TNA Knockouts – January 11, 2013 iMpact Results: Brooke Tessmacher & Tara Show the Guys How It Is DONE!
Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2013

On the January 11, 2013 edition of iMpact Wrestling Brooke Tessmacher and Tara did battle against each other in an intergender match.

Backstage: We see one of the Robbies (I’m not sure who is who. Sorry “Bromance” fans) asking what appears to be a wall to tag with him tonight aginst “Mr. Hamster-tacular” and his “ugly girfriend” Tara (Dude best shut up and walk away NOW!) the camera then moves over to reveal he’s talking to none other than former Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher. Tess shoots him down and then says she won’t tag with him but she’ll tag with muscular Robbie and the two depart.

TNA Wrestling – January 10, 2012 iMpact Match
Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher vs. Jesse Godderz & Tara

- Tara and Jesse are already in the ring as Tessmacher and the two Robbies make their entrance. Jesse attacks early, but it does basically nothing as he is literally man handled. Jesse tags in Tara and Tessmacher takes it to her former BFF. Tessmacher controls Tara with some sexually charged, though effective, offense. Tara tags Jesse and the two men go back at it. Robbie finishes off Jesse with his finisher. Post match the victories team dances, much to small Robbie’s dismay. And then muscular Robbie plants Tess with a kiss!

Winner: Robbie T and Brooke Tessmacher.

Also announced was a Knockouts Gauntlet Match this Sunday at Genesis.

Where are Madison Rayne & Taeler Hendrix?

Thoughts: After the past three weeks of great matches from the ladies of TNA I was a little dissapointed in this match. There wasn’t a lot to talk about. So we’ll see where everything goes from here with Tessmacher & Robbie T. What did you guys think?

The gauntelt match should be great. All five ladies are decent-to-amazing workers and could be a show stealer.


  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    With pretty much 7 Women on the roster (8 if we add the not used Taeler Hendrix), there’s not much left, but repeat matches. We are bound to get matches like this one thrown into the mix. I am sure using Hendeix more would add some variation, and umm maybe Taryn in the future.

    I enjoyed the segment because I have been enjoying Robbie E and Rob Terry, as of late, as with Jesse. I don’t want to see a story between Tess and Terry though.

    As for the Gauntlet, it is sad that Madison was not included, she brings so much to the table.

    • http://www.facebook.com/PinkSirCharlieee26 Charlie Flickinger

      Agree about basicall everything! I don’t know what happened to Madison. I heard managment was high on her.

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