Beth Phoenix, Maryse and Kelly Kelly rumored to have been offered return contracts, Traci Brooks responds to Knockouts Pay-Per-View speculations
Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Kelly Kelly and Traci Brooks

—Rumors originating from F4WOnline, has named three prominent former WWE Divas that have been offered contracts by World Wrestling Entertainment. Beth Phoenix, Maryse and Kelly Kelly (Kelly Kelly Pictures) were named, all who left the WWE in the past few years. The Bella Twins were reportedly the first to accept return offers. Could we see any of these 3 women follow?

Thoughts: Didn’t all these women leave the WWE on their own accord?… has enough time passed where they feel differently? Of the three, hopefully we see Beth Phoenix return in the future. Maybe we can have Kharma versus Beth after all. As for Maryse, like with The Bella Twins, I would welcome the return. This is one instance where character trumps everything else.

—As a follow up to why she turned down an offer to appear at TNA’s All Knockout Pay-Per-View, Traci Brooks tweeted the following…

People r reading way 2 much into this. Unfortunately I had to say no to TNA for the KO ppv as I couldn’t make it that day. No other reason!! Tna is my family and hopefully be there next time and know my KOs will put on a hell of a ppv!! Xo

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—According to WWE trainer Bill DeMott, former WWE Diva Eve Torres was recently in NXT speaking to upcoming NXT Divas. He tweeted the following…

  • http://www.facebook.com/art1ej Artie James

    kelly & maryse aren’t even decent wrestlers they should stay away…beth should come back eventually thou….

  • G.I.R.L.

    I love Maryse as a character. However, she’d offer nothing new to the table. Not to mention, she’s gained great success outside of WWE; I don’t see her limiting her endeavors and joining WWE again.

    K2 looks amazing with brown hair. However, she left WWE because they wouldn’t let her do outside work. Don’t see her returning either.

    I never liked Phoenix and she never really lived up to what was expected of her. I don’t see her returning either as she expressed interest in acting and wouldn’t be too keen on jobbing much again.

    I’d still love too see Kharma return. There’s just no one for her to believably feud with in the company that is getting any attention.

    • http://twitter.com/AnimalMachine87 Ian K. Loren

      i agree with what you’re saying but i think Maryse’s Charater would be really fresh in TNA and also TNA i think is More Flexible with Scheduling so she could keep House of Mayrse going(even put it in a storyline) imo…

  • http://www.facebook.com/blueranger91 Robert Calloway

    Don’t really buy any of these except Beth. She’s the only one who hasn’t been adamant about not coming back. She only left because her contract expired whereas Kelly and Maryse made it clear they wanted to leave.

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