paige portrayed the young up-and-coming rookie Diva team. And they were facing the ‘experienced’ main-roster team of Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn (working heel). What followed was one of the most impressive Diva tag matches I’ve seen in ages. Audrey in particular held her ground and it is one of her most solid performances to date. She traded holds with Kaitlyn and countered Alicia’s headscissors into a Winnick Throw perfectly. This match just had such a vintage tag team feel to it and the spoilers even singled it out as an impressive showing. After Audrey had been isolated for most of the match, she made the hot tag to Paige who cleaned house. Using an O’Connor Roll on Alicia knocked Kaitlyn off the apron and kept Foxy’s shoulders down for three.

[dailymotion id=xx2myx]


1) vs Naomi – FCW 2011:

Audrey was still in her fledgling days as FCW Divas’ Champion. And Naomi was floundering in developmental just itching to be called up to the main roster. Who would have guessed their paths would cross? I think it’s a testament to how skilled a worker Naomi is that she was able to bring out the best in someone so green. Her and Audrey seemed to be equals in this match and it’s almost a little alarming to think that, two years later, this is Audrey’s best showing. It was a spirited back-and-forth encounter that eventually ended when Audrey countered a suplex and hit the Round-Up to retain her title.

So there we have it. Audrey Marie was in WWE for close to three years and in that time was the top face of FCW and FCW Divas’ Champion. She showed plenty of promise and plenty of improvement. Who knows what she would have evolved into had WWE not chosen to release her. I saw potential in her early days and was slightly disappointed when she was upgraded to NXT. But then I got behind her again and felt she could have become a top Diva one day. Anyway she is one Diva that should definitely continue wrestling outside of WWE. SHINE, SHIMMER, BLOW, Wrestlicious, NcW Femme Fatales, Pro Wrestling EVE, Bellatrix…hell she can even come over to Ireland and mix it up with some of our girls. I just hope this release hasn’t hurt her too bad to want to leave wrestling altogether. But I digress – Ashley Miller it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of you.

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