WWE Divas – January 7, 2013 RAW Results: Eve Torres avoids losing the Divas Title to Kaitlyn once again
Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

On the January 7, 2013 episode of WWE RAW, Kaitlyn received another title shot at WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres…

WWE Divas – January 7, 2013 RAW Match:
WWE Divas Championship
Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn

—Eve Torres made her way to the ring, as it was announced that she would be defending the belt against Kaitlyn. After commercials, Kaitlyn was already in the ring for the match, as the bell rang to start. This match was not as good as their December, 18, 2012 WWE Smackdown match; however, we saw the same type of screwy ending. This time, instead of getting herself disqualified, Eve Torres simply left the match, and lost due to count-out…

Winner(s): Kaitlyn by Count-out

Kaitlyn won the match; however, like with disqualifications, Championships cannot be won by count-out.

Thoughts: After the phenomenal match from the Knockouts this past Thursday (01/03/2013 iMpact Results: Brooke Tessmacher & Mickie James seek revenge on Tara & Gail Kim) to start the year, this match was a bit underwhelming. The crowd did not help either, with their lackluster reactions during the match. Not to mention, we got a much better showing, with their December 18, 2012 WWE Smackdown match. Despite this, it was a great booking…

Whether you are a fan of Kailtyn or not, you can’t help but want to see Kaitlyn beat Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Championship. Eve Torres leaving the match when it seemed that Kaitlyn had her beat, was heel gold. If… or should it be “when” Kailtyn wins the belt, it would have been one-of the best build ups to a Diva winning the belt we’ve seen.

Being so close to the Royal Rumble, we can only hope that the next title match is at the Pay-Per-View. With Eve’s recent tactics, we should really get a match with some sort of stipulation. Falls count anywhere? hell… a cage match would make sense (ok, a cage match from the Divas would be wishful thinking).

  • http://www.facebook.com/art1ej Artie James

    BORING to me…can’t they just get a new contender…

  • Bobby Calloway

    I like this. WWE is really doing something different with this feud. This match was more wrestling-based from Eve and Kaitlyn and we saw some new stuff which I liked. Don’t know why you’re complaining about the crowd, they actually seemed into the match considering the “let’s go Kaitlyn” chant lasted pretty long and they did react to a lot of what was happening. They booed Eve pretty heavily when she waved to them and again when she ran out. Kaitlyn seems to be getting over somewhat. I’m wondering will Madusa be on the Raw 20th Anniversary and perhaps be the special referee for another title match? Or just be involved in some kind of segment with Eve to build towards the blow-off match. Personally I love this booking. We’ve seen so many feuds and title reigns rushed and half-assed that it’s a relief to see WWE fleshing this feud out without it getting too stale.

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