WWE Divas – February 20, 2013 NXT Results: Sasha Loses To Her “Secret Admirer” Audrey Marie
Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2013

2-21-2013 5-13-14 PM

On the February 20, 2013 episode of WWE NXT, A returning Audrey Marie faced Sasha Banks in action!

— We’re taken backstage to Renee and Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks receives and reads her final note from her “secret admirer.” From behind, Audrey Marie attacks Sasha. Adurey reveals she’s Sasha’s secret admirer and tells her to get out of NXT.

WWE Divas – February 20, 2013 NXT Match:
Sasha Banks vs. Audrey Marie

— The bell rings, and Sasha right away goes after Audrey. Sasha goes for a roll-up, but instead attempts to start a catfight. Audrey takes control with a knee and a mat slam for a one count. Audrey gets Sasha in an armlock as Sasha shows signs of pain. Sasha gets out of the hold with a pin for a one count. Audrey’s back in control as she has Sasha’s arms stretched out and a knee into her back. Audrey gets Sasha up and goes for a sidewalk slam, but Sasha counters and nails her with a hurricanrana. Sasha’s in control now as she takes Audrey down with a series of clotheslines and kicks. Sasha goes for a wheelbarrow, but Audrey catches her and slams her back down into a Glam Slam-like move for the 3 count and win.

— After the match, we’re taken backstage to Renee and Summer Rae. Renee mentions to Summer about Paige’s injured shoulder. Summer cuts her off and doesn’t feel sorry for Paige at all and continues to declare herself as the “First Lady Of NXT.”

*Skip to 8:57, 19:40, and 23:33*

Winner(s): Audrey Marie

Thoughts: Lately, the NXT Divas have been shining big-time! This week, they continued to shine even brighter. First, I love how they had Audrey Marie return. The way they had Audrey pretend to be Sasha’s secret admirer was a neat storyline idea. Plus, it helped get Audrey over even more as a heel. The match between Audrey and Sasha was great as well. The match was given a decent amount of time to showcase their skills. All in all, the match had great build-up when it comes to the storyline part of it. Audrey shines as a heel, and WWE needs to keep her heel. Sasha does need some work when it comes to promos, speaking, etc., but I like how WWE’s giving girls like Sasha on-screen time to work on that. She has potential, but she does need more work. Onto the Summer Rae promo: Summer Rae’s an excellent heel. She shines on the mic, and her personality/character is perfect as well. I can’t wait to see what comes about this feud between her and Paige because so far, it’s great! With the NXT Divas getting storylines, it’d be nice to see a womens/divas title made for the girls. All in all, a great week for the NXT Divas.

  • Bobby Calloway

    I had a feeling WWE would go this route when last week Sasha was told she’d find out her secret admirer and this match was conveniently scheduled this week. I was wondering why she was looking so grumpy in the pics ha. But yeah this was a great little match from the NXT girls. Audrey doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion and I like how she’s gone for a more technical mat-based style of wrestling. Looks like NXT has two Diva feuds going which I guess solves a problem of taping three episodes at once. Have one feud showcased on each episode. I’m interested to see next week’s match up since we haven’t seen Emma in quite a while

  • http://www.facebook.com/art1ej Artie James

    Audrey’s selling of that headscissor was horrendous lol…other than that it was a good show for the divas…

    • Bobby Calloway

      Lol scariest moment of the match

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Nice job with the write-up Eric. I think the video needs to be centered though. Of the 3 women, I see Sasha with the most potential for success on the main roster.

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