WWE Divas – 4/1/2013 Raw Results: The Bella Twins pick up another win over The Funkadactyls (Naomi & Cameron)
Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The Bella Twins pick up another win over The Funkadactyls

On the April 1, 2013 episode of WWE RAW, in Women’s Wrestling action, was The Bella Twins taking on Naomi (Profile & Pictures) & Cameron…

WWE Divas – April 1, 2013 RAW Match:
The Bella Twins vs. The Funkadactyls

—The Funkadactyls made their way to the ring first for this match—accompanied by Brodus Clay and Tensai. After a few commercials, The Bella Twins came to the ring with Team Rhodes Scholars. A recap was played of the catfight between The Funkadactyls and The Bellas from last week’s Raw. Naomi and Nikki Bella began this match. After an aggressive tie-up, Naomi got a drop kick on Nikki, followed by hitting her with the “rear view.” Naomi then followed that with a hurricanrana. Nikki was then able to slingshot Naomi off the top ropes to take control of the match. After some offense, Brie was tagged in to continue the damage. Naomi struggled to make a comeback, and was eventually able to get the tag to Cameron after hitting Brie with an enziguri. Cameron hit some flying clotheslines on Brie, followed by a headscissors out of the corner. After hitting a vicious DDT on Brie, Nikki interfered, causing Naomi to get involved as well. As the referee was distracted by Naomi and Nikki at ringside, Brie was able to roll-up Cameron for the win…

Winner(s): The Bella Twins

Thoughts: Glad to see WWE creative follow up the match between these Divas from WWE Main Event with a rematch on Raw (WWE Main Event – 3/27/2013 Recap). This was very enjoyable, with all four women doing very well. It was nice to see Naomi starting the match, and Cameron getting the hot tag, which has not been the case with the matches we have seen in the past from The Funkadactyls. Cameron really shined here, and man… what a DDT. With Naomi and Cameron taking two losses to The Bella Twins in tag-team action, is it safe to say that Naomi and Cameron will come out on top at Wrestlemania 29? Brodus Clay and Tensai also took a loss to Team Rhodes Scholars last week on Raw.

While we saw build for Brodus Clay, Tensai and The Funkadactyls versus Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins, we saw nothing for AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn. At least most were led to believe that we were getting AJ vs. Kaitlyn at Wrestlemania.

  • http://www.facebook.com/art1ej Artie James

    cameron looked amazing,shes come such a long way since tough enough….

  • Bobby Calloway

    I guess they wanted Naomi to work more of the match since it’s live TV. But it was nice to see the roles switched up. Cameron’s clotheslines looked very nice and that DDT…wow. My head followed Brie’s journey to the canvas. I doubt we’ll get AJ vs Kaitlyn at WrestleMania now. We’re probably going to have Kaitlyn make a run-in during the Tag Team title match and have the feud properly start at the PPV. Perhaps it’s probably for the best since WWE can maybe let this feud be as good as Kaitlyn’s with Eve

  • G.I.R.L.

    I like this rivalry.

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