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Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Another soldier down. On Monday night at the 20th Anniversary of Raw, Eve Torres (2012: Heel of the Year) dropped her Divas’ Championship to Kaitlyn. Later on in the night, Eve announced that she had quit the company. Rumours of Eve possibly leaving surfaced as early as last summer, when she announced her engagement to trainer Rener Gracie, so this didn’t come as a complete surprise. Nonetheless, Eve was one of the most tenured Divas in WWE, having joined the company as the winner of the 2007 Diva Search. So let me present to you the highlights of Eve from one of her true BeliEVErs.

Most Memorable Segments:

 What Were You Thinking? – Smackdown 2008:

Eve had virtually nothing of any note to do during her stint as a backstage interviewer. However, this was always one of my favourite skits. Eve found herself interviewing Triple H about some big PPV match coming up. Trips on the other hand seemed to have his mind on something else. He was fascinated by something on her upper torso area. They were round, perfectly shaped and the light bounced off them perfectly. Oh!… and his mother had a set just like them. Triple H asked if he could touch them, Eve said yes and he reached out eagerly for… the pearls around her neck. Yes, Eve, we couldn’t keep our eyes off them either.

Backstabbing Is Such An Ugly Word – Smackdown 2009:

At the start of 2009, Eve suddenly found herself moving away from the backstage interviewing to a more prominent role. Michelle McCool just turned heel by violently attacking Maria, and Eve attempted to make the peace. Michelle seemed to listen to reason and they hugged it out. Hint hint, that never works. Eve made the mistake of turning her back and got one hell of a McBeating. This is actually one of the most disturbing beatdowns I’ve ever seen. Eve looks like she was genuinely hurt. I love it!

Frog Faced What? – Raw 2010:

Eve got paired up with R-Truth in the Autumn of 2010. Her function was to crunk her way to the ring as if pantomiming an epileptic fit. But one good thing came out of this pairing; The Miz was running his mouth in the middle of the ring, which prompted Eve of all people to saunter down to the ring with a microphone. Shocking people at how good her promo skills were, she unleashed a volley of insults to one of WWE’s most hated heels. As random as the moment was, it’s still a fond memory for most of Eve’s fans.

Birth of the Hoeski – Raw 2012:

WWE seemed to take note of the insane amount of heat Eve was getting last year after an accidental kiss to John Cena. So they did an abrupt U-turn with Eve’s storyline with Kane and turned her heel. She announced that she had just been using Zack Ryder for her own ends, which Cena overheard. She begged him for forgiveness but he branded her a “Hoeski” and left her a sobbing wreck in the middle of the ring. Eve was one of two Divas to get mega pushes in 2012 and it was amazing to see. Eve truly became a star that night.

Never Let A Heel Wear Heels – WrestleMania 28:

Eve may have given a lacklustre performance in her own match at WrestleMania this year, but the night wasn’t over yet. She accompanied Team Teddy to the ring for their match against Team Johnny, supposedly supporting Zack Ryder. She had been manipulating him for weeks, claiming she wanted them to be “friends with benefits”. She got a little carried away at the end of the match and distracted Zack, which allowed Miz to get the win. Afterwards she revealed her true colours with a well-placed heel to the you-know-where. Eve got her WrestleMania moment and ended up overshadowing the fact that Big Johnny was now in charge. Yay for the spotlight stealer!


10) vs Michelle McCool – Smackdown 2009:

Eve’s debut match on Smackdown was a nice surprise for her fans. They had been itching to see her in the ring for ages despite bad reports from house shows. Eve didn’t exactly have the best time during her Smackdown run but this match was a very good showing. I really wish we could have seen her and Michelle McCool have more singles matches together, especially since Eve had really improved by 2011. Though what is up with that girdle she’s wrestling in?

9) vs Alicia Fox – Superstars 2010:

Two years before main eventing Raw, Eve got to main event another show. Of course being the main event of Superstars is hardly a big deal for the men. But for the women, it’s a chance to really show off what they can do. Eve and Alicia had previously battled each other at Money In The Bank so here was a rematch of sorts. Eve had really progressed nicely in the ring by the end of 2010 and this match showed why. She always had a knack for avoiding the typical “five moves of doom” and always tried to bring something new to the table. You guessed it, she moonsaulted her way to victory.

8) vs Layla – Night of Champions 2012:

Eve and Layla had their share of matches together during their careers. They are actually the only two Diva Search winners to have wrestled each other in singles competition. And we got to see both play the face and the heel. This match came about after Layla’s original opponent Kaitlyn was found attacked backstage. Eve was awarded the match as a replacement. It was also the first long match she would work as a heel and she thankfully surprised people by not looking like a lost lamb. She worked Layla’s ribs like a pro and showed her ruthless streak. In the end she hit the corkscrew neckbreaker to win her third Divas’ Championship. This made her the first 3-time Divas’ Champion in history.

7) with Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins – Raw 2011:

It was the night after Kelly Kelly successfully defended her title against Beth Phoenix at SummerSlam. Kelly and her BFF teamed up to face the dastardly pair of twins for an ordinary tag match. In a twist, this time it was Kelly who played the face in peril while Eve anxiously waited on the apron. When it came to the hot tag, Eve was on fire. I saw a good spot where she reversed a suplex into a neckbreaker and she won the whole thing with a perfect moonsault. The match meant nothing but it was still lovely to watch.

6) vs Gail Kim vs Maryse vs Alicia Fox – Fatal 4 Way 2010:

Now here was a gimmick PPV that I could really get behind. Sadly, this was the only time we actually saw it. Eve had the unfortunate luck of having to defend her title against three other women. The alliances were formed between Maryse and Alicia early on but Eve and Gail were able to fight back with offence of their own. Poor Alicia fell victim to a camel clutch-Boston Crab combo from the two of them before Maryse dragged them off. Eve looked to have the match in hand with a neckbreaker and moonsault on Maryse. However the Fox pulled her off and covered Maryse for herself to relieve Eve of her title.

5) vs Natalya [Lumberjill Match] – Raw 2011:

Eve got a random title win at the 2011 Royal Rumble, dethroning Natalya by pinning Layla in a Fatal 4 Way match. When it came to Natalya’s rematch, things were friendly but still entertaining. This match really showed how far Eve had come in the ring in my opinion. Great chain wrestling, nice back and forth offence and some solid spots. Plus we all loved Maryse corpsing after Eve stage dove onto the unfortunate Jills on the outside.

4) vs Layla – Superstars 2012:

After Eve had won the title, she continued to rub Layla’s face in it. But on an episode of WWE Superstars, Eve had nowhere to hide. True it was a non-title match, but that didn’t matter to Layla. The two had a great match that surpassed their previous PPV bout and left me happy. Great mat wrestling at the start, followed by a sick bump from Layla. Then Eve busted out an amazing looking submission hold to make me wish these two could feud forever. Eve clearly didn’t wish the same as she got knocked loopy with a Bombshell kick from the former champ.

3) vs Beth Phoenix [Lumberjill Match] – Survivor Series 2011:

Eve made a habit out of winning costume themed battle royals as she won a Halloween one dressed as Robin. That earned her a second title match against Beth Phoenix and this time she would have the rest of the Divas surrounding the ring. Eve once again showed how hard she wanted that title as she trapped the champion in a triangle choke, showing off her jiu-jitsu background. Going to the top rope was a mistake however. Beth stopped her moonsault attempt and practically flattened Eve with a Glam Slam from the top rope. Yeah, that got people talking.

2) vs Alicia Fox – Money In The Bank 2010:

Alicia Fox pulled the wool over Eve’s eyes in the latter’s rematch after losing the title. She faked an ankle injury and used that to sneak a win for herself. The anonymous Raw GM took offence to this and awarded Eve a second opportunity. The match that followed really proved to me that Eve was going places as far as wrestling ability was concerned. There was proper wrestling, good spots and most importantly psychology. Eve showed brilliant awareness of the psychology and produced a great match. And ouch, that senton splash had to hurt.

1) vs Beth Phoenix – Vengeance 2011:

Throughout most of 2011, Eve had shown flashes of brilliance during all her matches. I had always felt that if she was given the proper opportunity, she could tap into her full potential. And what better opportunity than a PPV match against Beth Phoenix? With the usual cronies Kelly Kelly and Natalya barred from ringside, Eve and Beth produced one of the best matches the Divas’ division had seen in years. From bell to bell it was fiery, it was athletic, it was intense. It was amazing. It proved to me that Eve was no longer a Diva trying to be a wrestler. This was honestly a SHIMMER quality match.

So opinions have always been divided on Eve Torres. I was always a fan of her. First it was for her breath-taking beauty and eventually for her eagerness to improve in the ring. I could see her growth throughout 2010 and 2011 to finally end up as one of the most improved Divas on the roster. Unfortunately WWE never really had a clue what to do with her. She would get pushed but her full potential never got tapped into. That is until last year when she was turned heel. She got the push that the rest of the Divas thought was just a pipe dream and had a rollercoaster of a year. It’s sad that she’s gone but at least we can read through this list and be thankful we have memories to enjoy. Glasses raised to you Ms Torres, I’ve always beliEVEd in you

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Finally got around to reading this. Nice job. Eve vs Beth Phoenix definitely deserved the top spot.

  • Jason

    I think Eve being the only Diva to ever take the Glam Slam off the top rope to deserve one of her more memorable moments. Good choice of the #1 match. Also, Eve and Layla’s “Brooklyn Breakdown” was a good segment as well.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well since the match was still one of her best, I included it in that list. I enjoyed Layla and Eve’s little segments on Smackdown. Their little fight at the make-up table was my favourite.

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