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Posted on Thursday, April 11th, 2013

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WWE Divas – April 10 2013, NXT Match:

The Bella Twins vs The Funkadactyls

Last week on NXT we saw another step in the feud between our Anti-Diva and the self-professed First Lady of NXT. This week comes brings us to the second set of tapings, meaning we’ll be getting the chance to see a different set of Divas in the ring tonight. The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls may have had their match dropped unceremoniously from the WrestleMania card – and been reduced to a WWE-app exclusive on Raw – but this week on NXT they get to have another chance. The score is currently 2-1 in favour of the twins so let’s see if the dancers can even the numbers. Watch the match after the cut.

Before our match gets started, we’re treated to a backstage interview with Summer Rae. She immediately cuts the interviewer off and scolds him for not calling her “The First Lady of NXT”. But she’s gracious enough to give him a second chance. Once that’s over and done with, she denies running away from Paige last week. We should have known – she’d left her curling iron on. Heaven forbid the arena burn down. She then cleverly tells Paige that if it hadn’t been for her ‘curling iron’ then it’d be Paige’s career going up in smoke. The interviewer forgets Summer’s title again and she flounces off with a flip of her hair.

We have another unexpected treat before the match starts – Emma is with Renee Young for her first interview on NXT. Emma compares herself to Lady Gaga which prompts a snigger from Renee. Emma agrees; she is really more like Madonna isn’t she? Emma turns down the claims that the fans think she’s a bit of a clutz and says that all dances pale in comparison to the Emmalution. Unfortunately her attempt at a dramatic exit goes the same way as her normal attempts to get into the ring. Good lord, I joked that WWE would give Emma a clumsy girl gimmick way back in October. I never thought that’s actually what she’d end up with.


And now it’s time for our match. The Funkadactyls are out first and they seem to be pretty over. Naomi starts off with Brie Bella and there’s a rather unique spot where Naomi is in position for a headscissors from the corner. However she uses her feet to pull Brie’s head right into her ass. It’s almost like a mid-air stinkface, which is a sentence I never thought I’d type. Naomi follows this up with the Rear View and attempts a scoop slam. Brie throws her over shoulders but Naomi is able to hit a flying forearm. Cameron tags in and the duo land a double split-leg drop. Nikki distracts Cameron, which allows Brie to gain the advantage. The twins stay on top of Cameron and target the arm (where else?). Cameron is able to get a neckbreaker on Nikki but Naomi gets knocked off the apron, preventing a tag from being made. Brie enters the ring and the twins hit a double-team move on Cameron that gets them the win.

Winner(s): The Bella Twins


I’ll start with the match. I was enjoying it…right up until the ending. The finish was too abrupt and made Cameron look incredibly weak. Rather than simply hitting a neckbreaker, she should have hit a bigger move to get a near-fall. Then one of the Bellas should have broken the pin and taken Naomi out. Plus the move they used isn’t good as a finisher. It makes a nice double-team but it’s nowhere near impactful enough to put someone away for three. Plus if they were winning so soon, it should have been a dirty finish so as not to make Cameron look weak. Twin Magic would have done the trick, even if we’re pretty sick of seeing it. And once again, the Bellas stick to their usual strategy. I wouldn’t mind them working the arm if it would eventually come into play. Really when you’re working a match this short if you’re going to target any body part, it should be the back. Aside from those criticisms, I enjoyed everything else about the match. Naomi tried a new spot – I’m not quite sure about it as she lost her balance on the turnbuckle for a bit. However it was something new and the crowd loved it. Cameron just keeps getting better every time we see her in the ring. She hasn’t been wrestling for that long but she’s coming along fine ring-wise. Her bumping, selling and execution of moves keeps getting better. And you can never fault the girl’s personality.

Character-wise, it was a very good show for the girls. We got not one, but two Diva interviews. Summer Rae has cut good promos in the past and she continues to exude plenty of attitude. I loved how she pretended she hadn’t run away from Paige and then turned the statement back onto her. It shows that while she may have a yellow streak, she’ll use her ego to talk her way out of it. I almost felt as if she believed her own excuse. Emma’s interview wasn’t exactly mind blowing stuff but it was nice for her to get on the mic. Judging from this interview they seem to be tweaking her character towards a tweener role. She’s still working heel on live events but so was Paige for ages too. I’m happy that she’s finally moving out of jobber status because it means the creative team is going to properly invest in her character.

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    Naomi’s body is crazy perfect.

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