TNA Knockouts – April 18, 2013 Impact Wrestling review: Mickie James becomes #1 contender after beating Miss Tessmacher
Posted on Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher

On the April 18, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, in Women’s Wrestling action was Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher battling in a #1 contender match…

We got a backstage segment with Brooke Hogan talking to Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher — the two Knockouts she chose to compete to become #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship. After Mickie James left, Tessmacher and Brooke Hogan had a little girl-to-girl chat on Brooke’s situation with Bully Ray.

TNA Wrestling – April 18, 2013 Knockouts Match
Knockouts Championship #1 contender match
Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James

—Miss Tessmacher was out first for this match, followed by Mickie James. After commercials, the match began — with ODB as the referee. This match started with a tie-up, in which Tessmacher backed Mickie into a corner before it was broken up by ODB. Mickie James then returned the favor, backing Tessmacher into a corner with a tie-up. Another tie-up saw Mickie James take Tessmacher down to the mat, with the lock-up not being broken. Tessmacher then returned the favor, telling the story of the two Knockouts being evenly matched. As they got to their feet — still locked up, Mickie James put her foot on the ropes during the tie-up, where ODB forcefully pulled her leg off. As Mickie argued with ODB (were they all three holding hands?), Tessmacher was able to get a roll-up for a 1-count. As this match continued, neither woman got sustained control of the match — what we saw was pretty back-and-fort. Mostly due to ODB constantly getting physical with the ladies… mainly with Mickie James, who seemed very heel-like throughout the match. The finish of this match saw Mickie James hit her Lou Thesz from the top ropes in which Miss Tessmacher kicked out of. Mickie proceeded to hit Tessmacher with a series of punches in with ODB put a stop to. After arguing with ODB, we got a double clothesline. Tessmacher then attempted to hit her finisher, in which Mickie countered. Mickie James then attempted the Mickie-DDT, in which Tessmacher countered with a roll-up, in which Mickie reversed for the win…

Winner: Mickie James

Thoughts: I was not sold on this match — this one was forgettable for me. From the very start, ODB’s interaction with the ladies was too much, which took away from the match. While ODB was enjoyable as Knockouts referee on the April 11, 2013 airing of Impact Wrestling (Taryn Terrell defeats Gail Kim!), in this match it was overbearing, as she inserted herself physically too many times. It became a Joey Ryan situation, where the referee’s personality was too much of a factor.

The match did tell a story as far as being evenly matched, as well as planting seeds for a possible heel-turn for Mickie; however, it just did not seem to click. And the fans lack of enthusiasm did not help either. Maybe it was just the way the match was booked, but these two just seem to put on way better matches with other women on the roster. Mickie versus Gail, Mickie versus Tara, Tessmacher verse Gail, to name some examples. There certainly is not the chemistry we see these two have with other Knockouts on the roster.

Now the question is, will Mickie James just be a successful title defense for Velvet Sky, or will Mickie become a 3-Time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion?

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