Top 25 Ranking of 2012 – #7: Layla El, Tag Team Top 10 – #7: Beth Phoenix & Natalya
Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2013
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Top 25 Ranking of 2012 – #7: Layla El
Tag Team Top 10 of 2012 – #7: Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Top 25 Ranking of 2012 – #7:
Layla El

Ranked #21 in 2011
Ranked #07 in 2010

—This year, Layla El returns to the Top 10—on Lethalwow.com’s Annual Top 25 Ranking. In 2011, Layla was ranked at #21, after being sidelined due to injury…

At the start of 2012, Layla was still out of action due to injuring her knee back in 2011. By March of 2012, many news sites had confirmed that Layla would be making her return soon. On March 22, 2012, Layla made her in-ring return at a Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) event. There, she teamed up with Audrey Marie, to defeat Paige and Sofia Cortez.

Layla continued to prepare to return to WWE, and on April 29, 2012 at Extreme Rules, Layla made her return. At the Pay-Per-View, she replaced Beth Phoenix, and competed against Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. That night, she walked away WWE Divas Champion. The next night on RAW—April 30, 2012, Layla defeated both Nikki and Brie Bella to retain the Divas Championship. That same week, Layla made her return to WWE Smackdown, where she defeated Natalya. Layla went on the defend the Divas Championship against Natalya at WWE Live Events/House shows, and team up with Kelly Kelly, to defeat Maxine and Natalya on the May 7, 2012 episode of WWE Raw.

When Beth Phoenix returned from her injury (Top 25 Ranking of 2012 – #9: Beth Phoenix), she had her eyes set on Layla and winning back the Divas Championship. The two face each other at live events, and Beth looking to make a statement, went after Alicia Fox—on the May 14, 2012 episode of Raw, however, Layla came out to make the save and show Beth that she wasn’t intimidated. Layla went on to successfully defended her Divas Championship against Beth Phoenix at WWE Over The Limit 2012. Things weren’t over between Layla and Beth. Beth got one up over Layla when she pinned her during a mixed tag-team match. Once again, Layla did not let Beth intimidate her, and she once again defended her title against her. This time, at WWE No Way Out—on June 17, 2012. In the next few weeks, Layla competed in numerous singles and tag matches, defeating the likes of AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, and Aksana.

After weeks of not having a new challenger for her Divas Championship, a #1 contender’s divas battle royal took place on the August 13th episode of RAW—to determine who would get a future shot at Layla. Kaitlyn ultimately won the battle royal after eliminating Eve. Eve began being “nice” to Layla and Kaitlyn, and wished them the best of luck. She even went as far as teaming up with them. This confused Layla, and she still watched her back around the manipulative Eve. At Night Of Champions 2012, Layla vs. Kaitlyn didn not take place due to Kaitlyn being attacked by a mystery woman. Eve took Kaitlyn’s place and faced Layla for the Divas Championship instead. Layla and Eve had a clean fight. Things changed when Layla offered a handshake to Eve, and Eve took advantage and gained the upper hand over Layla. The night ended badly for Layla, as Eve defeated her to become the new Divas Champion. After Night Of Champions, Layla looked to regain her Divas Championship from Eve, but was unsuccessful on the October 15th episode of RAW. After weeks of not knowing who the attacker was at Night Of Champions, Layla and Eve discovered that it was Eve that set Aksana up to attack Kaitlyn. This led to a brawl between Layla, Kaitlyn, and Eve. This led to both Kaitlyn and Layla receiving a title shot at Hell In A Cell, where Eve successfully retained the Divas Championship.

For the rest of 2012, Layla was still looking to win back the Divas Championship, but she was unsuccessful at winning #1 contender matches—to earn another shot at it. Layla ended the year off right, when she defeated Eve at Tribute To The Troops, and her team won a Santa’s Helper Tag Match on RAW.

2012 was a big year for Layla. She returned from injury, won the Divas Championship, and showed us fans that she made a lot of improvements in the ring.

Layla photos copyright of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Tag Team Top 10 of 2012 – #7:
The Divas of Doom (aka Pin Up Strong)
Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Ranked #02 in 2011
Ranked #09 in 2010

—2012 was not the best year for the team of Beth Phoenix and Natalya, in which we saw the heel team that dominated 2011 fall apart. It seems Beth Phoenix was more focused on being the most dominating WWE Divas Champion in history, than maintaining her friendship with Natalya.

2012 started with Beth Phoenix and Natalya taking numerous losses to Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly at WWE live events. The ladies were then able to pick up a victory at WWE Royal Rumble 2012, when they teamed up with The Bella Twins, to defeat Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and Tamina—in an 8-Diva tag-team match. Days later, on the February 3, 2012 episode of WWE Smackdown, The Divas of Doom picked up a victory over Aksana and Tamina—after Beth blind tagged Natalya, and hit Aksana with the Glam Slam… It was very evident that Beth Phoenix no longer had the respect she once had for Natalya in the past. On February 6, 2012 on Raw—in a Royal Rumble rematch, Beth and Natalya were on the losing end of an 8-Divas Tag-Team match. During the match, Tamina scored the win, and looked to be Beth’s next challenge for the WWE Divas Championship.

On the February 17, 2012 edition of WWE Smackdown, Beth’s challenger at WWE Elimination Chamber 2012; Tamina, teamed up with Alicia Fox, to defeat The Divas of Doom. Two days later, at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View, Beth defeated Tamina. Throughout March, Beth and Natalya went on to defeat Tamina in numerous Tag-Team matches at WWE Live Events/House Shows. Tamina teamed with the likes of Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, and Eve Torres.

On the March 22, 2012 edition of WWE Superstars, Beth and Natalya found themselves on opposite teams—Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres vs. Natalya & Tamina Snuka. Weeks of victories did not soften Beth towards Natalya, who was game for friendly competition. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres were victorious, and went on to team-up at WWE WrestleMania XXVIII on April 1, 2012. Beth continued her paring with Eve Torres throughout Live Events during April.

After over 3 months, we got to see the former team pair-up for a match once again… On July 7, 2012, on WWE Superstars, to two lost to Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn. Days later, at WWE Money In The Bank 2012, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Eve Torres lost to Layla, Kaitlyn, and Tamina Snuka, in a Six Divas Tag team match. Closing their chapter, we got to see The Divas of Doom in one last match together, before Beth Phoenix left the WWE. This time, not as partners, but in a one-on-one match… On September 28, 2012—on WWE Smackdown, Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya in a hard-fought match.

The Divas of Doom photos by World Wrestling Entertainment.

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